Shhhhhhhh. on Flickr.

This photo right here is a great example of why I love photography. When this moment was actually going on I did not recognize that Brian was telling everyone to “shhhhh” . It was until this photo was developed to me him doing that did not happen. Taking photos is just a way to capture a moment that was a great time. This photo was taken at a flood gate in Cincinnati, the first time we ever discovered it was this day. There was a lot going on and just something little like Brian telling us to ” shhhh ” would not be remembered, but thanks to this photo it was. That is why this photo is so significant to me.

EDIT: Haha that is what I thought rereading it Brian, but really all that needs to be there is a comma and worded differently so it won’t be so confusing.

untitled on Flickr.

Pretty much the last skate/mess around trip we did as a group. photo taken in Indiana. tonight I realized that our group haven’t done something like this since this day pretty much and I miss it. I really miss just waking up early and going to hang out and skate in downtown or just go mess around. This summer we will be reunited as a family for a couple days when we go visit Brian over the summer. I have been going through my photos on flickr for the past few days and it has been making miss that dude, since more than half of them were taken during some of the great times with him. now we will have some more great times in new york this summer, 6 more weeks so hyped.