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Cheated on by Gilinsky(Part 6)

Oh god why did I tell Cameron!! What is he going to do!! Stupid, I should have just lied about what he said. I quickly buckle Lenox into her car seat and then jump into the drivers seat and start the car up.

“Mummy what’s wrong? Where are we going?” Lenox asks from the back

“Were just going back to jacks place okay, just for a few minutes” i tell her driving down the road faster then I should be.

I finally pull into to Jacks driveway and see Cameron just walking in the door.

“I’ll only be a few minutes okay sweetie” I tell Lenox

“Okay” she says yawning

I quickly run into the door and grab onto Cameron’s arm.

“Cameron wait!! What are you doing?!”

“Something I should have done when he first hurt you” cameron replies lowly

“Who’s here?” Jack yells from the kitchen

Cameron stalks I to the kitchen with me following behind him.

“Oh hey Cameron what are you doing here bro?” Jack asks

“Don’t call me your fucken bro, I’m not anymore” Cam grits out.

“What’s wrong man?” Jack looks confused, then he realizes I’m there.

“Oh I get it your the baby daddy” Jack sneers out.

“No he’s not Jack” I say

“Well at least I’m a better father then the real one” Cameron says smugly

“Cameron” I say in a warning tone

“What you know who the father is?” Jack asks looking abit hurt that he didn’t

“Huh she’s a bigger slut than I thought” Jack says coldly

Next thing I knew Cameron’s fist went flying at Jacks face and hit him square in the jaw.


“CAMERON!!” I scream.

He looks at me than realizes what he was about to say.

“Oh I’m so sorry Y/N” he says his eyes softening.

“It’s alright Cam-” I was going to finish when I see a fist coming to towards Cams face.

“Watch out!” I say pushing Cameron out of the way and letting Jack punch me in the face rather then Cameron.


So I have finally put part 6 out!! Hope you guys liked it, sorry for the wait guys!!

What do you guys think is gonna happen? Team Cameron or Jack?

Chapter 7?👍👎

Studying ||Nash Grier||


Request: Can you do an imagine where you help Nash study for like a bio test and he much would rather make out with you or something?


“Wait so when…. ugh never mind im just to confused.” Nash said more aggravated than confused.

He put his highlighter in his text book and closed in violently. He sighed and ran his hand through his hair for the hundredth time messing it up more than it already was.

“Im so done with this.” Nash said scooting his chair back from his desk and walking to where I was sitting, on the edge of his bed. 

“Nash you really need to be studying.” I said quietly but Nash didnt want to hear it.

He put his hands down on the bed by my sides and pressed his lips against mine forcefully . His hand went to my cheek as our tongues fought over dominance, but I pushed him away. 

“Nash you really need to be studying.” “No fuck studying.” He said quickly trying to reattach his lips to my own but I move back putting a hand up o his chest stopping any further attempts. 

“Nash im being serious you really need to be studying, your going to fail your stupid test then bitch at me and all jokes aside I really dont want to hear it.” I warned. 

Nash fell back and sat down in his chair. He looked at me with his crystal clear blue eyes and jutted his bottom lip out. “Come on y/n I really dont want to be studying and its kind of distracting for you to just be sitting in here looking the way that you do all I really want to do is make out with you.” Nash said trying to be as innocent as he could. 

I just chuckled, “alright I guess ill just leave then and you wont have to worry about it.” I said grabbing my bag. “No no! Thats not what I meant.” He said quickly but I was already walking out the door leaving Nash to study without distraction.

Little Things- Magcon

Nash: “Your hand fits in mine like it’s made just for me, But bear this in mind, it was meant to be“

Laying on the couch with your head against Nash’s chest, everything seemed perfect. He was holding you close, both of you whispering I love you’s. His hand took yours in his, both your hands fitting together like a puzzle piece.And both of you did fit together like a puzzle, because you both were perfect for each other.  You were resistant at first in your relationship because you didn’t know if it was meant to be, you thought at 17 you couldn’t know if he was your one and only. But after a few months you knew he was the one. It was meant to be, from the beginning.

Cameron: “And I’m joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks
And it all makes sense to me”

You had always hated your freckles for as long as you could remember. You thought they were absolutely disgusting but Cameron thought otherwise. When he first met you he told you it was your freckles that had attracted him to you. He loved how they made you so much more beautiful.  He always complimented your freckles, with any possible chance he had. He also loved kissing your freckles. He made sure you always knew how much he loved you and your freckles and made sure you never forgot it. He loved tracing the dots, making a different pattern every time he’d trace them.He would spend hours doing so because even if it was your insecurity to him it was anything but ugly.

