jacob schum


Manly Monday

I Cannot Get Enough Of Jacob Schum And His Thunder Thighs.

Sexy As Hell, Baby! 

All I Want For Christmas Is…

Jacob Schum…Nicely Wrapped Up And Packaged Under My Tree For Me To Unwrap!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

Just Damn Cute!

Jacob Schum Will Steal The Heart Of New York…

He Is Beautiful…

So Cute…

Watch Out Ryan Quigley!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


Manly Monday

One Of The Most Beautiful Men I Have Ever Seen Is Jacob Schum, An NFL Punter. Two Years Ago, I Posted A Picture Of Him In The 2014 Pre-Season, Before He Was Cut By The Jets. The Post Went Viral!

 The Packers Picked Him Up From The Buccaneers In Late August. 

Scum Has The Most Beautiful Eyes, But I’m Drawn Also To His Meaty Manly Man Cakes And Luscious Legs.

Woof, Baby!



Jacob Schum Is Poured Into A Packers’ Uniform. The Man Is Packing!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


Hot Bear In Hibernating Weather At Lambeau!

Jacob Schum Keeps It Hot On The Grid Iron In Green Bay.

Woof, Baby!