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The Lounge || A Dean in the Hand (3 of 3)

Dean slowly approached the table with a pair of him and a pair of Jacob standing around, then realized there was someone on the table, stalking angrily off like he had the biggest chip on his shoulder.

Past pool balls almost as tall as he was.

“Is that a mini-me! ” Dean sputtered when he realized the guy looked familiar. In fact, identical, once you looked past the handwoven clothing.

“Dude, I was gonna say that,” the taller Jacob quipped, eyeing the littler of the guys on Dean’s shoulder. He offered himself a smile, and got one in return, although the smaller Jacob was still shell-shocked by the strange place.

“Woah, wait,” he said, breaking out of his daze to notice the guy his Dean was staring at. “Is that what you’d look like if you were like us?” he asked. He waved, trying to get the smaller Dean’s attention with a greeting.

All he got in return was the bird flipped at him. “Why is everyone so fascinated by me,” the smaller Dean griped. He grabbed to the edge of the pool table and hauled himself up so he was no longer standing on the green.

“Oh, I dunno,” the original Dean drawled, placing his pool stick back on the rack. “Could be because you’re the only one of us that got cursed?”

The little Dean huffed. “I tried my best!”

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The Lounge || A Jacob a Day (4 of 5)

Jacob mirrored Sam’s smirk, though he tried to make sure Dean didn’t spot it. He took his leave of their table and felt less like he was looming over Sam and Oscar so much. Even up on the table, they could easily fall into someone’s shadow.

He wandered closer to the entertainment area where his counterpart stood. The kid on the arcade machine was intent on it, and Jacob noticed belatedly that someone else was on the mini-version of the arcade console, too. The systems were put together so well that Jacob couldn’t even tell who was playing who.

Getting closer, he realized there were two small figures at one of the tiny pool tables. The other Jacob was absently watching both games, hands in his hoodie pocket.

“Hey,” Jacob greeted, unsure. He couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk to himself face to face, but wasn’t actually sure what he’d say.

The older Jacob grinned. “Hey, dude, good to see another me around. But who gave you the shiner?”

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“Sammy ! Stop laughing so I can take a picture !” You pout and he just laughs more. “If you don’t smile normally I’m pushing you in the pool!” You say and he stops laughing. “Ok. I’m ready.” He says and smiles. You take the picture quickly and smile down at your phone. “Yay !” You cheer and run up to him acting like you were going to hug him. He opens his arms out for you but instead of hugging him you push him into the pool. When he comes up he huffs and jumps out. “You’re going to pay for that !” He teases and chases you around the pool as you two laugh.