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#THT [Tom Holland, Harrison Osterfield, Jacob Batalon] - A tribute

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Tom Holland being an effortless hottie

the losers club + thanksgiving!

(they are 18-20 years old in this!)

- it has become tradition that the losers have one, big thanksgiving all-day feast each year.

- it is always held at Stan’s apartment because let’s be honest, it’s probably the cleanest and nicest out of the bunch of them. the complex also has a large field/park out back where they usually hold an impromptu football game while the turkey cooks.

- Bill and Ben are usually the first ones there, right at 8:30am so they can help Stan cook some breakfast before everyone else shows up and the parade starts on television.

- everyone else usually files in around nine and they all eat a breakfast of cinnamon rolls, pumpkin bread, eggs, and coffee while watching the thanksgiving parade

- Richie likes to watch the musical numbers that usually play at the beginning of the parade. he always makes comments about the rockette’s costumes or the tightness of some of the male dancer’s pants which earns him a slap on the back of the head from Bev and Eddie.

- Ben likes to watch the rockette’s routine too because he is absolutely mesmerized by the fact that they can be so in sync and so precise.

- the losers have one rule when it comes to thanksgiving: if you don’t help cook, you don’t get to eat (the rule was created because after two years of Stan cooking alone with the occasional help of Bill or Mike, Stan was ready for bed by the time it came to feast).

- Richie is put in charge of making the mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce, Eddie and Stan take turns basting the turkey and helping with the stuffing. Mike also helps with the stuffing as well as baking pumpkin pie, by his mom’s recipe. Bill and Ben help make gravy and Bev helps them make cornbread and green beans as well.

- Richie devises a plan to slowly water down the gravy when Ben and Bill aren’t looking to make them think they’re doing something wrong.

- when they find out that it was Richie, Bill and Stan take turns snapping dish-towels at him.

- Eddie has to intervene because Richie ends up cowering against the dishwasher

- Once all of the food prep is done, they still have a few hours to wait before they can eat, so they decide to go down to the park to play “football”

- Mike and Bill are made team captains and everyone wants to be on Mike’s team because his team always wins. Richie, Ben, and Bev end up on Bill’s team and Eddie and Stan are on Mike’s team.

- the game literally falls apart within minutes. Richie disregards everything Bill told him to do and runs as fast as he can towards Eddie, picking him up and running into the inzone and screaming “TOZIER’S GOING FOR THE TOUCHDOWN AAAAND HE’S GOT IT” all the while Eddie is screaming for Richie to put him down. the others watch in utter disappointment.

- Mike throws the ball to Stan and yells at him to run, but Bev literally flies out of nowhere and tackles Stan to the ground and rips the ball away from him and runs in the opposite direction. Mike sits on the ground and puts his head in his hands. Bill sits next to him and does the same as Bev throws the ball (meant for Richie) and ends up nailing Ben in the side of the head. Richie picks the ball up anyways and runs, and Eddie jumps on his back, grabbing for the ball and pulling his hair.

- Ben decides it better if they just go back upstairs and play monopoly.

- once they go back inside, Stan bastes the turkey while Ben and Bev set up monopoly (they slide their team extra cash without the others noticing)

- Eddie and Richie team up, Bill and Mike team up, and Stan plays alone because he is the standing monopoly champion of the losers club and has been since the fourth grade.

- Richie buys every single property that they land on and everyone hates it because they lose all of their money to Richie within the first few rounds of the game.

- Bev and Ben always have the worst of luck in monopoly and own like one property.

- Mike and Bill own all of the utilities and it screws everyone.

- When Richie and Eddie are running low on money, Richie bargains Eddie rather than giving up his property.

- Richie goes bankrupt after losing all of his property and Eddie as a teammate, Bill and Mike try and hold out on eight dollars, and Bev and Ben lose all of their money to Stan’s properties.

- Since Stan won, he decided that he was done cooking for the day and that the others have to check up on the turkey.

- Thanksgiving episodes of all of the popular television shows are playing, so everyone curls up on the couch, taking turns to check on food.

- Ben is squeezed against the side of the couch with Bev under his arm, whose legs rest in Mike’s lap, who is jammed next to Bill. Bill sits next to Stan who has arms around Bill and Eddie. Richie sits on the floor with his head in Eddie’s lap.

- around four pm, all of the food is ready. Mike sets the table, Bev pours drinks for everyone, and everyone else helps set up food on the table (Stan rearranges everything)

- Stan sits at the head of the table, and as every year, everyone joins hands.

