Why CS was laughably bad in 6B

1) In Emma’s wish world, Emma gets an “anti meet cute” with fat, old, drunk Hook which debunks the theory that CS are meant to be together in every timeline and every universe. When August asked Emma who Old Hook was she sheepishly answered that she “sort of” lived with him… then proceeded to fling him away and made fun of his weight before making him disappear as if he were just a roadblock in her way.

2) Emma was so disappointed that Wish!Hook was a fat drunk (”I really need to get home and get someone off the rum“) so she asked the real Hook to give up drinking (”We’re gonna switch to water“)… and guess what? Hook has shown no signs of quitting in later episodes (“Captain Morgan, I thought we were sticking to water?” / “Any of you lads old enough to drink rum?“ / “I’ll bring the rum”). Hook clearly has a drinking problem but if Emma is his true love, shouldn’t he listen or make an effort to give up a bad habit for her? But then again this is the same guy that killed an innocent man even though she begged him not to…

3) Hook KILLED Emma’s grandfather for senseless sport in an episode named “Murder Most Foul” so no I didn’t imagine that. To make matters worse, Hook proposes to Emma instead of confessing the truth like Archie suggested he should… and the proposal happened in an episode titled “Ill-Boding Patterns” which means foreboding evil; inauspicious; unlucky (oops?). No amount of CS kisses will erase that image of Hook’s bloody sword piercing Emma’s grandfather from my brain especially it was only 10 episodes ago. 

4) Hook was gonna burn his memories instead of telling Emma his secret so he was willing to start a marriage with more deception instead of following Nemo’s advice. This is how you fail a redemption arc because no matter how you spin it, Hook DID NOT TELL THE TRUTH until he got caught! Emma said “no more secrets” TWICE and still Hook does this BS.

5) Hook was gonna abandon Emma without telling her until he crossed paths with Snow who told him a happy ending was possible for him. So basically he lied again when he said “I would never leave you”. 

6) Emma admitted she needed to move on from Hook after only one day lol. She didn’t even think there was a possibility Hook was in danger and to go look for him before throwing his things out? So much for true love.

7) Emma’s character assassination: are we sure she still isn’t the Dark One? Emma beating up and choking an abuse victim for “love” - Was that supposed to be badass? I know Emma didn’t know Gideon was abused but the audience knew and Emma the hero/protagonist was supposed to know better. “I’m sorry, but your son cannot be saved. He’s evil” - After everything Emma has seen with Regina, Zelena, Hook, etc how could she even say that? How come Emma couldn’t tell with her “superpower” that Gideon wasn’t even in control of his actions? Emma agreeing to sacrifice her parents in order to be with a lying boyfriend is utterly selfish and not what the real Emma would do. If the writers think Emma’s “devotion” to Hook is romantic then they are doing it wrong! If Emma being “in love” means forgetting who you are at your core then as an SQer I don’t ever want this version of Emma for Regina.

8) CS were “confirmed” true love by pixie dust of all things… seriously? The writers could’ve just invented a new flower but no it had to be freakin pixie flower which WE KNOW was faulty and WRONG in case of OQ. Furthermore, writers added an extra detail that these flowers only grow in the presence of “great evil” ROFL! So I guess CS are bad TL like Zades and non-endgame TL like OQ huh?

9) Their second proposal happens over Emma’s parents’ comatose bodies…. which reminds me of their makeout session at a graveyard, where a child just buried their father 5 seconds ago. Their reunions are always so epic (plz sense my sarcasm)!

10) Not only was the CS wedding rushed and half-assed but it took place in a musical? Sounds like a joke but ok… Emma’s wedding dress was SO NOT her style (don’t even get me started on the head/veil thingy) and it was a cheap copy of Grace Kelly’s. This is NOT a good parallel for CS cuz Grace Kelly gave up her career/individuality for a kingdom and a man she didn’t even truly love. Later, she wanted to divorce him but couldn’t cuz she was told she would lose custody of her children. Therefore, this is NOT a “modern fairytale” that anyone should want to emulate for themselves.

11) The musical episode confirmed that Emma’s heart was filled with true love by her parents so the Underworld True Love test (“Only a heart filled with true love can pass.”) last season wasn’t actually about CS at all lol.

12) Hook meeting pregnant Snow in flashback when he’s about to marry Snow’s child in present time is creepy ewww. Jacob/Renesmee from Twilight anyone?

13) Hook said it was bad luck to see the bride before the wedding but he did anyway… means their marriage is doomed? On HIMYM, Robin got divorced and Tracy (the “mother”) died when the Barney and Ted saw their respective brides before the wedding so that superstition has to mean something if storytelling rules apply lol. 

