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jacob peralta has a pet mouse and it lives in his desk and i still think thas adorable

OKAY oh my gosh he just has a little mouse friend in his desk i bet he talks to it when amy’s gone and he’s stuck at his desk working a case during lunch

but what really gets me is that the mouse is named algernon because it’s a reference to a book called Flowers for Algernon (which just happens to be one of my favorite books of all time……….but that’s beside the point)

it’s written from the point of view of a mentally disabled man who has volunteered to undergo a treatment that has proven to drastically increase the I.Q. of a common mouse (named algernon), and it’s so poignant in the way that it talks about treating mental illness (considering it was published in 1959) and it has honestly stuck with me for years

so the fact that they had that little nod in there - that it was jake ‘i’ve only read fifteen books in my whole life’ peralta who made the reference - was a huge ahhh!! moment for me

here’s the link to the wikipedia page about Flowers for Algernon if anyone is interested

Passover with the Goldstein's

For the sake of this post I’m going to say that Jacob isn’t Jewish, as no solid evidence has been released that says he is.

Master list

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Queenie teaching Jacob how to make matzah

The sisters inviting Newt and Jacob to the Seder, the pair eagerly accepting, curious to learn more about the rituals that the sisters religion contains.

Queenie has always asked the four questions and since their parents death Tina has answered them

Tina and Queenie singing beautifully together

Jacob making a delicious chocolate mouse for desert

Newt and Jacob intently listening to the story of Passover

Tina hides a piece of matzo in newts case, for him and Jacob to find, the reward is a kiss


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Taylor, Lily and Solange: How Their #OOTD Changes Weekend Street Style for Us…

Young Hollywood’s style picks mean we’re updating our closets NOW

Taylor Swift, Lily Collins and Solange each have their own distinct style that we just can’t get enough of. Effortless and utterly comfortable, these fresh weekend looks are perfect for a stroll through the city, a walk in the park or brunch with the girls. Check out our outfit break down below to see how to get the look.

Taylor Swift

Taylor keeps it simple by sticking with primary colors for her outfit. No prints, no patterns, no fuss. 

Must-Have: ASOS Pleated Skater Skirt in pink, mint or blue (ON SALE!)

Must-Have: MARC by Marc Jacobs Metallic Mouse Espadrille Flat in gold (on sale right now!)

Lily Collins

Lily threw on a green utility jacket, t-shirt and jeans for a perfect go-to outfit. This cool, downtown look can go from day to night if you’re headed to a friend’s place for a party Saturday night.

Must-Have: Madewell Outbound Jacket


Solange rocks a bright colored romper with a very classy collared necklace. You can pair this outfit with flats or wedge heels for a casual weekend outing. 

Must-Have: Topshop Collard Surplus Romper

To see what’s super hot in fashion 24/7 follow our Tumblr! Much love and ice cream this weekend.

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My boyfriend isn't very good at naming pets
  • JD: Jacob's dog
  • Squeaks: a cat who squeaks
  • Harry Potter: a cat who looks nothing like Harry Potter????
  • (and the newest addition) Mouse: a cat who is definitely not a mouse
My Tumblr Friends

i made a list, and there are 93 blogs that i have on a “friends” list. this means we are mutuals and are on a first name basis with each other. i think that’s a pretty decent amount of people! although i hope everyone feels this way lol. also i probably missed a bunch of people. So if you are looking for blogs to follow, check these blogs out! (under the cut b/c it’s long lol. also if you feel like you should be on here, just say so and i’ll add you! (◕‿◕✿)

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