Taylor: “I know you’ve never loved the crinkles by your eyes when you smile

Taylor’s eyes were concentrated on your face as you smiled brightly at the camera, he was admiring the way that your eyes crinkled when you smiled, making you more beautiful if that was even possible. The cameras snapped pictures as you both walked across the red carpet, posing. “What?” you whispered to him as you guys moved away from the carpet. “You’re beautiful when you smile” he replied. “No I hate my crinkles, Tay” you muttered to him looking down. “But they make you beautiful, I love you (y/n) and I love your crinkles by your eyes when you smile” He told you before leaning down and pressing a kiss to your lips.

Hayes:”You’ve never loved your stomach or your thighs“

Sighing, you stared at the outfit you had picked for the party. It just didn’t look right you’re stomach looked bulgy, your thighs looked thick and you were completely embarrassed. You didn’t want to embarrass Hayes. You tried sucking in your stomach but you knew you couldn’t do that for long. “Baby?” Hayes called out opening the bedroom door. “You look breath taking” he whispered, wrapping his arms around you. “Don’t lie to me Hayes! I look so f-fat, my stomach is huge and my thighs are t-thick” you mumbled,tears filling your eyes. He quickly turned you around making sure you were looking at him before speaking up “Don’t you ever say that about yourself (y/n) You’re not fat, you’re curvy and I fucking love it. You don’t have a thigh gap and your thighs aren’t sickeningly skinny, so what? I love your thighs, in fact because of your thighs your ass is much better too” he said smirking at the last line. “Hayes” you giggled hitting his chest and you knew it shouldn’t matter to you because Hayes loved you just the way you are.

Aaron:”I’m in love with you, and all these little things“

“Aaron, why do you love me even though I have so many imperfections?” you asked him when you both lay in bed just simply enjoying each others presence. “(y/n) baby” he whispered, cupping your cheeks. “I fell in love with you because all your imperfections are what make you imperfectly perfect to me. I love the way your nose twitches when your mad, I love your freckles, I love your chubby little finger.s (y/n) (y/l/n) I’m in love with you and all your little things because if you weren’t this way I wouldn’t love you as much baby.” he pulled your head into his chest, his chin resting upon your head as his fingers drew circles right above your hipbone. “I love you Aaron” you whispered placing a kiss on his chin. “I love you too baby girl” he whispered holding you safely as you fell asleep.

Jacob:”You can’t go to bed without a cup of tea,and maybe that’s the reason that you talk in your sleep“

It was a habit of yours, having a cup of tea before you went to bed. The hot liquid was soothing and your worries went away. It also prevented you from your embarrassing habit of sleep talking. Today though, coming home from a late night shift, you hadn’t drank a cup of tea. As soon as you made it through the door you were on the couch, fast asleep. Jacob came home later and finding you on the couch, he picked you up bridal style carrying you to your bedroom. He changed your clothes for you and was just finished changing his clothes when he heard a murmur. Your eyes were closed and you were deep asleep but you started talking “Jacob, I love you so much.” you first spoke out. With his eyebrows knitted in confusion Jacob sat beside you in bed finally realizing you were sleep talking. “Jacob I like your smile” you spoke out once more “And I like your singing.” He chuckled before shaking you awake, “(y/n) baby you’re talking in your sleep” he said chuckling once more. Your eyes widen as you covered your face “Oh shit, I’m so sorry” you muttered. He pulled your hands away and pulled you in a hug. “I think it’s super cute baby girl, and by the way thanks for all those compliments.”

Matthew: “I know you’ve never loved the sound of your voice on tape“

“Look at what I found baby” Matt came running in to your room, waving a tape in his hand. It was labeled “(y/n) singing”. “Matty!” you yelled, you did not want him to see, you hated the sound of your voice on tape. It made you feel insecure about yourself and you hid your face. Matt played the tape even past your protests. As the tape started playing, you peeked up to see that Matt had his eyes closed, his head kind of nodding as he heard you sing. Suddenly, his eyes opened and he had a huge smile on his face. “Baby, you didn’t tell me you were so good” he said, walking over to you. “I’m not good, I hate the sound of my voice on tape.” you mumbled looking down at your feet. “But I love it, you have a beautiful voice and it’s adorable, so don’t you ever think otherwise” he told your sternly before giving you a soft kiss on your lips, then he took your hands guiding you to dance with him around the room.

