Making some Rick and Morty prism bookmarks, thought I’d share the artwork I painted for them with you guys. >:3 I can’t wait to see the finished bookmarks in person ahh!

(Btw I’d appreciate if people wouldn’t remove my comments, repost my art, or use it without my permission, thanks!)

The Midgar motorcycle chase scene in FF7 was always one of my favourite parts of the game, I think the music + the concept of driving a motorcycle while swinging a bigass sword always seemed PRETTY DANG COOL to younger me, haha! This was reaaaally rushed though so I will probs come back to the “80′s neon motorcycle chase” concept with Cloud again sometime. :’)


I marathoned The Adventure Zone last week and I LOVE TAAKO, HE’S A PERFECT STAR. I kind of went with a eccentric-wizard-getup with my version of him because those are my favourite kinds of wizards aaaand I really feel like it suits his personality (I did design a less-complex version of him though which is my headcanon Casual Taako Outfit, lol).

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Hadn’t drawn a younger Rick in his band days so I had to fix that! The composition of this is kind of weird, because it’s actually artwork for an acrylic stand that I’m making. I’ll update you guys on that once I have pics, hehe.

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