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Things to consider for Spider-Man: Homecoming 2

SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING is out there in the cinemas, and it’s getting rave reviews.

I’ve seen it, and I enjoyed it - although I will say (sorry!) I do think it’s a little over hyped.  For me, personally, I have to disagree that it’s one of the best MCU films - I’d place it in the middle ground.  But each to their own - it’s easily the funniest SPIDER-MAN film so far, there are some great character moments, Tom Holland is now my favourite Peter Parker, the connection to the MCU works well, and sets the film apart from the Raimi and Webb films, and it’s same to say we’re looking at the most comic-accurate Spider-flick to date.

Next year we’ll see Holland don the red and blue in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, but in 2019 we’ll get a double dose of the webslinger in the untitled AVENGERS 4, and (most importantly) in SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING 2, which will allegedly start up moments over AVENGERS 4, and will also kick off the MCU’s Phase 4.  That’s some heavy duty there.

So, here are some thoughts on the already-highly-anticipated sequel.


Well, Holland’s already told us it won’t be SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING 2, which makes sense, but whilst the actor refers to it as SPIDER-MAN 2, there’s already a film out there with that (a good one too), so I think we can expect a new subtitle.  I’m going to hazard a guess now - SPIDER-MAN: THE NEW AVENGER.  I’m probably way off, but we know that’s where he’s heading, so I think it’s possible.


In HOMECOMING, we get Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark, the guy that started it all.  We also get IRON MAN supporting characters, such as a cameo from Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pepper Potts, and a larger role for Jon Favreau’s Happy Hogan.  We’ve already been told that the sequel will feature a different Avenger.  It’s part of the deal between Sony and Marvel, keeping it all connected.  Everyone’s already got their theories on who it might be - and I’ve already stated mine - The Hulk.  To me, it makes perfect sense.  Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner is unlikely to receive a solo film (thanks to legalities with Universal) so is doing his rounds in the other heroes flicks.  He cameoed in IRON MAN 3, and is next set to appear in THOR: RAGNAROK.  Banner is a scientist, so already that’s a way in to connect him to Parker, and just from a marketing point of view, having the Hulk and Spider-Man - the two most popular Marvel characters - together won’t hurt.


Okay, so might be a bit awkward… I’d like to see a change behind the camera.  HOMECOMING is making a load of money, and the positive reviews suggest that director Jon Watts will be back for the next adventure.  However - I’m going to say it - I thought the direction for the first film was one of the weakest in the MCU.  I thought some of the CG looked cartoonish and unrealistic (Spider-Man didn’t seem to have the gravity in his swing that both Raimi and Webb perfected) and the night scenes were too dark to see all the action.  Some of it was just a bit messy tbh.    In an ideal world, I’d have Joss Whedon return to Marvel-land, but he’s currently caught up over at “the opposition”.  So, how about Matthew Vaughn?  I’d love him to get involved in Marvel.

As I say, Watts will probably return, hopefully he’ll be warmed up for it.


Jacob Batalon’s Ned was a scene stealer, and I think it’d be a no-brainer to have him back. Also, I think we can expect more from Tony Revolori as Flash Thompson, and the other kids such as Betty (Angourie Rice) and Cindy (Tiffany Espensen) as all of them have future stories from the comics.


Kevin Feige has made it quite clear that they cast the younger Holland to allow for more stories at school.  It’s another way Marvel can separate their Spider-Man from previous movie efforts.  But how long can they keep that up for? Holland may be younger than either Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield were, but he’s already in his twenties, and we’re only one film down. Well my answer is thus - 3.   Marvel love their trilogies and I don’t think Spider-Man will be any different… well, no, actually I do.  Let me explain…

Holland is signed for 6 films that we know of. That’s three solo Spider-flicks (plus CIVIL WAR, INFINITY WAR and AVENGERS 4).  I’ll bet my socks that those three solo films will all be School-bound.  I then believe both Sony and Marvel will renegotiate Holland’s contract for another trilogy.  I believe those films will see Parker post-education.  He’ll work for the Daily Bugle etc… It’s a long time to wait for J Jonah Jameson, but it’ll be worth the wait I’m sure.


The first film included a role for Donald Glover,  appearing as Aaron Davis, and he specifically states he has a nephew.   We all know that nephew is future-Spider-Man Miles Morales. 

