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For Lil’ Jake (and those who think Jake is evening the score with Sam) need a reminder that Sam saved Jake’s life.


Still can’t figure out why people are surprised that this little boy was acting out. He was isolated on an island with Helena for years. His grandpa & daddy comes rescues him and he never sees either again. Overhears his mom & grandma saying that the man who is to be his future stepfather is in fact his not-so-dead “biological” dad. Then his dad moves out. And he constantly overhears his mother badmouthing his not-so-deads dads wife.

So exactly would you expect him to not act out?

Bring Lucky Home

Ok so Jake get hits by a car (again). Where is his daddy? I don’t want to hear about how Jason is there. I don’t want to have a conversation on wither Jason is really his father because we didn’t see the DNA test that Liz burned. And we all know she likes to lie. *Sorry being petty again. Lets move on.* Biology isn’t everything. To say that it is, is like you negating how Monica feels for Jason & Emily, how Sonny feels for Michael, how Bobbie feels for Lucas, how Jason felt for Baby Lila, how Lucky feels for Cam, how Mac feels for Maxie & Georgie.

Lucky raised Jake for the first couple years of his life. That’s Jake’s daddy. He is also Cam and Aiden’s daddy as well. So why in the Hell when Jason learned that Liz knew the truth of who he was he wasn’t on the first flight back home? He had to have known that Jason leaving would put his kids in turmoil. Are the writers trying to make us hate Lucky? If not then they need to bring him home. Now. If they can’t bring back Jonathon Jackson or Greg Vaughn then hire someone else. Those boys need their daddy, dammit.