Jack J:“You never want to know how much you weigh, you still have to squeeze into your jeans”

You hated checking your weight, you were never the skinny type but Johnson’s previous girlfriends had been skinny, it made you insecure and you never let him know of your weight. But the time had come for your doctor visit, Jack decided to tag along because he had nothing better to do. “(Y/N)” the doctor said “We need to take your weight, please follow me.” You took a nervous gulp and stood up. “Stay here JJ” you muttered to him and you followed the doctor. You stepped onto the scale, and your doctor fiddled with the top part of it before speaking out the numbers you didn’t want to hear. “150 pounds” she started and you quickly stepped of the scale, tears burning the back of your eyes.”Hey baby” Jack said from behind you. You quickly whipped around glaring at Jack. “I told you to stay, I didn’t want you to hear about my weight!” you stalked past him and back into the room. “(y/n) what’s wrong baby?” he whispered kneeling in front of you as you took a seat. “I’m fat! That’s what it is!” you screeched out and then the angry tears fell. “Baby, I don’t care if your 150 pounds, that’s a perfect weight okay? I love you very much, I couldn’t care less about those stupid numbers. It’s all about who you are, not those numbers” he pulled you close to him as you cried into his shoulder. You knew that Jack loved you for who you are and those numbers did not matter to him at all.

Jack G:”You’ll never love yourself half as much as I love you”

“Jack?” you mumbled as you snuggled into him.”Yeah baby?” he said turning slightly towards you. “Am I fat?” you whispered hating how vulnerable you sounded to your ears. “What? No of course not! Why would you think that?” he asked his voice raising higher. “The fans, they keep telling me all these things, they hate me because they think I’m going to use you like your previous girlfriend. I hate myself so much more because of them” you whispered, tears sliding down your cheeks. “Hey, hey don’t cry” he mumbled, kissing away the tears from your face. “Don’t listen to them alright? You’re absolutely perfect and they shouldn’t matter to you.” “But they do, Jack. They’re you fans and if they hate me then it hurts a lot, their words hurt me” you mumbled. “They don’t matter because I love you. My love overpowers anything the say. I know you’ll never love yourself like I do, but that’s okay. My love is enough to help you love yourself. And I’ll be here through each step of the way” he kissed the top of your forehead making sure you were safe in his arms. He was right, his love for you was so strong, it ruled out every other person’s hate. Him loving you mattered more to you and you knew he would help you love yourself too.

Shawn:”And you’ll never treat yourself right darlin’ but I want you to”

“Just one more” you whispered to yourself, as the blade pierced into your skin. Blood gushed through the cut and you tried wiping it away but it was too deep. You held the tissue to your skin and you heard a knock on the bathroom door. Shit. Shawn was not supposed to be here. You let out a weak “I’m in here” to him. “Hey baby, open the door” he said through the door. “NO! I mean hold on a second”. Minutes passed but your cuts still bled and no matter what you tried it wouldn’t stop. “(Y/N), open the door!” he said about three or four times but you did not reply to him. “That’s it I’m opening the door” he shouted at you before he busted open the door and his eyes widened in shock as he saw you sitting there with blood on multiple tissues, scattered across the floor. “Shawn I-” before you could finish the sentence, Shawn was by your side and he took the blade, throwing it down the toilet and flushing it. Turning to you he scooped you up like a baby in his arms and took you to your bedroom. He held you in his arms, cleaning up your cuts silently as you cried. “Shawn I’m sorry” “No (y/n) I’m sorry, I can’t believe I didn’t notice this.” “It’s not your fault Shawn” “But why aren’t you treating yourself right? You’re absolutely beautiful, don’t harm your body baby.” “I’m sorry Shawn” you mumbled, ashamed. He pulled you both under the covers as he held you delicately like a glass. “I want you to treat yourself right and I promise we’ll get there, together.”

