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The T.V show you watch together (magcon preference)

Nash:  Pretty Little Liars, You would get him addicted to it and it would slowly become your guys show.

Cameron: Teen Wolf, I can so see you and Cam wrapped up on the couch watching re runs with each other.

Taylor: I feel like you and Taylor would spend your weekends catching up on the Walking Dead while eating junk food.

Shawn: Shawn and you would watch shows like CSI and NCIS and spend it watching closely and trying to guess who the murderer was. 

Carter: Carter would so get hooked on Supernatural because of you and end up spending his nights watching it with you.

Matt: You and Matt would totally love watching Once Upon A Time and aim to have a cute relationship like the charmings

Jack J: I can see Jack and you watching Spongebob while being high and eating everything in the house 

Aaron: You and Aaron would watch How I Met Your Mother and every time you two would doing something cute as a couple would high five shouting ‘It’s love bitch' 

Jack G: You and Jack wouldn’t have a show you would just have the TV on as back ground noise while you make out or talk. (probs make out i mean c'mon) 

Jacob: Jacob and you would be in your bed watching old episodes of Family reciting the bits you knew laughing at each others cuteness

Hayes: Big Bang Theory would be your show and you’d watch it every time it was on that slowly caused Hayes to get majorly addicted. 

(please request something trying to get away from studying) 


Magcon Preferences

Hayes Grier: Bora Bora

Cameron Dallas: Hawaii

Nash Grier: Iceland

Nate Maloley: Haiti

Jack Gilinsky: Fiji

Jack Johnson: Disney LAnd

Sam Wilinkson: London England

Aaron Carpenter: Sydney Australia

Shawn Mendes: Sandals Beaches (?)

Taylor Caniff: Hollywood CAlifornia

Kenny Holland: Italy

Carter Reynolds: Las Vagas

Matthew Espinosa: Stonehenge

Dillon Rupp: City of love *insert winking face*

Jacob Whitesides: India

Type of student I think they are (requested magcon preference)

Jack G: 

Distracted, that was the first word that came to head. Jack could be sitting there in the middle of his room alone to do homework, yet somehow something would catch his eye and he’d forget. Sometimes you’d go over and try to help but as soon as he saw you his hands would be all over you, barely paying attention. He was constantly thinking about something else never concentrating on the task at hand.


He was the type of student that when getting homework or school work just wouldn’t do it even if had nothing to do. He procrastinate so hard he’d rather be bored out of his mind than do any sort of schoolwork. He got in trouble for having late homework or uncompleted school work, normally ending in school detention. He would shrug it off and do it again sometimes he didn’t even mean to it just happened.


Committed is one word to describe Shawn. When he had work to do he would buckle down and get it done. It’d get to the point he’d shut off his phone and ignore the world just to get something finished. He would feel terrible until the piece of work was completed. In class he was typically the kid who would finish first then help others with their work so he wouldn’t have to sit alone. He’s a total sweetheart if he ignores you during his study time he’ll make it up to you by buying you flowers and apologizing like his life depends on it.


Sarcastic is what that boy is, the class loved him, the teacher despised him. No matter what the teacher said he would have something to add, you’d never seen a teacher so mad until you met Taylor. He made it his personal mission to get sent out of the class as soon as possible, the record so far being 5 minuets. His homework was no better he’d be told to re do it 3 or 4 times before he gave it in done completely, no sarcastic comments or smart ass attitude. 


Know it all. Cameron was a know it all and he didn’t let anyone forget it. He had his hand up first for every question, got the highest grade in tests and always finished his work first. Yet no one dared called him a nerd because he was also the funniest person they would ever meet, sure it annoyed everyone that he was a know it all but no one said anything not wanting to upset this lively child.


Aaron was the quiet student. He rarely spoke out in class and sat at the back. Before you came along he walked the school halls alone and a little lost, all his friends hundreds of miles away. People bullied him and school was the worst experience for him. He was smart though and got his work done so the teachers had no bother with him, but the students you had never seen such horrible behavior. Oh my the names that were dared to be spoken to that beautiful boy were just terrible, all Aaron wanted was a friend and that’s exactly what he found in you.