14) Hook is supposedly a “changed man” because of Emma and yet he’s still going on about “finally skinning the crocodile" when he poisoned Rumple with Dreamshade he’s kept from Neverland. We knew Hook was a liar but now even his wedding vows about letting go of revenge are a lie lol.

15) Emma still couldn’t unfreeze Hook with her kiss before giving her heart to the Black Fairy but we are supposed to accept that they are true love rofl.

16) Emma still looks lifeless and sick. I’m sorry but the “no makeup” look shows me that Emma is not truly happy with Hook. I don’t buy that this is WallsDown!Emma cuz she has already let her walls down for Henry, Graham, Neal, Walsh, Snow, Regina, etc in seasons 1-4 without losing the makeup. In real life, even battered women seem “happy” and are in love with their abusive partners… so don’t tell me to respect Emma’s choice of wanting to marry the dude who invited all the Dark One’s to terrorize Emma and her family, allowed one of them to choke Emma, called her degrading names like “orphan" and “blonde distraction” just cuz he was pissed… and continues to be a douche who lies like he breathes. In s6 finale, even MentalPatient!Emma has the same tired, ghostly pale face so is Emma still under Dark Hook’s curse from last season?

17) NO CS TLK in the finale either! Let it be known that every single one of their kisses has failed to break a curse lol.

Call me a delusional, salty, bitter shipper whatever but the writing for Emma/CS has been atrocious. When canon fails to deliver and tries to sell a mediocre love story as “epic” then all I can do is laugh tbh.

No Control

Fandom: Twilight

Word count: 2020

Characters: Jacob x reader, Sam, Paul, Jared, Billy

Warnings: angst, breakup of relationship

Summary: After Jacob imprints on Renesmee, his long-term girlfriend makes a discovery about herself.

For once, it was a sunny day in Forks. Really sunny, not weak sunlight straggling past clouds. You were supposed to be at home studying, but you couldn’t pass up a day like this. Especially not after your boyfriend turned up at your house at half past ten and told you that he was taking you to the beach.

Jacob ran his fingers through your hair gently as you lay in his lap. With everything that had been going on with the Cullens recently, it felt like the two of you hadn’t been spending enough time together. You didn’t resent him for it. You knew that he wanted you safe more than anything else.

But you had missed him like crazy.

Today, though, Seth and Leah were taking care of watching the Cullens so that he could be with you. Having a day like this one, when you could do nothing but lie on the beach and tease each other and kiss, reminded you exactly why you’d fallen in love with him in the first place. Werewolf or not (and you’d been pretty freaked when you heard about that one), days like this assured you of just how much he loved you.

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erigano  asked:

with jacob and renesmee imprints and bella and jacob being so close, how strict do you think the treaty rules are now? Perhaps they have time limits for how long a cullen can spend in the wolves territory...

In the movie commentary, Bill Condon talks about how because of Renesmee they can all be together in La Push now, and that’s the flash-forward vision Alice sees, but it only includes Bella and Edward, not the other Cullens, so we don’t have any real sense if they are allowed there now or not. 

Carlisle (and in the book, Edward), had been permitted to La Push before, in Eclipse, to treat Jacob’s injuries, so there is some precedent to make exceptions. 

I’d imagine that Renesmee and probably Bella (because the rules don’t ever really apply to Bella anyway lol) can come and go freely. The others probably have to get permission or be invited, which amuses the wolves (and probably Emmett) because of the vampire myths about not being able to enter a place without an invite. 

They specifically say in the book the treaty is in place, which implies there are still some rules? I mean if they’re really just one big happy family throw out the treaty, you don’t need it, right? Bella says Sam and Carlisle talk and “renewed” the treaty, but “the friendly feeling of the relationship might never be the same.” Whatever that is supposed to mean? They weren’t exactly a lot of friendly feelings between the wolves and the Cullens even before the BD drama. 


(Requested by Anon)

Fake text- Renesmee coming out to Bella, only for Bella to try and get her to date Jacob instead.

Jacob and Renesmee sometime in the future because she’d only be ten if it was now and I know she would have been “grown” for three years but that still squicks me out. I really like this picture for them so pretend it’s 5 or 10 years away. :D

(This actually is someone’s engagement picture [taken by India Earl Photography] and while I love it, I just cannot imagine sending it to my grandmother on a Save-the-Date. I wonder if they have a different picture for their elderly relatives? LOL)

The Other Half of Me (A Seth Clearwater Imagine)

Request: could you write a Seth imagine? only if you have time, but thank you very much!

A/N: You’re very welcome! All requests are welcome and accepted, and I can definitely make time for all of them.


I sat on the piles of rocks that line First Beach as I watched Jake playing with Nessie, who now looked to be around 8 years old. She squealed and giggled as Jake tossed her onto his shoulders, a huge grin breaking out on his face.