Carter: “If I let you know I’m here for you,Maybe you’ll love yourself like I love you“

Your boyfriend hadn’t spoke to you in weeks, and you were absolutley broken. Carter was on tour and it hurt to know that he didn’t care. Currently, you curled up on the couch, crying as you sent him a message. “Carter, I’m so sorry I was a bad girlfriend. Please tell me what to fix and I’ll do it. I hate myself for not being good enough. I’m so sorry for whatever I did.” Still with no reply you sighed the tears streaming down your face again. Suddenly hearing a knock on the door, you went to open it. Standing there was Carter with a bunch of flowers and a huge teddy bear that had “I miss you” across its chest. “CARTER!” you screamed, throwing yourself at him, he stumbled a bit laughing and set you down after a bit. “Why didn’t you reply to any of my messages? I was so-” “My phone stopped working baby girl and I saw how upset you were on twitter and stuff, so I quickly booked a flight and came here. I just want to be here for you all the time to help you love yourself and I’m so sorry I made you hate yourself even more” he told you and you pulled him into a hug, holding tight.”I love you so much Carter. “I love you too baby girl”

Thunder // Hayes Grier

Ugh this ones so short I’m sorry😭 I hope you like it though because I fricken loved writing it because Hayes feels!! Anywho, love you guys❤️❤️

Another clash of thunder hit and I jumped and screamed, pulling the blanket closer to my face.
“What’s wrong Y/N?” Hayes asked form the kitchen, where he was getting snacks.
“Nothiiiiing,” I sang.
“Didn’t sound like nothing,” Hayes said as he walked into the living room and set the bowls down on the coffee table. The next crash of thunder was extremely loud and long, and once again I screeched and hit under the blanket.
“Are you scared of thunder?” Hayes laughed.
“Shut up,” I whined.
“Baby that’s so cute,” he said.
“It’s not cute, Hayes. It’s pathetic,” I said, my voice muffled from the blanket I was still hiding under.
“Come out,” Hayes said.
“No, you’re gonna make fun of me,” I said. I pulled the blanket off of my head and pulled me into his arms.
“I’m sorry,” he said. I didn’t say anything.
“I know you’re actually scared, I won’t make fun of you,” he said. I jumped again and hid in Hayes’ chest.
“It’ll be over soon, you’re okay,” he whispered.
“But I hate it,” I whined.
“It won’t hurt you and I’m right here it’s okay,” he said.
“I feel so dumb you were never supposed to find this out,” I said.
“Everyone has irrational fears, don’t be embarrassed about it,” he chuckled.
“I can’t help it,” I giggled.
“Your fear of thunder won’t make me love you any less, in fact, I think it’s adorable,” I smirked.
“Well you know what Hayes?” I said, pretending to be angry.
“What, Y/N?” he asked in the same tone.
“You’re adorable!” I said.
“Ouch,” Hayes joked, holding his hand to his chest.
“I love you,” I said as I kissed his nose.
“I love you too,” he smiled.
“Can we stay like this forever?” I asked.
“I wish,” he sighed.
“Well, preferably minus the thunder,” I said.
“Yes of course, but I sort of like protecting you,” he winked.
“You’re a dork,” I laughed as I ruffled his hair. He pouted and I sat up and grabbed his face with my hands, squishing it.
“You’re so cute!” I said as I kissed his lips quickly.
“Is that all I’m good for?” he asked.
“Of course not, you’re the best,” I smiled. I cuddled into his side again and held his hand, shutting my eyes.
“You make me the happiest girl ever,” I said.
“Well you do the same for me,” he said.
“Make you the happiest girl ever?” I asked sarcastically.
“Shut up, you know what I meant,” he laughed.
“Yes, I do,” I laughed. I jumped again because of the thunder and Hayes laughed.
“I forgot about that for a very brief moment,” I laughed.
“You just make the world stop,” I smiled.
“Now, pass me the chips why don’t you?” I asked.
“Wow, ruin the moment,” he laughed as he leaned forward and handed me the bow, of my favourite chips.
“Aw you got my favourite,” I grinned.
“Obviously, why kind of a boyfriend do you think I am?” he asked.
“The best one,” I answered as I kissed him softly and slowly.
“We should probably start watching those movies before it gets too late and I fall asleep,” I laughed.
“Yes, let’s begin,” Hayes said in a british accent, followed by laughs from the both of us.

2 months? {C.D}

We sat there in silence what seemed like forever. He held my hand and traced circles into my palm. “I want to spend everyday with you, like this” you looked into his hazel eyes and smiled “so do I” once you said that he face fell. He other hand settled on your face and he leaned down and placed a kiss on your forehead. “I really don’t want you to leave, just stay” you looked down and a tear fell out your eye. “I have to, I still got school Cameron” you pouted and looked up at him.

He sat up and he looked down at you and smiled “can’t you just take online school” he sighed “sorry Cam” you got up and jumped into the passenger seat of the car “lets go, I might miss my flight” he got up and buckled up. “When will you come back” he looked at you “2 months” you sighed. He nodded and turned to the wheel “it will go by in a second, I promise” you leaned on to the window, watching the world go past. He handheld on to your thigh and it was warm.

