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List of confirmed EXCLUSIVELY LGBT playable protagonist:

Jacob Frye (Bisexual) from Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate:

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Javier Gracia (Bisexual + Man of Colour) from The Walking Dead Season 3: A New Frontier:

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Ellie (Lesbian) from The Last of Us is playable partially in the main game but the protagonist in Left Behind DLC and will be the main protagonist in the upcoming The Last of Us Part II:

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Max Caufield (Bisexual) from Life Is Strange:

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Add more if you can think of them! I made this post in celebration of TellTale confirming Javier as bisexual.

When the tutorial is officially done in an Assassin’s Creed game and you start making plans to kill your first target


“Wherever you go make sure that you let your mark through great deeds.”

The assassins and their locations.

  • Arno: What if the only reason we can’t walk through mirrors is because our reflection blocks us.
  • Ezio: What if they’re protecting us though? What if they know the other side is horrifying and painful and they are trying to keep us from ever crossing over?
  • Jacob: I must be on the wrong side of the mirror then.
  • Edward: What if you’re the reflection?
Imagine Your OTP
  • Person 1: I'm gonna fight you on this.
  • Person 2: You're gonna fight the world one day.
Ordering Pizza: AC Edition

Altair: gets a pineapple and ham pizza with extra garlic in the sauce. Eats five slices really fast, vomits in the sink, and has to be forcibly restrained from eating more pizza. Secretly resolves to get more pizza and eat it again.
Ezio: opts for a pizza margherita (tomatoes, olive oil, basil, and mozzarella), mostly because he’s pretty sure he’s eaten something like this before. Orders it from Domino’s, using their 5.99 deal in combination with Altair and Evie’s orders. Won’t shut up about Evie’s choice of the “Italian sausage” topping.
Edward: goes for the manly all-meat man-pizza, with bacon, steak, ham, sausage, and pepperoni. Adds chicken, spinach, olives and half anchovies to round it out, and orders it EXTRA LARGE from Domino’s, with a side order of dipping sauce.
Haytham: Creates a rewards account with Domino’s and uses his account to buy Edward’s pizza. Insists that Connor share a deep-dish pizza with him, and gets into an argument over the toppings. Haytham eventually agrees to split the pizza in half, taking mushrooms, olives, jalapenos, artichoke hearts and extra parmesan.
Connor: gets into a brief argument with Haytham, as he doesn’t want to share a pizza at all. Loses the argument, and his half of the deep-dish is loaded with bacon, beef, and barbecue chicken. Upon Haytham’s insistence that he eat healthy, he adds spinach.
Arno: Gets a carryout pizza from a local gourmet eatery. Deep-dish Chicago style, he chooses this establishment’s signature spinach and mushroom pizza. Gives a slice to Evie, who is immediately hooked.
Shay: Takes home a Pagliacci’s pizza, plain cheese with gobs of feta and goat cheese as well as pesto on top. Inhales the first two slices, and washes them down with some soda pop.
Jacob: Orders a none pizza with left beef from Pizza Hut, and regrets it as soon as he opens the box. Eats one slice, and tries to beg slices off of everyone else. When that doesn’t work, he steals Altair’s pizza after he vomits, and leaves the none pizza with left beef out on the counter.
Evie: orders a plain, medium pizza with mushrooms and Italian sausage from Domino’s. Immediately forswears all other pizza when Arno shares a slice of his Chicago deep-dish.

Desmond: Heats up a plain, frozen, pepperoni pizza he bought at the grocery store, and inspires everyone else to try and find pizza of their own. Gets pretty pissed about that, because he wanted to go to bed early, but pizza delivery keeps ringing the doorbell and he can’t get any sleep.

Note: the deep-dish Chicago pizza I’m thinking about is from Zachary’s in Oakland, CA. It’s pretty obvious I’ve taken some liberties with the setting here, as for the most part, these antics take place in Bellevue, WA.

