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imagine: your boyfriend matt is away at an event and calls you to tell you how much he loves and misses you.


When there’s a rumor of one of the guys dating someone and you try and pretend your happy for them

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fake text series: you’re going on a date and he kinda tells you how to dress but not really in a helpful way

{includes: the original nine + jacob}

Sunny Daze (Shawn Mendes)

Can I have an imagine where shawn and y/n are at the beach and guys keep checking y/n out and Shawn gets jealous? Thx

– Thank you for your wonderful request, I hope this is sufficient x 

“Y/N, are you ready yet?” Shawn calls out from your holiday bedroom, you were in the bathroom trying to tie up your bikini top and pondering how girls get so good at this when you were the ripe age of (y/a) and still couldn’t manage it. 

Sighing, you turn the knob on the door and and call for Shawn who immediately offers himself for service. He swiftly ties up back and takes the opportunity to wrap his arms around your waist, trailing his fingers over your smooth stomach as he places tender pecks across your right shoulder. Shawn then wraps his arms around you tighter and pulls you in for a hug from behind causing you to let out an amused giggle. 

“You’re gonna save me if I drown right?” He questions, pressing his forehead against your temple. Shawn was a touchy-feely boyfriend and you were all about it. 

Nodding your head, you move your head swiftly to plant a reassuring kiss to his peach colored lips, “of course.” 

With you ready, and him reassured, you make your way to the beach and immediately make your way into the water. You stay towards the shallow end because you found no fun in going deep where you’d have to stay afloat, and anyway, today was really about being together. Shawn holds your hands and spins you around, you laugh and fall into the water accidentally bumping a boy behind you as you do so. 

“Oh darn, I’m so sorry!” You apologize, but all the boy does is smile, he nods and gives you a once over before his smile widens and you take that as a sign to turn around. Once turning around you see Shawn, now red in the face and pouting. Wonderful, he’s jealous. Taking a deep breath, you brush it off, and wrap your arms around his torso giving him a hug that he gladly returns.Shawn wraps his arms around you tightly and dips his head to bury in your saltwater soaked hair that fell on your neck. 

Upon looking up, Shawn notices a group of boys, some yours age and some younger staring directly at your ass in the bikini bottoms. His muscles stiffen and he pulls away, red in the face again, “y/n, how about you go put my shirt on?” Shawn offers, gritting his teeth. 

You raise your eyebrows and shake your head, “is something wrong with my body?” You know that the reason is because your body looks amazing, and he’s just jealous but you’d like him to admit it. 

“You look fine, just go put it on…for me.” 

Tipping your head back to look at him, you give in and sigh, “Shawn, I don’t want them. They can look all they want, I’m not gonna even look back.” 

Shawn presses his forehead against yours, “but, I want you to be just mine to look at and experience.” 

“You are,” you assure him, seeing his concerned features begin to brighten up once more, “I’m yours, all yours Mr. Mendes.” 

but its not happening anymore…

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Nerd//Shawn Mendes Imagine

It was no secret that I was dating Shawn Mendes. He made sure everyone knew that I was his and I didn’t mind.

I am not exactly popular though. In fact I’m far from it. Just because I like to read and get good grades apparently I’m a nerd.

Silly stereotypes.

Shawn was popular though. He had been popular since before he became famous.

I still wonder why, me, out of all people was the girl that he wanted to be with. It still shocks me.

“Y/n are you listening?” I snapped out of my thoughts by my teacher at the front of the class.

Shawn sat next to me giggling.

“Uh yeah sorry” I blushed.

“Oh wow, little nerd isn’t paying attention for the first time? She’s such a rebel” One of the idiotic jocks known as Jason said from the back.

I like to call him ‘fuck boy.’

“What’s next? She gonna give her homework in a day late?” The class began laughing and pointing at me.

I hated it.

Shawn sat biting his lip. He was gonna crack and hurt someone. I didn’t really care in that moment. I just wanted it to all stop.

“Or is she gonna break a pencil? She could probably just sit on it. She’s that fat”

I stood up and rushed out of the room. I ran down the corridor. Tears began forming in my eyes.

I had been bullied when I was younger for my weight. I went through a lot to get a figure I liked and Jason knew that I got bullied. He used to be my best friend.

“Y/n?” I turned around and saw Shawn. He had messy hair and a bloody knuckle.

What the hell?

“Shawn what happened to your hand?” I wiped my tears and grabbed his hand worriedly.

“I may or may not have gotten really protective and punched Jason” Shawn bit his lip and stared at me innocently. He looked so cute trying to be innocent.