- it is tradition that everyone says what they have been thankful for the past year.

- Bev is thankful for earning enough money to go to a school of design and another year with her best friends.

- Eddie is thankful for a year of good health for himself and all of his friends.

- Bill is thankful for college and getting to be with his friends for the holidays.

- Mike is thankful for getting to travel and is thankful for the love he gets from his friends.

- Stan is thankful for finally buying an apartment and his six best friends.

- Ben is thankful for finally getting into his dream school with the help of scholarships as well as the support his friends have given him.

- Richie is thankful for his friends always being there no matter what and never giving up on him.

- everyone squeezes hands before letting go, then the losers club feasts.

- Richie literally eats eighty percent of the mashed potatoes and everyone yells at him for it. he also makes really weird food combos that gross everyone else out

- Stan could literally eat cranberry sauce by the spoonful if the others would let him

- Mike loooves the stuffing and has multiple servings of it

- Bev is the person to douse her turkey in gravy

- Eddie eats his turkey with what little cranberry sauce there is left or sometimes dips a hunk of turkey into his mashed potatoes and eats it like that. the main event for eddie is the pumpkin and pecan pie, so he leaves a lot of room for that.

- Ben too, loves his pecan pie, but he likes his with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

- Bill is a big fan of stuffing a well, and he only really likes the dark meat on the turkey.

- the entire dinner, Eddie is picking bits of turkey off of Eddie’s food to mess with him

- after dinner, they all cut themselves a slice or two of a pie of their choosing and kick back in the living room of Stan’s apartment. Their bellies are full, but they still enjoy the sweet desert in their own way.

- all at different times in the night, they look around at each other and remind themselves of what they are really, truly thankful for. each other.


# Losers -  The Neighbourhood #


^ Bill - Flawless ^

I fell in love today,

There aren’t any words that you can say

That could ever get my mind to change

She’s enough for me, she’s in love with me


^ Stan - Female robbery ^

I bet they planned it all out, 

Like the shows Went everywhere I go. 

Walked in the store right behind me, 

Stood in line right beside me and followed me to my home. 

I’m sure they figured it out, 

Early on,

That I would never run. 

That they could shoot but that’s no fun, 

‘Cause then they’re killing the stolen son. 


^ Richie - Sweater Weather ^

And if I may,                                                                                                                        
Just take your breath away.                                                                                                
I don’t mind if there’s not much to say,                                                                                 
Sometimes silence guides our minds to move to a place so far away.                              
Goosebumps start to raise,


^ Eddie - W.D.Y.W.F.M. ^

Maybe you’re right, maybe this is all that I can be

But what if it’s you, and it wasn’t me?

What do you want from me?

What do you want from me?


^ Mike - Sadderdaze ^

Dirty fingernails, same as your mind

But he can strum the guitar just fine

Every now and then he’d think about his life

Daydreamin’ just to pass the the time


^ Beverly - Daddy issues ^

Go ahead and cry little girl

Nobody does it like you do

I know how much it matters to you

I know that you got daddy issues


^ Ben - 24\7 ^

You can’t worry 'bout time

And you can hit my line like 24/7

I’ll be there to listen anytime

I’ll be there to listen anytime

I love how the rowdy 3 aesthetics have changed over the seasons.

S1 started with leather and dirt and red spray paint and truck grease and jagged music and bright blue energy lines and baseball bats.

Then the season finale hit us with a just-found family being ripped apart in a field of multicoloured smoke, three making a stand against hundreds in the long grass.

S2 started out with sterile straightjacket jumpsuits and hunger and red eyes, three members in Blackwing two in black jackets and too much eyeliner searching for their family, on the run.

And now Vogel has flowers in his hair and Cross, Gripps, and Martin have turned their binding blackwing costumes into something beautiful.

Amanda is glowing earth tones and dewy skin and dimpled smiles.

3 has become 5 again.

Now they’re gripping hands and unbreakable promises, travellers in a strange land, knights to their queen, kings in their own right.

Now they’re punk and rowdy as fuck in another dimension with flowers in their hair.

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  • Eddie: *freaking out*
  • Richie: I typed your symptoms into the thing up here and it says you have network connectivity problems

it movie 2017 lockscreens

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Jacob: “What the hell am I doing”

Jacob: “What the hell is happening”

Jacob: “How the hell is this real”

Jacob: “Why the hell-”


In all seriousness, I freaking loved this mission. It’s content was so unexpected and funny, those cut scenes were amusing as hell! And Jacob’s face was just unbelievable priceless!