Happy Wednesday everyone!! So excited to share ANOTHER big painting!

‘The Long Journey of the Good Saints’ is the second part in the Tales of the Great Migration… 

The Good Saints of Small Things are cute and fluffy and chubby, and watch over all things tiny and delicate.

Thank you all for your support! Lots of love to you all!

”‘When the great migration had begun
All the Good Saints took their seeds of sun

They took their bags and one by one
They found the road on which to run

The good Godde Aether of the sky
Blessed the saints as they ran by

The Saint of Spirits with her quiet eyes
And the Saint of Bees who never spoke lies

They took the sun in pieces so
In the new land they could sow

Sun-flowers to help the new land grow
And guide those coming with where to go

The Good Saints of Small things took the sun
In seeded body and one by one

They found a road on which to run.’”

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Sometimes Tif and I will just sit and think about how many amazing people there are in the world and all the cool things they make and do. We often end up looking very awestruck (Like Tif does here).

(Tif’s species, the Sprouts, are very plant-like, and come in a wide variety of shapes and forms. The one thing they have in common is that they always keep some sort of husk of the seed they were born from with them. Tif wears his on his bottom.)

Happy Thursday!

Walk yesterday. Sketching, making curry and working at the library are all on today’s adventure plan.

Happy Wednesday.

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Folk 136.
Name:  Fernet Feverfew
Species:  Errios, the Hillback Folk
About the Errios:  Valuing comfort and quality of life above all else, the Errios are slow to move and think every decision through.  Although they can eat they get most of their sustenance by using the rock-like protusions toabsorb nutrients from the soil on their hill-caps.  They are usually clad in sweaters, scarves and other such cozy garments.
About Fernet:  Found wandering through his garden on most days, Fernet grows herbs that he ferments into potent bitters and apertifs.  He claims that the potency of his concoctions is what makes the tree on his hill-cap so brightly colored.  He likes the fall and spicy sausage.
(So yeah, hi guys.  <3  After a very-very-close-to-2-year-break I’ve decided to revisit my Folk project.  I won’t be posting daily, just when I can, but I’m so excited to be returning to my world.  I hope you guys like Fernet, he’s one of my faves.  <3  More coming soon, much love to all of you.)

So there are only THREE MORE DAYS to sign up for Bestiary issue 3, and it only costs $10 to receive the digital issue ($25 for the PHYSICAL edition)!! This is a special sneak-peek at the cover of this issue, THAT I AM SOOOO EXCITED ABOUT!!! Do you see the two duders busy at work in this galaxy-nymph’s hair?? The November issue has gorgeous gouache and watercolor pieces that I CANT WAIT to share with you, as well as poems and a GREAT yummy recipe!! Check out the link at the end of this post for how to subscribe!!

Also, I was featured on Patreon’s main page yesterday (O__O!!! Check it out here: https://www.patreon.com/featured ), so I’m just thrilled overall. I feel like I’ve grown and stretched and am making art that is so much more meaningful after just a few months. Thanks for supporting me in this. It’s my dream that I’m loving right now. You rock.


Bird and Rabbit. A love poem to a girl.

When you were young

Were you aware of the mountain wings

You had?

Did you look to the sky and know

It called to you

Know that you had a spine born to be kissed by the greys of the winter

Snow to settle on the patch of hip your dress exposed

Did you have big eyes that ate up all they saw?

Were they hungry and like rabbits

Wanting touch and quick to flee

I have always had birds on my back

They wear their scarves

Built quiet cities

Of stone and hay,

You had all the clay and primal mud in your skin

You knew how to beat a path with your tiny feet

You were stronger then 

In your clay-footed skill

Than I will ever be

I am strong in dodging things

And in breaking my glass spine

Rebuilding in a few hours

The birds have fast hands and know

The routine by now

Your elegant slope of a mountain back

You can bear so much

The rabbits unload it little by little

Wiping their brows

Before they realize I have laid that human trait on them

And it is not naturally in their rabbit-ways

I have wooded skin

Skin of paper

And dye

You have plains and fields

Long narrow tunnels

Words that come out of the caves in your shoulder

Primal, something man has never touched

I am glass and wind

You are riverbed and mountain

We will hang in a delicate balance

Like that mobile I had when I was tenderly young

That still appears so clear to me

Not the actual thing

But the idea of


Balance and perfect weight

Held by a thread

Like I am in my breeze-built hut

Above your sprawled love and mountains

Balanced like the horizon

I have you

You have me

The bird

And the rabbit.

‘Song of the Littlings’

Although wordless, the Song of the Littlings, composed of whistling and humming, is usually called 'Small Beasts Sing of Truth’.  It can be whistled, sung, hummed, cawed, croaked, whispered, and many other things.  It is made for one voice, or many voices.

In Littling culture, if you know you are something, just by your own intuition, you are that.  If you know you are a bird, the Littlings know you are a bird too.  If you know you’re a girl, a boy, a tree, a cloud, or even an idea, the Littlings want to know, so they can know YOU!  

No matter what anyone else says, the Littlings will see you for what you know you are.

With all the goodness in the world, and all the time needed to keep up with it, Finch (who is the physical manifestation of Inspiration and Many Good Things), feels like she needs a couple extra hours in the day, just to practice making a nice cup of pourover coffee.

I happen to feel the same way. I’m sure we’ll find the time at some point. Happy easy Saturday to you!

On a side note, I’m considering naming this collection of inked creatures and observations ‘The Almost-Daily Monster’, or something of the sort. What do you think?

If you’re still reading this, my goodness you are dedicated.