“Well are you alright?” I inspected his knuckle.

“I think think the question is, are you alright?” He asked as he pulled me into a sweet hug.

“I guess. Shawn, why are you dating me?” I questioned quietly as I played with the strings handing from his hoodie.

“What do you mean?”

“I’m not exactly popular or thin so why are you with me?” I asked.

“Y/n, I don’t give a fuck whether you’re popular or thin or not. I love you for you. You are my gorgeous girlfriend no matter what you look like. You are beautiful to me, don’t let them put you down. Besides you aren’t fat trust me.” I looked down with a slight smile.

“Thank you Shawn. I really appreciate it. I love you” Shawn kissed my cheek sweetly.

“And I love you, now lets go to the nurses office to sort this out” he said holding his hand up.

I nodded and placed an arm around his waist as we made our way towards the nurses office.

lazy days {smut: j.w.}

light daddy kink towards end bc jacob is lowkey daddy af bye
It had been a lazy day with just you and Jacob, but then again, when is it not? “Do you mind if we take a shower?” You ask, looking up at him from your spot on his chest. “We?” He smirks, and you bite your lip and run your hand down his abs and down to his boxer-clad dick, palming it lightly. “Yeah, we.” You smirk. His breath catches in his throat and he nods lightly. You get up and saunter into the bathroom. “Damn, YN.” He groans watching your hips sway. You laugh and turn on the water getting it perfect before getting in the water. “Jacob, get in here you idiot!” You call to him, laughing. “Oh, my bad for picking out some clothes for you for afterwards!” He laughs and opens the shower curtain, stepping in. “Fuck, you’re a goddess, YN.” He practically moans, running his hands down your sides. He sinks to his knees and lightly kisses your clit. You pull on his hair, which causes him to moan against you, making you moan. He licks up your slit, darting his tongue in and out of your hole. He grabs your ass and swivels you to the wall, pressing you against it, he puts your legs up on his shoulders and continues to eat you out like he hasn’t eaten in weeks. “Jacob! Fuck!” You moan, pulling on his hair once again. He rubs you clit quickly, making you cum on his tongue. “Oh fuck, angel.” He groans, collecting your juices. “So sweet for me.” You moan and nod. He sets you down and you instantly pull him up. You kiss down his tall body and down to his dick, you slide him all the way into your mouth without missing a beat. “Fuck! You’re amazing!” he moans, gripping your hair. You moan against him, lightly massaging his sac. “YN!” He moans, his head back. You look up at him, water dripping down his toned body, he looked like a god. You quickened your actions and made him cum in record time. Both of you warn out, and decided to take a break for now. You step out due to the fact you’ve already washed up. Jacob steps under the stream, “Dammit YN, make me take a cold shower!” He laughs. “Hey! You weren’t complaining when I had your dick down me throat.” You laughed. “That’s true.” He agreed. You got changed as waited for Jacob to join you in a movie marathon you knew neither of you would watch.
Just as predicted, about 30 minutes in the movie, Jacob was already kissing down your neck. “C'mon, YN.. Let’s fuck, please?” He mumbles against your neck, something about his tone made you just know that he wasn’t asking. “Why ask, baby? You know I’d never tell you no..” You smirked, climbing onto his lap. He returns your smirk and pulls your shirt up. “I hate to be this guy but your boobs are so damn beautiful.” He said, causing you to laugh. He held the small of your back in his giant hands and brought you closer to him. He gently took your nipple into his mouth. “Jacob,” you moaned, your hands in his hair. He sucked a little harder, moving up a little and making a nice hickey. He left a trail of hickeys from the valley in between your breasts to up your neck. “Th-those will never come off.” You moaned as he made the last one behind your ear. “Good.” He smirked and sat back, grabbing your hips now. He gently began rocking your hips against his. “Mm, fuck.” You moaned, grinding harder. “You want top today, babygirl?” He asked,squeezing your ass. “Yessss!” You jumped at the words because he never let you ride. You got off of him and slid your underwear down. “Foreplay or no? Because I’m soaked for you already, baby..” You asked, sliding his sweats down. “Nah, we’re good.” He smiled at the feeling of his dick being free. He pumped himself for you, a few times before leaning back. “Ready when you are, Princess.” He smirked, up at you. You bit your lip and climbed on to his lap. You sighed with pleasure as you slid onto his dick. You rolled your hips lightly. “Mm, fuck, this is why I love you.” He moaned, holding your ass; guiding you. “H-holy sh-shit..” You moaned, beginning to bounce. You gripped his shoulders as you went up and down on his dick. “YN, fuck!” He moaned, slapping your ass. You moaned in pleasure and slight shock, going faster. “F-fuck me, Jacob” you moaned, he held your hips to him as he thrust into you. “Oh god,” he moaned, picking up pace. “Jacob! Right there!! Yes oh my god yes!” You screamed with pleasure as he hit your g spot. “Found it.” He smirked. He placed his thumb over your clit as he pounds into you. “I’m gonna cum, holy fucking shit!!” You screamed in pleasure, digging your nails into his shoulder. “Nope! Not until I say, babygirl. You can hold it I know you can.” He says, going faster, rubbing your clit, making you hold back on purpose. “Jaaaccoobb!!” You screamed, as he bounced you faster than he ever has. “I can’t hold it, daddy! I can’t!” You screamed, knowing the name would throw him overboard too. “N-now! He moaned, rubbing harder. He sat you back, making you squirt all over him. "Jacob!” You screamed, the pleasure overwhelming you. Your body shook and your eyes rolled back. You had never orgasmed so hard in your life. And you could tell by Jacob’s moans that he hadn’t either. He’d never made you squirt either, and it was honestly the best feeling you had ever had. All that could be heard was heavy breathing as you two caught your breath and tried to form words. “Amazing. That was fucking amazing. I’m so proud of you, YN. I didn’t know you could do that or that you could hold on for me and call me daddy and just holy shit, you rock my world baby,” he said, resting his head back on the couch. “I’m sorry for um.. Yeah..” You blushed, looking down at the mess you’d made on his stomach and lap. “Don’t apologize, that was the best sex I’ve ever had! I think we should move on to you calling my daddy 24/7.” He smirked. You blushed and nodded. “If you can fuck me that good every time, then I’ll call you whatever you want.” You laughed and so did he. “So this calls for a round two in the shower?” He asked, raising an eyebrow. “No!” You laughed, “but you do need a shower though..” “Yep, and you’re coming with.” He smiled and held you to him as he stood up. “Ugh, Jacob!” You laughed.


