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5 minutes and 33 seconds of Newsies loving Mike Faist

Broadway Casting I Need To See (feat. mostly newsies)

Ben Fankhauser in “Waitress.” He’s obviously not old enough to play Cal, and I don’t think he’d be a good Earl, but holy shit, his Dr. Pomatter would be so good and his Ogie would be adorable. Like, vocally he’s more of a Pomatter but I’m kind of dying imagining him singing “I Love You Like A Table.”

A revival of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” starring Brandon Uranowitz, only because I need to hear him sing the line “I look handsome, I look smart/I am a walking work of art” mainly because he is.

A revival of “Little Shop” with Stephen Michael Langton as Seymour, because he wants to do it.

If Ben Platt and Will Roland ever have to leave “Dear Evan Hansen,” I would love to see Nick Barasch replace Ben because holy crap, what a voice, and I would love to see Zachary Sayle replace Will because I need Swearing Crutchie in my life.

Jeff Heimbrock apparently booked “Book of Mormon” on Broadway as per Melissa Steadman Hart’s tweet, but I want to see him as King George in “Hamilton.”

A revival of “13: The Musical” with Anthony Rosenthal, because why the hell not.

I don’t know where Jacob Kemp and Mike Ryan would go, but I need them on Broadway or off-Broadway. I could POSSIBLY see Mike as Rod in “Avenue Q,” but I don’t know if he has puppet experience. There are a lot of roles that I think Jacob would be good at, but he’s too young to play them outside a setting where everyone is too young to play those roles. I don’t know if that makes sense. Like, it would be like me playing Ruth in a Broadway revival of “Pirates of Penzance.” I played that role in eighth grade, but it was with a bunch of middle schoolers and they weren’t casting middle-aged women. I had Ruth’s vocal range and a big motherly-looking bosom, so I got the part, but I’m just in the beginning of my thirties, so I wouldn’t be considered for that role on Broadway because Ruth is supposed to be forty-something-but-look-older and I look 24. Jacob is almost 29, but his last two big roles were a 16 year old (Davey) and a 22 year old (Randy in “Why Him”). I’m sure he’d be a PHENOMENAL Bobby in a “Company” revival (and he apparently did play Bobby at Stagedoor), but Bobby is 35 and a director would probably go with someone who has actually BEEN 35. I actually think he would have been a DELIGHTFUL Mendel in “Falsettos” but he’s too young and far too tall, and Brandon was JUST. SO. GOOD.

Like, maybe Jacob would be a good Link in a “Hairspray” revival, but I have a feeling they’d say he was too ethnic-looking. Personally, I think he’d be amazing.

Ooh, maybe Jacob and Ben in a revival of “Blood Brothers.”

Teen accused of killing mom, sister ruled incompetent

A teen accused of killing his mother and 15-year-old sister in their Parker County home two years ago will be sent to a state mental hospital after a judge ruled him incompetent to stand trial.

Jake Evans, 19, will remain at the maximum-security North Texas State Hospital in Vernon for up to 120 days.

Larry Moore, Evans’ court-appointed attorney, had filed a motion last month requesting that a jury determine whether Evans was competent to stand trial after the defense’s forensic psychologist concluded that the teen was not.

State District Judge Graham Quisenberry ordered Evans to be examined by a different psychologist, who agreed that the teen is not currently competent.

“We agreed to the incompetency finding and temporary commitment after reviewing the evaluation and conclusions reached by the court-appointed psychologist,” Assistant District Attorney Robert DuBoise said in a news release Tuesday morning.

It is important to point out that this finding does not mean that Mr. Evans will not face trial on the capital murder charges,” DuBoise said. “It just means that he will not face trial until the professionals at the North Texas State Hospital can assist him in regaining competency.”

After 120 days, if he’s still deemed incompetent, the facility will send a report to the court, explaining what treatment Evans has undergone and his mental status. The court can either enter a new order or schedule a hearing, based on the evaluation of the report and requests by the attorneys.

Moore also filed a motion last month indicating that he intends to introduce evidence when the case does go to trial that Evans was insane at the time of the slayings.