Jacob: The best part about being the little spoon while cuddling is being able to rub your butt against the person’s junk

Ezio: The best part about being the big spoon while cuddling is getting to rub your junk against the person’s butt

Arno: The best part about the big spoon is that it lets me get bigger portions of ice cream as i cry alone in my room

nurseydex royalty au
  • instead of being from Maine, Dex’s family is actually royalty from a small country just outside of America’s east coast with about a million citizens.
  • Dex is born Fitzwilliam Jacob Poindexter II after his mother’s father and is third to the throne after his mother and brother.
  • being the third in line comes with responsibilities much like his brother, but without all of the public recognition, and he has to go through the same kind of grueling education of political wits, charming diplomacy, and easy-going social skills.
  • Dex never did well with the latter. he knew how to talk about his passions and what interested him, how to talk with people he cared for and if they had something important to say. but he hated small talk, never understood why he had to stand around in a room full of people he wasn’t going to see again talking about the weather when he could literally be doing anything else.
  • but he managed, and his advisers all agreed he would make a fine king if tragedy would succumb his brother.
  • so Dex gets that the crown prince’s primary goal is to marry and somehow produce an heir who can further the republic.
  • which is why he politely waits until his brother’s engaged and well on his way of becoming the next regent before he tells his parents that he’s gay.

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Grocery Shopping: AC Edition

Altaïr: Gets lost and ends up buying hot dogs and wonder bread in a convenience store, and some weird seasoning that nobody can identify. He manages to spend less than $10 on everything.
Ezio: Heads down to QFC, and buys several organic fruits and vegetables, but forgets to refrigerate half of them. He spends $30 on all of this.
Edward: Skips the groceries and heads to a liquor store to buy drinks and smokes. He comes home with an armload of booze tht cost about $100, and refuses to share.
Haytham: Takes Connor to Costco, where he makes Connor push the cart. He gets some cheese and sausages and lots of juice, celery and chips.
Connor: Swipes all the free samples he can behind Haytham’s back.
Arno: Goes to Trader Joe’s and spends about half an hour trying to decide what coffee to get. Buys a bunch of raw ingredients like flour, almond paste, eggs, etc. he spends about $75.
Shay: Would go to a farmers market and buy about 20 pounds of potatoes off of some weird farmer for about five dollars. Also picks up several weird types of eggs from the same farmer for about $10.
Jacob: Goes with Evie to Safeway and fills the cart with ice creams and sugar cereals and junk foods. Pushes the cart and stands on it while going freestyle down the aisle before crashing into the bagels.
Evie: Spends a lot of time putting things back, and tries to select healthy fruits and vegetables. In the end, however, she pays for a lot of bagels.

Desmond: Looks forlornly at the half eaten weenie, loaf of wonder bread, unknown spices, miscellaneous fruits and vegetables (lots of eggplants), snack foods, cheeses, sausages, meats, flours and powders and pastes, strange exotic eggs, ice cream, TV dinners, the mountain of bagels, and the giant sack of potatoes. He figures that, in the future, he’s going to have to create detailed lists for everyone because nobody bought milk. He seriously regrets mentioning that they needed groceries.
Nervous Ticks - Assassin's Creed
  • Altair: He will pace, try and collect his thoughts, fiddle with the knives on his belt.
  • Ezio: He will cover his nerves in courage, hoping that his friends go along with it.
  • Connor: He swings his tomahawk, shifts on his feet slightly, even picks at his sleeve every once and a while.
  • Edward: If he isn't intoxicated slightly, he will chuckle and try and brush things off as if they were nothing.
  • Shay: He will clench and release his fists, let his eyes wander around the room, or even tap his foot slightly.
  • Arno: He will stifle his anxiety by pushing himself to run more, to drown out the fear crawling up his spine by exerting himself and forgetting his legs even work.
  • Jacob: Jacob will mess with his tophat, hum a tune, or seek out someone to scuffle with. He would rather feel the sting of a wound than the sting of worry.
  • Evie: She will put things in lists, click her tongue, or flick her eyes to the ground for a few seconds in distress.
  • Desmond: Desmond will pick at his own skin, tremble, or shut the thoughts worrying him out completely.

In honor of Memorial Day, here are some paintings from Jacob Lawrence’s War Series (1946–47), on view in Where We Are. Lawrence’s War Series describes firsthand the sense of regimentation, community, and displacement that the artist experienced during his service in the United States Coast Guard during World War II. Lawrence initially served in a racially segregated regiment where he was given the rank of steward’s mate, the only one available to Black Americans at the time. He befriended a commander who shared his interest in art, however, and went on to serve in an integrated regiment as Coast Guard artist. Lawrence said that he wanted the War Series “to capture the essence of war” by “portraying the feeling and emotions that are felt by the individual, both fighter and civilian.” Historically, paintings of war have most often emphasized the triumph of victory. But in these images, heroism cannot be separated from drudgery and suffering, and victory is not free from sorrow and loss.