Girl Walk // All Day - A music video of epic proportions

If dancing makes you smarter, the Dancing In The Cloud/Dancing For Small Screens panel discussion on January 27, with excerpts from Jacob Krupnick’s new video Girl Walk//All Day, will definitely make you a bit more intelligent than you were previous. Watch an early trailer from Girl Walk//All Day, above.

Dawn Paap, producer of the site VideoDanceTV, will join Richard Daniels, Peter Kyle, and James Garver on the panel, with 92nd Street Y’s Edward Henkel. They’ll discuss dance for small screens and how the forging of new collaborative territory can have a significant impact in creating uniquely personal experiences for the viewer.

In addition, Paap selected excerpts from Girl Walk // All Day for screening and discussion. Looking to “expand the boundaries around the idea of the traditional music video”, Girl Walk//All Day is a 71-minute dance music video of epic proportions, set to the tune of Girl Talk’s All Day.

More info, and tickets, available here.

Read more about Girl Walk//All Day, and Anne Marsen, the dancer seen within, on The New York Times.

Watch on girlwalkallday-blog.tumblr.com

Check out Jacob’s interview with Cindy Hsu on the CBS Morning Show!

“Since the last day of college, I have been living with a Weston ammeter made in Newark, N.J., in the late 1890s – a device that performs a single task: measure electric currents. It reminds me that there was an era before ours when people expressed pride and dignity in entirely different ways.  There’s no reason I should feel nostalgic, or wistful, or vaguely turned on when I look at the ammeter, but I do.”

Jacob Krupnick was photographed in New York City on November 2nd. You can follow him on Twitter.


last night’s premiere of girl walk all day was pretty awesome. i’m very proud of jacob and youngna, their dancers,  and their entire crew. working in this field, you realize how hard it is to envision a project, produce it, and maintain your vision through the end. and girl walk all day is a great example of a great vision produced and executed wonderfully. the party last night was lots of fun, but most importantly, the film in its entirety was really good. if you’ve ever tried making your own films, it’s not easy. even making a short that is good is a challenge. so to make a music video that is feature length, and to tell a story without words, all in an inspiring way - i was impressed. congratulations to girl walk all day and to kickstarter for making this happen! so inspiring.

How Did we Miss this Bit of Awesomeness?

We know that you may have already seen this clip of the forthcoming 71 minute epic Girl Talk music video, especially since it was already mentioned in a few little periodicals like, say, The New York Times and, um, The Huffington Post. We apologize if you’re all, “Hey Standard, February called and wants their video clip back”. It’s just that we only discovered it yesterday and would hate to think there are a few others out there who, like us, may have missed out on this little bit of awesomeness. Enjoy!

Girl Walk // All Day from jacob krupnick on Vimeo.

Girl Walk // All Day: A Music Video of Epic Proportions is directed by Jacob Krupnick, features dancer Anne Marsen, and is set to Girl Talk’s new album, All Day.  The feature length music video is due to be released later this summer.   For more information check out their website by clicking here.

Click here to download a free legal copy of Girl Talk’s latest album, All Day.


Dance party. Happy Friday!



What is this you ask?

If this doesn’t turn your frown upside down, there is something seriously wrong with you.

Walking off the ferry, b-boy and “H2O Telephone” scenes are my favorite.


Girl Walk // All Day.
Jacob Krupnick