You saw the sign for LAX and you stomach turned. He pulled up to the drop of and he stopped the car and looked straight ahead, neither of you saying a word. He hand found yours and he pulled it towards his face and peaked it “lets go” he opened his door and got your bags. You waited for him on the sidewalk and he walk towards you and grabbed your hand with his free one.

You guys walked to check in and made it towards security. “Well this is as far as I can go” he gave you a weak smile. “I’m gonna miss you” you pulled him in and nuzzled your face into the crook of his neck, breathing him in. You say like this until he mumbled “you gonna miss your flight” he pulled away and you didn’t realise you were crying until you saw the wet patch on his shoulder. “2 months thats it” the tear in his eyes was forming and you looked down at your feet “thats it 2 months” you looked up to see him with tears down his cheeks. “Don’t cry” you pulled him in for a kiss and he kissed back. “The London flight will be boarding in 10 minutes” the flight attendant said over the mic. Cameron looked at you “I love you so much Megan” you smiled at him “I love you way more” you two finally said your last goodbye and you walked away.

You made it to the line and Cameron stood there, like a lost puppy. He waved and started walking towards the exit. You felt your phone vibrate in your pocket. It read from Cameron ‘I will see you in a week x’ you look back up and see him smiling and he blew you a kiss and he walked out 'can’t wait to meet the famo ;) x’ you were speechless 'you little fucker, argh why you so good at acting. One week :)x’ you couldn’t wait, the best surprise of today.



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“Her” Jack Gilinsky & Daniella

Daniella’s POV)

I was in my bed scrolling through my twitter feed, while Jack was asleep next to me. Almost every other tweet I saw on my timeline was about Jack and Madison Beer. Of course they weren’t really dating, otherwise I wouldn’t be laying here next to a half naked Gilinsky. She was just someone to keep the tabloids focused on Jack and Jack. I know it’s a terrible idea and i should’ve said something when I was informed. But, I can’t go against his managers. Jack and I have been dating for 6 months and he’s always been waiting for the ‘right time’ to tell everyone. Well, now he can’t. I feel like he did this on purpose so he can ‘protect me from the hate’ but, in all honesty if I agreed to this fake relationship of his and Madison’s I can handle whatever hate I would get. My mind always seems to get the best of me when it comes to this stuff, I lock my phone angrily before I could see anymore. I force myself out of bed and storm out of the room still infuriated with my thoughts. I head to the kitchen to prepare food, when I hear the floor creak and footsteps behind me.

“You’re stomping again” I turn to see a tired Jack and I laughed out of relief.
“Are you okay?” he yawned and rubbed his eyes.

I shook my head and chuckled to myself making my way over to him. “Sorry babe, didn’t mean to stomp.” I wrapped my arms around his neck and looked him in the eyes and smiled pecking him softly. I let go and made my way to the stove to prepare some eggs for him and I.

As I was scrambling the eggs in the pan he placed his warm hands under my shirt so he was touching my bare torso. “It’s fine, but are you okay?” he asked concerned kissing the top of my head.

“Y-yeah , I’m fine.” I choked out “I just walked a little loud, doesn’t mean anythings wrong” I nervously laughed trying to get off the subject. I wiggled out of his embrace and shut the flame to go and get our plates filled and ready. I placed the plates on the table and sat down to start eating trying to keep my head down and avoid eye contact.

“Dannie,” He sighed “Come on just tell me. you always stomp when you’re mad” I can feel his eyes on me the whole time.

I finally lifted my head and my eyes to meet his. “Is it the Madison thing again?” he anxiously questioned.

My eyes darted everywhere but to his, not letting a sound out and stuffing a piece of egg in my mouth. “I knew it.” he grunted.

“Jack..” I softly started. “ It’s nothing, I’m okay.” I started to repeat over and over, rubbing his arm to reassure him.

“No, I knew I shouldn’t have went through with it.” he started off getting angrier by the second. “ It was a bad idea and I said it to you over and over again and what did you say to me?!” he jumped up from his seat towering over me. His face was red and flushed, his tone was raspy and thunder like. It scared me and angered me at the same time. He threw the plates out and continued.

“Don’t go against your managers baby, they’re your bosses they could fire you. Do what they say. It’s okay baby, I’m okay with it.” He was mocking me now and that put me over the edge.