Jack J:

Tired, Jack was always tired no matter what. He could have had a full night of sleep but school always made him snooze. The amount of times that boy had fallen asleep in lessons were crazy. No matter how much sleep he had the night before as soon as that booty touched the chair he was out cold. He got all his homework done and it was rare for him to have uncompleted work but he needed multiple cups of coffee to help him through the day. It was worth it for him though because he got  to see you everyday.


Nash was a very loud student. N matter his mood he would always show it in the loudest way possible. Happy he’d come into class a smile plastered on that face that I’m sure was sculpted by gods, If he was mad he’d be slamming everything and showing his frustration through muttered curse words and growls at dick heads who pissed him off anymore (why does angry Nash sound hot well fuck), and when that boy was sad she would come in his face red and blotchy his eyes blood shot and that was the only time he would be quiet and left alone and it broke yours and everyone elses heart. Even though Nash could be a little over the top and loud everyone loved him and seeing his sad and beaten up like that put everyone around him in a bad mood.


In school Carter was a douche. The students who didn’t know him disliked him and the teachers found him rude. He’d constantly snap at the pupils wanting some peace and quiet in that god forsaken place, and gave the teachers back chat that just annoyed the hell out of them.Yet as soon as he left the school he was as happy as can be complimenting random people on the street being nice to anyone and everyone, It’s just school got on his last nerve.


Jacob was an artistic student. Everyone knew that if they ever needed Jacob he’d be up in the music room jamming on his guitar and singing up there on his own. You see he never really fit in with the other students so he spent his time playing music and spending time on his own. He loved it the only person who was allowed around when he wanted to have a break from the annoying kids was you, you were always his only exception no matter what it was you were there for him and he was there for you. You slowly spent more and more time together in the music room just enjoying each others company.


Sam was a bit of a cheeky boy. No matter where you were he would have his hands somewhere inappropriate, he’d be flirting with you and winking at you from across the room. When the teachers back was turned he tried to see how long he could kiss you for before the teacher looked again. To Sammy school was just a game that he had to win. There would be rude gestures from him constantly through the windows of other classes and countless detentions. The worst thing was you enjoyed every second of it.

(I hope it was kinda what you were looking for If not tell me and I will re write it or something :D )

What kind of girl I think he'd date (magcon preference) part 2

Nash:   I think Nash would go for a girl that is relatively laid back and sort of goes with the flow. She’d be more on the confident side, but she would get embarrassed easily. I think she’d be kind of short, as well. Unlike what everyone else says, I think she would dye her hair crazy colors. She’d probably know how to play video games, but she’d also be a bookworm. I think she’d be smart, and be productive, because how else would anything get done? She would definitely love the fans as much as Nash does, and she’d talk to them and become friends with a few of them. She would so like all types of music, and be willing to listen to almost anything. I think she’d be kind of girly style-wise, and maybe have crazy jewelry and accessories.

Cameron: I think he’d go for a girl that is a little shy, because he’s so outgoing. She’d probably be really short, and have soft hair that he would love to run his hands through. I don’t think the color eyes would matter as long as he could stare into the for hours. He would want a girl who would try new things with him, but nothing too crazy. I think he would go for any body type, and constantly remind her how pretty she was. He would honestly treat her so sweetly, and never force anything on her. She’d probably be one to do things in her own time, and she would completely be her own person, and not afraid of what others think in public. She’d be social, as well, and the fans would love her for that.

Matt: I think Matt would go for a girl who's playful, and someone who will stand up for herself and things she believes in. The type of girl who would spend the day goofing off with him but be really sweet and loving when they’re alone. He’d like a girl who saw the best in bad situations, someone he could call at 3am with his problems. Someone who would spend time making sure the people she loves are okay, even if she lost something from doing something. They’d be the kind of couple that people would envy but never dream of breaking up.

