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Perference 1

You should do a preference of what the wolf pack does when they find there imprint being bullied

Sam: he would be confused why his little princess is being bullied, he would have a “talk” with them(if u know what I mean)
And support and love you.

Paul: HE WOULD BE PISSED AND WHEN I MEAN PISSED I MEAN HELLA PISSED. AND OMG SO PROTECTIVE. He would beat the shit out of them and if the rest of the pack didn’t hold him back, he would tear them apart in pieces. :) ain’t he a sweetheart?

Seth: would be mad, which would be Strang since he was the cutest puppy in the pack, and such a cutie, but you could hold him back so he would flip out. But it took a lot of begging.

Jared: he would be very cool, he would handle the situation better then you thought, of course he would be pissed and he did talk with them and scared them
Off, but there was no fighting which maybe was better this way.

Quil: what a sweetheart this lil cupcake is, he would cuddle with you and sooth you with kisses and would make you feel better. And he would call Paul, Jared and Jacob to beat them up for him, which they gladly did. Since you were one of the sweetest girl ever.

Leah: I mean they better did run, and leave this fucking planet because, mad Leah, ain’t playing around and talking with her, when you hurt her imprint, no change. Nope

Jacob: he would talk with you and be kinda upset that you didn’t told him earlier, he would have you change schools, and would make you feel better with compliments and a lot of beach walking and other fluffy stuff.

I am sorry, you needed to wait soooooooo long, still hope you like it!!!!

I'm confused as to why I haven't seen a headcanon/modern au of davey introducing the other newsies to books he think they'd love

“Jackie, you’re gonna want to read The Fault In Our Stars with Katherine.”
“Crutchie, Moby Dick is perfect for you! An adventure!! With one-legged Captain Ahab.”
“Romeo! Have you ever heard of that guy, Shakespeare, and his book—Romeo and Juliet?”

En Paix (Newt Scamander x Ballerina!Reader

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“The what?” Newt sat on the couch of the Goldstein’s sisters apartment. He had just come back for a quick break the week before and was taking the time to relax and work on his book when Jacob had come up to him dressed in his winter coat with Queenie grinning beside him.

“The Swan Lake its actually a fairy tale and the ballet is just as good, it’s basically a performance where they tell the story through dancing, my mother used to make me go whenever she could get the tickets for cheap” He explained to the wizard.

“You’ll definitely like it Newt it’s beautiful the way they move and they look its just too wonderful” Queenie cooed with a dreamy sigh looping her arm through Jacob’s as she leaned on him. 

“Come on Scamander you’ve been doing nothing but working on your  work and you rarely come outta your case” Tine piped in buttoning up her coat. 

With a sigh Newt got up and quickly got on his coat, not before checking on all of his babes, and they headed out into the snow filled night. The opera house was crowded with hundreds of muggles and only a few wizards or witches here and there.

“Mommy! Papa! Hurry up or we won’t see Y/N!!” A little girl whined from in front of Newt pulling on both the parents hands.

“Now sweetie I’m sure she hasn’t come out just yet” the father chuckled.

“Oh Jacob Y/N L/N is performing tonight aren’t we lucky!?” Queenie exclaimed taking her seat. They had managed to get balcony tickets and the view was perfect to see the entire stage.

“Who’s Y/N L/N?” Newt asked.

“Oh she’s one of the best dancers I’ve seen” Queenie said shrugging off her coat “some say she traveled to England, Paris, and even Russia just to train for her whole life and by the time she was 17 she was already a dancing prodigy” 

The flickering lights caused a hush throughout the loud theatre and music from the orchestra began as lights settled onto the stage where the curtains rose. 

The first few minutes were a blur to Newt as he watched the girls and the men dressed in their costumes leaping and spinning graceful without a single mistake. They all honestly looked the same to him and bored him, that was until he saw her. 

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Odette, Jacob had told him, was the role you were playing. The girl who is cursed to turn into a swan by the moon. The way you danced, how poised and graceful you turned and jumped was incredible. He even found himself leaning forward as he scowled at the man who was suppose to fall in love with Odette danced with hands on your body.

Once the performance had ended the the entire room shook with the loud applause and shouts of praise as you bowed alongside the others. Roses, and bouquets of just about every flower were thrown in your direction.

Newt found himself also on his feet cheering your name and even producing a flower from his coat tossing it down you caught it in your hands giving him a glance you gave him a smile as you brought the flower to your nose.


“What a night huh Y/N?” Your close friend Elena asked from beside you as you sat in your dressing room twirling the flower that brown haired man had thrown in your direction.

Oui what a night indeed” You hummed.

“Ugh I swear those suitors just don’t know when to catch a break, one of these days you need to just pick one of them up!” She huffed standing from the couch she stomped over to the door throwing them open.

“OI! Miss.L/N is not looking for a relationship so why don’t ya bugger off-” 

“Lena! What she meant to say was I am in fact looking for a stable relationship, just not at this..exact uh….moment…” You trailed off off catching sight of the most beautiful golden brown eyes. 

Some of the men shuffled away with broken hearts not before leaving you with gifts and flowers that covered just about half of the room. All except him.

“I-I really enjoyed your performance ah Miss.Y/N” He softly complimented you finally looking up at your face. You offered him a kind smile bringing the flower up to your nose just as you did on stage.

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Merci monsiuer-”

Y/N Hurry up its bloody cold out there and I don’t want to have to stay here longer then needed Lena pulled you back into the room slamming the door you still had that love struck smile on your face as you sat onto the couch with a soft sigh.

You twirled the flower between your fingers enjoying the sparkles that came off completely captivated not only by its magic, but by the man who had managed to steal your heart. 

she is beauty she is grace SHE IS A FUCKING ASSASSIN bye

To Kiss A Girl- Davey Jacobs x Reader

alright so i guess im just gonna post davey fics until ben fankhauser falls in love with me??

requested by anon, so sorry for the delay! these go alongside my college headcanons from the other day, and i most definitely am going to rewrite this in the future with better structuring, but i wanted to get this out asap!

please listen to “to Kiss a Girl” when you read bc itll make so much more sense i promise

as always my inbox is always open

warnings: drinking

Hey! Y/N! Get a pape from your favorite newsie?“ Jack yelled from across the quad. You laughed and made your way towards him. winter break was over, and today was the first day of the last quarter of the school year. Your last class of the day had just gotten out, and you were already exhausted from the amount of work you knew you’d have before this year was out.

"Katherine’s still got you passing out the school newspaper for her?” you asked, taking the paper and sliding it into your bag. “My girl just made rising editor in chief for next year” he beamed, and you smiled at how in love with her he was.
You were quickly pulled out of your thoughts, however, when you felt an arm wrap around your waist and turned to see Davey.

“Hey, study night at the library?” He asked and when you nodded he dropped his arm and blushed at the instinctive contact. It was a common occurrence for the two of you to spend countless days studying and talking while the rest of your gang was out getting into trouble somehow.

Jack chuckled at the awkward exchange. “Well well, if it ain’t the other half of the loveboids” he greeted Davey, winking and slugging him on the shoulder.

You rolled your eyes. “Shouldn’t you be off fawning over Katherine like a lost puppy somewhere?” you teased and Jack playfully shoved you.

“ ah come on, you two knows there’s something goin on here! You twos have even kissed!” He accused, waving his hands around wildly, gesturing to the small space between you and your best friend.

You couldn’t help but look down and smile at the memory, but you quickly recovered as Davey went still. “It was New Years, Jack. And I seem to recall you getting us tipsy on champagne, and then pushing me into him as the ball dropped”

“I elped a little, but you twos were the one who did it!” He protested. You smiled and shook your head. “I know there’s no point to arguing with ya, even if I’m right, so I’m just gonna leave now” you laughed. Jack smirked at the glare Davey gave him and you pulled him away before he could get too annoyed.

“Sorry i wasn’t much help back there” he muttered once you were out of Jacks hearing range. “Don’t worry about it. I can take care of myself” you laughed. The rest of the walk was full of conversation about how Davey finally got to see Les during winter break and your crazy family stories.

The two of you instinctively made your way to your table, in the back of the library by the law books no one ever needed so no one would bother you. You hadn’t even bothered to stop at your dorm and grab any textbooks, you knew that you and Davey would probably wind up talking so much that nothing would get done-it was rare for the two of you to have been apart for this long.

“Why’d you want to study?” you asked as Davey pulled out his laptop. “Have you even been assigned anything yet?”

“No” he admitted, “Im just stressed. You know how I took that music composition class last semester?” You nodded and he continued “well our final project was to write a full length song but our class was struggling so much that the professor gave us winter break to finish it. But now, I have to perform it in a week and it’s no where near good enough”

You laughed as he ranted. “Davey, you’re an amazing writer. I’m sure it’s amazing, even though you refuse to let me hear it.”

He shook his head. “There’s no way you’re hearing it” “at least play it for me then?” You countered, and knowing that you wouldn’t stop until he did, Davey slowly got up and made his way towards the piano in the lounge of the library, where students were free to relax and play anything they wanted. He sat down and began to play the most beautiful melody you had ever heard.

You stared at him as his hands moved all over the keys and his eyebrows furrowed in concentration. You thought back to what Jack had said, about New Years Eve.

You and the gang of boys Davey and Jack had gathered had decided to go home for Hanukkah and Christmas, but come back to school for a New Years Party to end all New Years Parties (according to Spot Conlon). You had showed up to a pretty little club to find the boys drinking like no tomorrow, save for Davey who was in the corner waiting for you. As the two of you spent the night in conversation, Jack got more antsy as the night went on, telling the both of you that tonight was the time to finally get together about every twenty minutes, and the two of you had rolled your eyes and laughed his drunken shpeals off each time. Two minutes to midnight he had pressed glasses of champagne and probably something else into your and Daveys hands, and pushed the two of you together. You fell into Davey and his hand went to the small of your back as your hand grabbed his shoulder for support. Taking a sip of champagne and setting the glasses down, the two of you maintained eye contact, still pressed against each other. You couldn’t speak, mesmerized by his eyes, by the way he was looking at you like you were the only person in the room. As Jack screamed the countdown, you decided to screw it and quickly pressed your lips to his. It was only for a moment, a single kiss, but he kissed you back and you felt every firework and sparkle that had been promised to you by corny love songs and cliche movies. The Newsies yelled and cheered once the two of you pulled away, staring at each other like you were meeting for the first time. Once the boys finally dispersed to go and taunt Jack and Katherine, who were very publicly making out in the middle of the dance floor, you turned to go with them, but Davey grabbed your hand and pulled you back to his chest.
Before you could ask what was wrong, he cupped his hands around your face and kissed you. The two of you stayed like that, kissing painfully slowly, lips moving together in perfect sync, knowing that once you pulled away this would all end. After several minutes you had to break the kiss, and when your eyes met there was absolutely no denying that you were in love with this boy and always had been.

But you hadn’t done anything about it. Davey walked you to your dorm, made sure you got to your bed safely, and left. When you woke up the next morning, there was a glass of water and an aspirin on your desk and a text message on your phone from Davey, apologizing for leaving so soon but he had to catch his train back home, and apologizing for last night. You had stayed in bed, silent tears moving down your face, because the boy you loved was sorry he kissed you and there was nothing you could do about it.

“Y/N?” Daveys voice pulled you out of your thoughts, and quickly wiped away a tear you hadn’t realized was forming.

“Sorry,” you laughed softly. “Just, God, Davey, that was beautiful. So so beautiful”

He blushed and thanked you, quickly walking back to your table. “So when do I get to hear the actual lyrics??” you asked slyly.

“Never.” He responded flatly.

“Come onnnn Davey, Im your best friend” you pouted, making him laugh.

“Its just, personal, okay?” he said defensively. “Mm hmm, okay. But there’s nothing that you can’t write amazingly, and nothing you can’t sing because I have 100% heard you singing in the shower so there’s no denying that Davey Jacobs. And if you don’t want me to listen to it, then fine, but nothing is going to change the fact that it’s probably already my most favorite song ever” you told him sincerely, and he blushed, still not used to your compliments after years of friendship.

But it really wasn’t fine. Because you couldn’t let it go.

“Okay just tell me what it’s about” you begged, lying upside down on Jacks bed as Davey cleaned up his side of the room.

“Nope” he smirked and you groaned in agony. “Davey come on there’s nothing I don’t know about you”

“You don’t know what I’m gonna sing” he laughed and you threw one of Jacks pillows at his head.