I sprung out of my seat “Well, WHAT THE FUCKING HELL DID YOU EXPECT TO SAY JACK RISK YOUR CAREER FOR ME RISK YOURS AND JACKS FUTURE FOR ME GO AGAINST THE PEOPLE WHO KEEP YOUR FUTURE BRIGHT AND YOUR PAYCHECKS SIGNED BECAUSE OF MY STUPID IRRELEVANT FEELINGS?! NO JACK NO. I WILL NOT BE THAT ASSHOLE WHO STOPPED YOU FROM DOING WHAT YOU DO BEST.” The lid was off. Almost everything I have been thinking all this time was said. I continued as he stayed silent. “ Do I like the idea of you walking around in public holding another girls hand, kissing another girl, embracing another girl, laughing and loving another girl who should be me? No Jack of course not, I hate it I hate it so much that every time I think about it I want to fucking kill someone. But, I deal with it. I deal with it Jack because I love you, and I keep in mind that at the end of the day I get you, I hold you at night not her. I love you the right way not her. But, it sucks because, it is me who loves you and holds you and kisses you and makes you laugh, but it’s her you went public with and not me. Not me. Why not me?” I choked out.

“Baby, Daniella. I was just protecting you, you know that.” By this time I was crying and he came over to where I was standing in the kitchen and held me into his chest and I continued to cry. “ No no no no no, don’t cry come on. Come on baby I love you I want everyone to know how much I love you. I don’t want to watch the one I love get hurt.”

I pull away ands look up at him, still in tears. “ Jack.” My voice shook “ I would rather go through the pain of being your public girlfriend and getting hated on by some jealous fans, than go through the pain I am going through now, wondering what is happening right now? Are they kissing? Is he falling for her? This hurts way more than you think Jack and I just don’t know how you can’t see that.” I cried even more.

“That’s it.” He said sternly and I look up to him again to see a red eyed wet faced Jack.

“W-what what do you mean Thats it.?” I mocked him confusingly.

Before I could blink he was out of my view and charging into the bedroom throwing on clothes and shoes and a jacket.

“What the fuck are you doing!” I shouted confused.

He grabbed his keys off the counter in the kitchen “I’m going to speak my mind too management, break up with Madison, and tell the WHOLE ENTIRE UNIVERSE HOW MUCH I LOVE DANIELLA ROSE MARIE.” He joyfully shouted making me laugh and smile to myself.

He skipped his way over to me and picked me up so my legs were wrapped around his torso and kissed me long and passionately. “ Because I do..” He started off “I love you, i love you so much and I don’t even want a future full of music if it means a future without you.”

I smiled big and placed my hands on his face and kissed him hard again. “I love you Jack Finnegan Gilinsky, always have and always will.” He placed me down on the couch and kissed my forehead before jetting out the door.

I smiled to myself “Finally.” I whispered and laughed. I turned on the T.V and watched some reality show only to 2 hours later get a twitter notification from Jack.


Guys It’s all a lie. Madison and I, it was fake. I’m so sorry I love you guys so much and never meant to keep secrets. Please don’t hate me.

This was followed by another tweet seconds later


@daniellaxx3 is the girl i’m so in love with. I was scared to share that with you guys cause I wanted to protect her from the cruel public.

I was shocked that he was actually doing this, my mouth remained wide open as another tweet came in.


Please treat her well guys, she’s done nothing wrong. Again I’m sorry guys I love y’all so much and hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me.

I go to check what the fans are saying, they are all mushy and saying things like aw baby it’s okay i love you and good i didn’t like madison anyways I actually laughed at that one as bad as it was. No hate was coming mine or his way and for that I am very thankful.

I hear the doorknob twist and jack comes in throwing his jacket and keys and jumping on me kissing me all over my face and neck.
“Hello publicly announced girlfriendddddddddd” he smiled big kissing my lips hard

I pushed him down so now I was on top of him. “Hello finally publicly announced boyfrienddddddddd.” And it was my turn to kiss him all over. I stopped and we locked eyes and stared at each other for a good long minute and, it was good, everything was peaceful and calm and enjoyable. He is all mine now. As I have always been his.


Here it is guys, hope you liked it thank you so much for reading I love you all


Stay beautiful babiesssss xx





one part of me wants to just straddle his waist & make out with him and just have sex with him & the other part of me just wants to cuddle next to him and fall asleep 😭😍

I find this so adorable 😍

Imagine dating Nash and getting this snap from Matt.

He Walks in on you Changing











Jack G:

Jack J:

He’s joining tumblr…