New Friends (N.M)

Anonymous asked: Can you do one where Y/N lives with Madison and the boys will pick her up to go somewhere and at the same time madison leaves Y/N goes out too. So they leave the house together and when Nate sees Y/N, he can’t get his eyes off of Y/N. And he asks madison who she is. And she tells him that she is from paris and works in the fashionworld and stuff yeah and then something with nate and YN. Maybe they ask her if she wants to go with them wherever they are going. Sorry if my english isn’t good

“Y/N I’m going out with the boys today do you want to come?” Madison yells out to me from our lounge.

“Um I can’t I’m sorry I need to go into work and help with a shoot” I reply a bit sad. I have never meet them before and I really want to.

“Okay that’s fine maybe another time” Madison replies.

I walk into the lounge and hug Madison from behind.

“Your such a good friend, I’m glad I meet you in Paris before I came here” I say.

“Well I’m glad I meet you too” Madison says back giggling, while turning around.

I decide to get ready after about an hour of just lounging around doing nothing.

I walked into my wardrobe and picked out a pair of faded high waisted jeans, a grey v neck knit crop top, underneath the crop top I added a black lace bralette. I put on a pair of black chunky heeled sandals along with a black trench coat. I decided on my Givenchy backpack and put my purse that had an eye on it inside, I put on my black Daniel Wellington watch along with a silver chain cuff. Before I left with Madison I grabbed my cat eyed glasses.

“Madison I’m leaving” I yell out walking to our front door.

“Okay” she yells back walking out.

I hear a knock on the door and quickly open it to come face to face with a group of boys, I step to the side to let them in.

“Hi guys” Madison says hugging all of them.

“Okay I’m gonna go now Madison see you later” I say to her while waving to the boys.

Nate’s POV:

Jack knocked on Madison’s door and it open shortly after.

Standing at the door wasn’t Madison but a very beautiful girl. She steps to the side and smiles the most beautiful smile ever. We all walk in and say our his to Madison.

“Okay I’m gonna go now Madison see you later” she says walking out the door and leaving.

“So Maddie who was that?” Sammy says. No not some one else who is interested.

“Ohhh that’s Y/N, she comes from Paris , involved in the fashion world of you didn’t notice” Madison replies.

Damn though Y/N is fine.

(8 hours later)

We were all chilling at home about to leave to go get food when we hear rustling and Y/N walks through.