Jack J:  Jack would date a musician. Someone who can to him about how passionate they were about  making music. They would have almost identical music tastes, with a few variations. A beautiful girl but sadly someone who doesn’t love her self for who she is. Jack would spend day after day reminding her she is the most beautiful person ever. She’d have an edgy style, and into romance movies but classic books. She’d probably like vintage things, and I can just see him with a girl who isn’t the stereotypical model girl. But he’d always make her feel good about herself

 Aaron: Aarons perfect girl would have to be able to bring him up from his lowest. Someone who understands that he insecure, someone who would never no matter what hurt his feelings. She would have his back through thick and thin. He would do the same for her, If someone insulted his baby girl he would be mad even though you could handle it. His girl would interact with the fans and get Aaron to follow them knowing he means as much to them as he does to her. She’d have to understand that his fans are his life and accept that sometimes he’d have to leave to go places. 

Taylor: Taylor would go for the baddest girl he could find. Someone who had no interest in love or a relationship. She’d be a forbidden fruit he wishes he could have. She’d blow him off but that would just make him want her more. It would take he a long time to trust him making him realize that slipping up is not an option. They’d probably hook up before he’d fall for her. He’d get addicted to her and, she to him. They wouldn’t be able to get enough of each other in both an emotional and physical way. But behind closed doors that have a sweet relationship filled with sweet words and warm hugs.

Sam: He would go for a girl who was happy. She’d laugh all the time, especially at his jokes. She would be low maintenance, and not very clingy, but I do think she might get jealous from time to time. I think he would go for someone who was a little crazy, someone he could get high with. She’d be there for him they’d know each other like the back of their hands. Looks wouldn’t matter, they could wake up with bed hair yet they would still be perfect in each others eyes. They would be that cute lovey-dovey tumblr couple that everyone was jealous of. I think his girlfriend would be most normal, except she would be a party girl, she’d live for the rush of life experiencing new things and taking him along with her. She would try hard at things she felt passionately about, and she’d play a sport that she was a really good at, and they’d probably exercise together.

Jacob: I think Jacob would go for a girl who isn’t musically talented I feel like he would want to  spend nights teaching her. She’d be fairly hyperactive and full of happiness, someone who would instead of staying in during bad weather go out and dance in the rain. She’d be the kind of girl who would live in the now, not thinking to much about the future and living her life as much as she could. I feel like he’d want a girl where there relationship wouldn’t be on show to much but when it was just you and friends they’d be glued to each other. Holding hands singing ridiculous songs and just enjoying each other. In public they would be the best of friends. They don’t just love each other they’re best friends aswell 

(well fuck now i want to date them all ughh)


I found the Jacks and Sam dancing of 2013 westsides boys powderpuff dance.

Type of girl I think they'd date (Magcon Preference)

carter:  I think Carter would date a girl he would have to try and get no one who actually gives into him straight away. They’d be the kind of girl who’d have to check something is okay a million times before doing it, the kind of girl who would get worried if he simply fell over. The kind of girl that would love to easily but is always terrified of her feelings. Someone who would be scared to love Carter until he proved to her there was nothing to be scared of. You see they would fall in love the way we fall asleep slow at first then all at once. Once they were together it would be an unbreakable bond.

Shawn: To be honest i feel like Shawn would date a bad girl who’s had her heart broken to many times before. She would show no interest in him or anyone but that would just just make him want her more. Also i feel like Shawn even though he’s very musical wouldn’t date anyone who was good at playing an instrument. But opposites attract and all he’d go for the kind of girl who would push him away or hook up with him and leave. She’d be his drug he just couldn’t get enough of but she wouldn’t be played with at all. 

Jack Gilinsky: I feel like Jack would date a good girl he could turn bad. Someone who would at first be intimidated around him, bashful, barely talking. He’d want to take time to get her to open up bring her out of her shell. She would also bring out the nicest side of Jack his sweet loving side who would protect her to the end of the earth. She’d have to be one of those girls who does her homework the day she gets it,never disobeys rules but when she finally does she gets hooked on the rush. He would introduce her to the wild side of life. He’d like her sweet innocence but would fall for her wild side only he could uncover. 

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