“Davey come on I’m literally dying. Is it about me? About Jack? About your hidden love for girly Starbucks drinks?” you jokingly guessed, standing in line at your local Starbucks. Davey recited both of your orders and then turned back to glare at you.

“Y/N I’m seriously not telling you. It’s personal and stupid and once I get my grade I’m never speaking of it again, okay?” he sighed as the two of you walked to class. “That makes me incredibly sad because I know everything you do is ridiculously amazing” you smiled, and he only rolled his eyes.

After a week of begging and unsuccessfully bribing, Davey’s performance day was here and you still weren’t even told where it would be. That was, until Jack came pounding on your door. “Y/N! So a friend of Katherine’s is in Daveys music class and a friend of hers is the stage manager for the theatre they’re using and if we go right now then we can get there in time to sneak in!” he yelled, and you had barely grabbed your coat before you were out the door. Jack was the only person as impatient as you, and Daveys secrecy had been driving him crazy as well.

The two of you made it to the school theater in record time, sneaking in to the back entrance that had been left open for you. You two made your way to the back of the house, and ducked into the last row of seats as Daveys name was called. He shyly walked up to the piano, and began to play the melody you had heard just the week before. His face slowly relaxed as he calmed his nerves, and hesitantly he began to sing.

You were immediately stunned. His voice was pure and perfect, echoing off the walls. And then he got to the chorus. You felt Jacks eyes land on you, but you couldn’t look away from Davey. Was he really singing about you? Could he really have felt the same way?

You barely blinked, smiling wider than you thought possible, tears pooling in your eyes. And right before the final chorus, Davey turned to look out into the crowd and your eyes met. With a mix of both fear and confidence that only he could have, he belted out the final notes, and as he finished the song, you ran up to the bottom of the stage as the professors and the rest of the class burst into applause, Jack cheering the loudest.

Davey made his way down to you from the stage, and all of his embarrassment melted away as he saw the look in your eyes. He ran up to you and you didn’t hesitate to grab his collar and pull him into you, kissing him like you had been waiting to for so long. His hands wrapped around your waist and he deepened the kiss, the applause growing even stronger. There was no countdown or champagne, but you knew this was a new beginning for the both of you.

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hello can you do a Jacob imagine where the reader is part of MAGCON family and the reader is insomniac so when she's in the car she fell asleep and Jacob carry her from the car and the fans go crazy?

         You are an insomniac. You can’t fall asleep at night. But you’re used to the usual routine: long days and restless nights. Instead of sleeping, you just listen to music, watch TV, go for a run, or just lay in bed and think. Jacob is constantly worried about you. He wants you to be able to relax and go to sleep. You tell him that you’re fine, but you can’t wipe that worried look off his face.

         You watch him peacefully sleep at night, wishing you could yourself. But sleep seems impossible. You’re constantly tired, but don’t let it show for Jacob’s sake. He blames himself that you don’t get sleep. You feel bad and push it off as nothing. One day, after a long Magcon event, you are extremely tired. The event went on longer than expected, and you had to sing an extra two songs.

         There were a lot of fans so the meet and greet took forever. When it was finally over, you trudged back to the car with the guys. Jacob kept close and put his arm around your waist to help you stay up. You all piled into the car. You and Jacob both noticed that you were way more tired than usual. As the car starts, and makes its way back to the hotel, your eyes get droopy.

         Jacob wraps an arm around you, and brings you closer to him. You cuddle up to him, soaking in his warmth. You feel your eyes get heavier, and you fall into a very much needed sleep. Your head rests on Jacob’s shoulder.

Jacob’s POV

         I feel y/n move from under me, and look down to see her sleeping. I smile, knowing that she’s finally getting the rest she needs. “Shh, guys, she’s sleeping,” I whisper to the rest of the guys, so they don’t wake her up. I kiss her forehead lightly, and think of how lucky I am to have such an amazing girl like her. I watch her as she sleeps soundly. Her eyelashes flutter, and every once in a while, she makes the cutest face by scrunching up her nose.

         She licks her lips and cuddles even closer to me. She smiles slightly, and we arrive at the hotel. There are fans swarming the entrance, and I smile at their dedication. I look down at my adorable baby and don’t have the heart to wake her up. I open the car door, and get out before gently scooping her into my arms. As I carry her bridle style to the hotel, the fans all see.