“Hi guys” she says with her french accent.

Oh god I think I just died a little. Maybe I should ask if she wants to come.

“Hey Y/N do you want to come with us to get food?” I ask nervously and everybody else nods.

“Sure she replies.

This I going to be a good time.

Hope you guys like this new update
I do take requests💋💋❤️

I actually write this ages ago but forgot to post it for you guys😂😂

He Walks in on you Changing











Jack G:

Jack J:

im so glad we exist at the same time 💖

imagine: breaking up with nash because you can’t handle the distance and hate

sorry nash girls hehe.

Stressing Out - Shawn Mendes (SMUT)

Requested: Yes!

Plot: y/n is stressing because of finals and Shawn comes to her house and helps her relax

A/N: sorry if the smut is bad. I’m not the best at writing it but I tried. I hope you like it! 😊

I really wanted to stop but I couldn’t. I needed to study. There was still two exams left which were the most important ones; math and science. I was almost done doing my 20th math problem and had yet to start studying for science. It was already 9pm. Right when I finished it my phone ringed signaling that someone was calling. It was from my boyfriend Shawn.

“Hey Shawn!”

“Hey babe, how are you?”

“I’m fine, I guess.” I mumbled. Truth was I was stressed out and needed a huge break from school but who doesn’t?

“What’s wrong?” He asks worried.

“Nothing…I’m fine. Look I gotta go study shawn I’ll text you later. Okay?” I really needed to finish studying earlier this time since last night I slept really late and had trouble waking up the next day.

He hesitating a second before replying okay and hanging up. I went back to studying and started with science but around 10 minutes later my apartment doorbell rung. I groaned. Again?! I knew I wasn’t gonna finish studying early today either. I got up and went downstairs quickly to see who it is. I opened the door.

“Shawn, what are you doing here?” I asked surprised.

“On the phone you sounded stressed and I just wanted to be there for you. You know?” He blushed. I smiled also blushing at his cuteness. He was so caring. I walked up towards him and hugged him.

“You’re so cute.” I mumbled into his chest. “Let’s go inside” I said before closing the door and we both headed upstairs to my room. I sat back down on my usual spot and started studying again. Shawn was sitting beside me. After a few minutes he laid down and took out his phone. I was almost done with one chapter but there was one thing that I never understood. I had asked my friends to help me but I still didn’t understand. I groaned and put my head in my hands.

“What’s wrong y/n?” Shawn asked sitting up.

“N-nothing. I just don’t understand one thing.” I felt like giving up. He moved closer to me and hugged me from behind.

“Take a break.” He quietly said while he left little kisses on my neck. I sighed in pleasure.

“Shawn s-stop. I need to study.” I pushed myself away from him. I needed to finished studying.

“C’mon baby. A little break. It won’t matter. You need it. I’ll help you relax I promise.” As soon as his hand reached my thigh I gave in.

“Fine.” I sighed. I leaned into Shawn with my back pressed against his chest as he started kissing my neck again then he got up from my bed. I turned towards him ready to ask what he was gonna do but realized he was picking up my books. He put them on my desk and came back towards me. He gently pushed me down onto the bed and kissing my lips lightly and teasingly which made me want him even more.

“Shawn please.” I whimpered. I could feel him smirking against isn’t my lips but I didn’t care Right now. I needed him. I pulled him by the collar of his shirt and brought him closer, kissing him hungrily.

“Someone’s needy.” He smirked.

“Yes, really.” I said breathlessly. I ran my hands trough his hair as he kissed down my neck. His hands roamed around my body.

“Shawn please.” I couldn’t wait no more. He pulled away from me.

“Tell me what you want Y/N and I’ll do it.” He simply said before waiting for my reply. He knew how much I missed him but he was being a jerk.

“I want you to fuck me, god damn it! Please.”

“Anything for you princess.” He said as he threw my top off and started kissing down my stomach. When he reached my pajama pants he slowly took them off, teasing me. I moaned as his fingers lightly touched me.

“S-Shawn.” I moaned. He took them off, not even waiting a second before pleasuring me. I gripped his hair encouraging him to continue. The pleasure was unbelievable yet felt so damn good. I could feel my high building up after a few seconds.

“You like that baby?” He mumbled against me.

“I love it.” I moaned.

He kept going until I finally came undone. My breathing was still uneven when shawn laid beside me and pulled into his arms.

“Are you still stressed out?” He asked. I just shook my head, cuddling closer to him.

Your favorite Picture of him

Jack J:

Jack G: