jacob louis beaney


New illustrated novella ‘Notes From An Overweight Starving Artist’ out now!

Notes from an Overweight Starving Artist recounts the non-adventures of a penniless unemployed and slightly overweight artist during his time on the dole in Nottingham. Aimlessly wondering the cities endless network of canals and desolate industrial estates he contemplates art, the state of society and asks the big questions…Did God really have a beard? What does electricity tastes like? And most importantly…why is it that even on a diet composed entirely of stale white bread and cup of soups from an unemployment centres vending machine is he still unable to lose weight?

Notes from an Overweight Starving Artist is a vulgar, confessional and darkly humorous account of a life adrift in a sea of existential despair and artistic angst in austerity era Britain.

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