These are old, I think I drew them in March? Possibly? But anyway, I’ve been getting more into Steven Universe again lately, so I wanted to post my Gemsona Iolite! And also a fusion (Moonstone) that I designed, of Iolite and cryptovolans’s Celestine. I can’t design anything humanoid that doesn’t look like some kind of glam rock pop star, apparently.

I should post some actual SU fanart sometime as well ahh T^T! What a great show


Another monster design from back in June…I made him to sell as an adopt but I just couldn’t bring myself let go of him, he’s too appealing to me. This is a running theme with adoptables that I design, apparently.

(I don’t usually do the “here’s a closeup” thing but I drew him in landscape and tumblr post formatting hates that!! It made him so tiny…)