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Friends x Spidey cast. Dope ass video

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MACUSA Nine-Nine 

The law. Without the order.

Because Graves and Tina are the Captain Holt and Amy Santiago of the HP!verse, and no one will convince me otherwise.

Newt and Jacob are Peralta and Boyle, if only by the sheer amount of chaos they leave on their wake, and because they would be the best of bros.

Queenie as Gina, Graves’ all-knowing, totally-overqualified secretary, and Picquery as tough-as-nails Rosa (because she would totally be the one to tell Graves he just needs to bone when he acts like an ass)

Credence is obviously Kevin, Captain Graves’ lovely husband who works as a Professor at Columbia University.

Not featured: Grindelwald as Madeline Wuntch


New interview with Zendaya, Jacob and Laura