jacobi diarmuid bonham

Are You Getting Jealous, Jacobi?

Hey Jacobi, 

So today you were very active during most parts of the day. I started noticing a pattern after a while though. Your cousins Braedin (5 yrs old) and Sway (10 yrs old) are over for the week (They’re on their spring break) and Braedin LOVES playing with Adam. Now, whenever your dad and Braedin play together, it makes my heart jump. It’s so cute and it makes me want you to be here even sooner! I can’t wait until you are old enough to start talking and say unintelligible things to your daddy and me. 

Anyways, whenever I get all happy from watching your dad and Braedin, you get incredibly kick happy and turn my uterus into a kicking/punching bag and it hurts like crazy! I’m starting to think you want your daddy to play with you more. :P

Anyways, tomorrow Daddy has his diabetes appointment. I’m honestly going to sleep on the car ride there (We currently live in the woods and it normally takes about an hour to get anywhere near another town, but we’re moving back to Texas this August and we won’t have that problem anymore). For some reason, whenever we are awake early in the morning, I am always more nauseous than if I sleep in. You must not be a morning person. <3 I love you <3