jacob henzel

Ok, I can finally announce this….

It’s my first novel cover!!!

Fantasy Island Book Publishing has just released an eBook version of Jacob Henzel’s novel, Sakuri. About two months ago, he asked me to illustrate the cover for the novel. I could not resist doing something for an old friend, especially as important as this. I was honored <3

So this is the cover featuring the main character Sakuri. She’s all decked out, ready to fight!

Even now, I think it’s one of the best work I’ve done. I don’t even care whether the perspective worked here, that’s how I like it XD [I know I should care but on this one I really don’t. It actually looks perfect to me. However I’d still love critique.]

The print version will be coming soon as well, for those who are interested more in not straining your eyes looking at a screen 8D

Buy the eBook here

Reblogs are totally appreciated :)