jacob's four horned sheep

Messing with fursona ideas (I know this is nothing like the sketches I was making before but considering making that a species or … something), anyways I’ve always felt a kind of ‘connection’ when looking at bovid kinds of anthro animals and given my occult interests I had to go with goat. Kind of. Threw in a bit of Jacob Sheep for the horns, cause four horns is better than two no? Markings might change in the near future but honestly I can’t come up with anything better at this point lol. Will probably end up rolling out a bunch of clothing sketches later.

Media: Photoshop CC, Wacom Cintiq 21UX


Some photos I took during my visit to the cider mill in Rochester. The regal looking four-horned fellow at the top is the unusual Jacob Sheep, accompanied by hungry goats and one aloof llama. The bars sadden me, and not simply from the aspect of picture quality. But the mill is adjacent to a farm where the animals stay the majority of time, with a very large barn and acres to graze.