Another monster design from back in June…I made him to sell as an adopt but I just couldn’t bring myself let go of him, he’s too appealing to me. This is a running theme with adoptables that I design, apparently.

(I don’t usually do the “here’s a closeup” thing but I drew him in landscape and tumblr post formatting hates that!! It made him so tiny…)


I was going to do more of these, but there are only so many comics I can make about me sniffing my cat. Maybe next year I’ll get further (Seeing how this is the first time I’ve been motivated to try at all)?!


I’m auctioning some designs from a species of mine HERE on dA! I’d been planning to for a while, but recently acquired a nice vet bill, so I needed to set this up sooner than intended, haha.

These guys are Valixira, and if you’re interested in reading about the species, you can view my worldbuilding here!

(BTW if you are interested in bidding and you don’t have a dA account, feel free to email me at jacobinsammy@gmail.com! :3 )


A really old alternate universe where Zacria and Oxley’s species were a bit fuzzier and more moth-like in appearance, based on a really cute photo of a moth foot that Bel and I cooed over (I had to attempt to interpret it into something larger, which lead to this…). I’ve been meaning to post these for months but I kept forgetting…

It got progressively cuter though and they’re fun to draw in pchat with Bel’s Denby, help me?! I need to draw more canon things haha