         I hold a finger up to my mouth, motioning for them to be quiet. They understand and quietly coo at my beautiful girlfriend. They all take pics and make hearts with their hands. “You guys are so cute together,” one fan whispers. “Aww, I’m glad she’s finally getting some sleep,” another says. The fans know about her insomnia and support her, too. We’re so lucky to have such amazing fans.

Your POV

        You wake up, but keep your eyes closed. You feel Jacob’s strong arms around you, and know that you’re safe. “Aww, I’m glad she’s finally getting some sleep,” you hear a fan say. You smile, knowing that you have the best fans in the world. You open up your eyes to see Jacob carrying you to your hotel room. He looks down at you.

         “You’re adorable when you sleep, you know,” he smiles. You blush and bury your head into his chest. He walks into the room and gently lies you down on the bed. He lies down next to you and you snuggle up to him and the covers. He wraps a protective arm around you, and you start to drift off into sleep again. You close your eyes and feel him kiss your forehead.

          “I love you,” he whispers. You hear his breathing even out, and you  know he is sleeping, too. You fall asleep too, listening to the sound of his steady heartbeat. You could fall asleep whenever you wanted from that day on, knowing that you will always be safe and sound in Jacob’s arms.

Here you go! Hope you liked it :D


The Intern.


You and the group stood around, waiting to be assigned to a resident.

Nerves and anxiety filled you, but you were also excited to start this journey. It was something you’ve wanted forever.

Luckily, you and the small group befriended one another during the long week of touring around the hospital.

You couldn’t help but grow closer to them, they were like family.

“Oh my god, is that them?” Izzie muttered, catching all of your attention.

You snapped your gaze up, and felt your stomach flutter. They were-

“Gorgeous. Damn.” Izzie continued.

You and the girls nodded simultaneously as the boys huffed and rolled their eyes.

“We are here to work.” Alex stammered. “Not drool over the residents.”

You nudged his side, chuckling from the annoyed statement. “Is someone jealous?”

He scrunches his nose and furrowed his brows. “No.”

“We can look, just not touch.” Cristina flashed a wink.

Your stomach constricted as you all belted out in laughter. That was until you heard someone clear their throat from behind.

“Okay, rule number one; don’t bother sucking up. I already hate you, that’s not gonna change.” A short, dark woman exclaimed. She looked down at her clip board, pursing her thick lips. “Hodgens, Yang, O'malley, and Carev. You’re with me. Let’s go.”

You waved goodbye and watched them fade into the crowd.

“Hi, I’m Dr. shepherd. Welcome to Seattle Grace.” He smirked. Making you weak in the knees. Man was he handsome. “Padan, Jones, Grey, and kepner.”

Meredith flashed a smile, and left with her group. Standing close to her resident.

“And then there was us.” Izzie stammered, gently bumping into you.

“Jacobs, Stevens, Y/L/N, and Speight.” A rough voice barked from behind, causing you to jolt in your stance.

You and izzie shred a glance, and you noticed the small smirk on her face.

“Ladies! Come on, I don’t have all day.” He stammered.

He began to walk, which you followed behind.

“I’m Dr. Winchester. I like long walks on the beach, and I’m an Aquarius.” He said sarcastically.

You all chuckled, feeling the tension in the air loosen.

He stopped mid way down the hall, making you crash right into him. Your heart stopped as you two made eye contact for a brief moment. His glistening green eyes were breathtaking and the freckles that covered his cheeks popped under the light.

His lips curved, making your breath hitch. You were lost in his gaze, falling into his trance.

But he cleared his throat, and turned his gaze to the guy behind you. Snapping you back to reality.

“Sammy, Sloan is looking for you!” He croaked.

You looked back, and couldn’t believe your eyes. He was tall and his shaggy hair covered his face. His thin lips pulled up, exposing his teeth.

“Great.” He stammered.

He closed the book and started down the hall. Before you knew it, he was gone.

“Come on minions. Let’s get started.” Dr. Winchester muttered.

He shoved his hands into his lab coat pockets, and began walking.

“I don’t do cry babies, so don’t get too attached to the patients. If I ever see you cry, I’m kicking you out of my OR. Got it!” He exclaimed.

You all nodded in unison.

“Good.” He exhaled.