Fall 09 Collection 068 by Philip Jacobs

Diving back into my original Flickr favourites inspiration research archive from 2006 Mirella Bee Happy Bruno :)


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Hey boys, how are you doing? Sleeping well? Eating enough? It's getting a little warmer so make sure you all are drinking enough water, and don't stand in the sun for too long. Also I love you all *floofs everyone's hair* ~Dot the Girlsie

Les drinks too much water. Every five minutes, the kid has to go to the bathroom. -David

Better than dying of dehydrationation! -Les

Dehydrationation… -Katherine

Thanks, Dot! What would we do without you? -Finch

Inktober Drawlloween day 15. Theme: Amulet. Tiny Tina: And you are given….A Mysterious Amulet!!! Oooooooohhhhhhhh…. Lilith: ooookay. What’s it do? Tiny Tina: Idunno….but that’s what makes it MYSTERIOUS!!! @the-hero-pandora-needs @vaulthunternetwork @vaulthuntercollective @borderlandsgame @talesofavaulthunter

Inktober Drawlloween day 6. Today’s theme is pumpkin. Halloween is here. I have treats to give bandits…. Hard candy head shots… @vaulthunternetwork @vaulthuntercollective @borderlandsgame @talesofavaulthunter @the-hero-pandora-needs