I sighed and looked down at the sand that filled the cracks between the rocks, picking at a small plant that was trying to grow. It wasn’t fair. Everyone around me had been given the opportunity to be happy, except for me. Almost everyone in the pack had imprinted, which means they found their soul mate, aside from Leah, Embry, and myself. But what differed between me and my other two pack mates was the fact that Leah and Embry were both in promising relationships. Not me.

I was destined to be forever alone.

While I was lost in thought, Nessie had made her way over to me, and I felt her small hand touch my face. “Sethy, look what Jake did,” She said, before showing me with a pouted lip. She showed me Jake lightly tossing her into the cold water of the ocean, and his laughing face. She also showed herself getting out of the water and walking over to me, pouting.

I chuckled at what she showed me, and before I could say anything to her, Jake came up behind me and sat down. “I’m sorry, Ness,” He said, a frown on his face. “Please forgive me.”

Nessie tried to act angry, but she failed, a grin slowly spreading out across her face. “Okay, Jakey. I forgive you.” Jake picked her up and gave her a hug, swinging her into the air.  ‘Thank you for forgiving me,” He told Nessie, and I smiled at how adorable they were. While I was jealous of him, I was happy for him, because it was nice finally seeing him happy.

Jake walked off back to the water with Nessie, and left me alone with my thoughts, yet again. Before I could get even deeper into my self pity, I heard a small, beautiful voice behind me. “Hi,” The voice said, and it was the best sound I had ever heard. Turning around, I went to face the source of the voice, and was instantly frozen in my spot. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in the world, but that wasn’t it.

It was her. Time stopped and the earth stopped spinning as soon as my eyes met hers. All the strings that had attached me to the earth were snapped and the only thing that was keeping me on the ground was her. My heart was pounding in my chest, and I forgot where I was, my name, how to talk. I forgot everything. All there was in my mind was her.

While I was staring at her, Jake and Nessie stepped in to save me, before she thought I was insane. “Hello,” Jake said, approaching her. “I’m Jacob Black, and this amazing girl in my arms is renesmee, who we call Nessie, and over there,” He gestured towards me, “Is Seth Clearwater.” I then was snapped back into reality, as I scurried over to where they were.

“Hi,” I greeted breathlessly, sticking out my hand for her to shake. She took my hand quickly, a large smile on her face. “I’m (Y/N)” She said in her beautiful voice. I didn’t let go of her hand and she did not let go of mine. “As Jake already told you, I’m Seth Clearwater.” She nodded her head and at that point I noticed that Jake and Nessie were walking away, giving us some privacy.

“Would you like to walk down the beach?” I asked, still holding her hand. “Sure,” She said, walking along beside me, our hands still connected. “Tell me a bit about yourself,” I said, trying to figure out more and more about his mystery girl. “We just moved into Forks,” She said, “And my mom told me to come down to the beach to try to make friends. I’m not really social but I came down here to make her happy. I didn’t see anyone for a while until I stumbled across you, Jake, and Nessie. My mom will be happy to hear that the guy I met and befriended is super hot.” She immediately covered her mouth, her eyes wide. “Why did I just say that?” She whispered to herself, a dark blush sweeping across her cheeks.

To try to make her feel better, I leaned closer to her and whispered, “Well I was going to say that my mom would be happy because I met the most beautiful girl today on the beach.” She froze and a huge smile spread across her face. “You mean that?” She asked, and I nodded. She gave me a huge hug, and kissed my cheek.

“No one has ever told me that before,” She said, and I stood there, shocked.

“Well, (Y/N), I guess I’m going to have to change that,” I said to her, as we continued to walk down the beach, because my imprint needed to know that she was beautiful, and I was going to make sure that happened.

“Why am I already so drawn to you?” She asked softly, and I opened my mouth to spill everything. Right before I said anything, I paused, and instead decided to shrug my shoulders, a grin on my face. She seemed nervous all of a sudden and her heartbeat picked up quickly.

“Would it be weird if I asked you to kiss me right now, even though we just met?” She asked me quietly, coming to a stop behind a tall rock, so Jake and Nessie couldn’t see. Instead of answering, I leaned in and captured her lips with mine. We got a little carried away. After a few minutes, we stopped kissing and she pulled away, pulling a small phone out of her purse. “I have to go. My mom wants me to come home. But I want to see you again, a lot. So can I have your number?”

“You’ll definitely be seeing me again,” I said, and put my number in her phone. As she walked away, I watched her with a huge smile on my face.

This was it. She was the one.

I was in love. I was in more than love.

Finally, I was happy.

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They’ve been seriously shaken; their confidence is shattered. But, yet, I’m sure they’ll recover from the blow someday. And then, I imagine they’ll try to pick us off separately.