Fairy Tail review: chapter 479

Juvia cover:

Zeref in his emperor clothes:

Jacob kicking my precious Lu-chan and Natsu:

Jacob saying he will kill all of the guildmates:

Mavis begging him not to:

Lucy telling him that Brandish is with the rest of the guild:

It’s good that he doesn’t know that Dimaria is dead/defeated:

There are TWO of them:

Lucy’s gemini stardress:

Natsu’s reaction:

lucy brought the guild back:

Seeing Natsu and Mavis, especially Mavis, be proud of Lucy:

Happy stopping Jacob from using magic:

Makarov punching Jacob for beating Mavis:

Natsu telling Makarov to stop wrecking the guild:

Makarov not taking Natsu’s shit:

Next chapter’s ccalled the nothern Gravestone:



Look what  have dropped on my youtube feed. A movie called Blue with  Jacob Lu. I have posted a trailer of this before but never saw the whole movie until now. The problem now is where is the eng subbed, can anyone help? The boys are lovely to look at so you can still watch.

This is June Iparis. That is all. I can’t accept anyone else in that role now.

She’s a Native American actress praised for her performance in Rhymes for Young Ghouls (I’ve seen it, she’s AMAZING in it) and she looks EXACTLY like how I pictured June and is super athletic. Even her ponytail game is strong.

So yeah. #DeveryforJuneIparis

{Photos from Devery Jacobs’ IG @kdeveryjacobs}

No quiero volver a ese lugar. ¿Como se llama…? – Arrugó la nariz mientras bajaba la mirada, pensativo.– Los vestuarios. Hay muchos chicos desnudos y están sudados y no fue nada agradable de ver.– Hizo una mueca.– En realidad no quiero volver al instituto. Me llaman continuamente “perdedor” y ni siquiera sé lo que he perdido.– Suspiró levemente, desanimado. 


My favorite Chinese porn model Jacob Lu is now an actor in “Love actually sucks”. The movie is from Scud who made Permanent Residence and Amphetamine, of course lots of male nudity again which is the directors trademark. I saw Jacob as a model and he had sex on the bath house on this (link) > film making. It seems like the oral sex was real. I don’t think he uses the name Jacob Lu as an actor now but Tang Wei. You can click here to see Jacobs past photos.