There were a lot of campaigns to get Miles as the Spider-Man for the MCU, but - really - Marvel had to go with Parker.  The everyday movie goer know Parker and would be confused, if not disappointed, that it wasn’t *their* Spider-Man.   Chronologically, you need to have Parker first - Morales comes later.   They’ve mentioned his existence, but he’s a while off yet.  Should my predicted ‘second trilogy’ get greenlit, he may well get involved then, but he’ll be their trump card for when it’s time for Holland to go. Under his current contract, Holland will already be serving in more films as Parker than his predecessors, and a second trilogy (possibly with some more AVENGER films add in there for good measure) certainly take up Holland’s 20s.  3 films at school.  3 films at the Daily Bugle.  Then hand over to the next Spider-Man.  That's what I’m predicting.  


Let’s get this out of the way now - Zendaya does NOT play Mary-Jane Watson.  The 'MJ’ comment at the end of the first film was more of a wink to the fans.

Peter’s love interest in that film was Liz.  Laura Harrier made for a nice buffer, but she seems to be out of the way now, which means we’re due another… and whilst a lot of fans expect MJ, if Marvel are going to do things properly, we need to go through the Gwen Stacy years… and death.   I reckon Gwen will come in with HOMECOMING 2, and die at the end of '3’. Finish the trilogy with the a big loss. Mary-Jane Watson may be introduced in '3’ but I’ll guess she’ll wait for the second trilogy, ushering in the new era.


Tony Stark offered Peter a new suit - a take on the 'Iron Spider’.  Peter turned it down though, and Holland has already said for fans to expect the same suit in INFINITY WAR as what they’ve seen.  I think that suit will continue on in to the next film.   There may be some upgrades, but I doubt they’re tamper with the look too much.  I think we can expect for 'suit lady’ voiceovers by Jennifer Connolly as Karen too.


There were some nice moments between Peter and Adrian Toomes, and I think some of what made it great was Michael Keaton’s performance.  Is that him done now?  He’s in prison, so that suggests it might be… for now.    Will Keaton appear again in HOMECOMING 2?  Yes and No.  I don’t think he’ll play an important part of the main story… but I think we might be treated a small post-credits cameo, along with Mac Gargan (Michael Mando)… hinting at things to come.


Who will Spidey have to face next?  Well, I very much doubt it’ll be the Sinister Six… but I think that’s where we’re heading. I believe the Vulture and the Scorpion will be the first two members, and the next film will gives us a few more.   Marvel didn’t want to re-tread what Raimi and Webb had given us… and by giving us the Vulture, the two Shockers, the Tinkerer and (sort of) The Scorpion, they certainly didn’t.  But I think that will change with the sequel.  In fact I’m going to predict we’ll get three new members of the Sinister Six… Doc Ock is due a return, having not been touched since SPIDER-MAN 2.  I also think we might get something a bit different… with Mysterio due a live action appearance.   I believe those two have strong chances of being the two main villains.   With a back ground hint at the third…


Throughout the first film, we see Happy Hogan prepping a move from Avengers tower to their new complex.  That tower now stands empty… but I’m sure we’ve all guessed who might be moving in, right?

Back in the 2012 THE AVENGERS, Marvel wanted permission to use Oscorp tower, but couldn’t get it in time, and that’s how come we ended up with an Avengers tower.

I believe the next Spider-Man adventure will see the Osborns move in.  I think we’ll get Norman in the background.  Pulling some strings, connected somehow to Doctor Octavius, but I do think a bigger role in the film be Harry Osborn, joining Peter’s school.   Will we see the Green Goblin?  I doubt it.  I reckon that will be held back for '3’, where we’ll meet the full Sinister Six.

I think that’s enough thought on a film that’s not due out for another two years, but it’s fun to speculate.  I wonder how much I’m write on - or maybe I’m way off.  Time will tell!

What do you guys think?

Depattern Me
Art by Kia Murray Produced by Jacob Vaughn and Mazher Fidai

Jacob Vaughn is a singer-songwriter out of Dallas, Texas. “Depattern Me” is his latest release, a morose tune created with acoustic guitars and what sounds like a harmonica-like sound in the background. The track has a decidedly lo-fi feel to it that to me adds to track and makes it sound more down to earth. Lyrically “Depattern Me” sounds like it could be about having some a mental break down with refernces to never feeling the same and having trouble remembering. In that since a deeper look and the song sounds like some MK Ultra mind alteration story which very interesting. Give Jacob’s “Depattern Me” a listen it’s a solid listen that has depth to it.