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Further Observations
  • There are more than 3000 floors to Kane Co Tower, if the number behind Kane when he walks into his office are to be believed. The current tallest building the WORLD is only a couple-hundred.  WE GET IT DUDE YOURS IS BIGGER.
  • Casual reminder Texas punches the inside of his car to make it do things instead of pressing buttons
  • also he appears to have two gas pedals so he can just slAM BOTH FEET ON THEM AS HARD AS POSSIBLE
  • We see exactly one (1) female Kane Co. executive (excluding Julie) and she appears to be a very curvy middle-aged black lady who I have immediately decided is Claire’s mom
  • OKAY BUT IT WOULD MAKE SO MUCH SENSE THAT’S HOW CLAIRE AND JULIE ENDED UP FRIENDS!  Kane wouldn’t let just anybody be his precious Julie-Bear’s friend!  Claire’s mom is part of Kane’s Board of Directors!  YOU CAN’T TAKE THIS HEADCANON FROM ME
  • Almost every time we catch a brief glimpse of Chuck’s eyes he’s making a face like >8C  like this boy is scared but also he is ready to Throw Down
  • Jacob has canonically created AIs that can feel loyalty, fear and kinship, and that can be moved by speeches/emotionally engaged.  
  • So honestly, we’re a go for any android headcanon anybody wants to throw around, lbr.
  • The face Mike makes when Chuck is like “I’d have to save you life and let’s face it, that ain’t gonna happen” literally breaks my heart EVERY TIME he’s so sad that Chuck’s sad oh my god.
  • related: the face Chuck makes when Mike pins the crown pin on his chest makes me UNBELIEVABLY GODDAMN EMOTIONAL holy crap he’s so happy
  • Rayon could literally punch me in the face and I would be like HAHA WOW
  • The Duke is REALLY PISSED about Mike accidentally wrecking one half-built car-frame, but literally fires fully-built limos out of a cannon at people.  WHAT IS THE TRUTH
  • Listening to Chuck babbling while trying to drive in Blonde Thunder like AT LEAST LET HIM SWEAR HE OBVIOUSLY WANTS TO HE IS DYING

Jay-Z and “Jacob the Jeweler” Arabo at his store in New York City’s “Diamond District” in 2002. 

They are wearing the first Jacob & Co. “Five Time Zone” timepieces ever made. Valued at $20,000, the watch featured a diamond-encrusted (3.25 ct) bezel and a leather strap. Inspired by the jet-set lifestyle of his biggest clients, including Hov, the timepiece features four fixed time zones—New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Paris - with the fifth dial set to the location of the wearer.

For more on Hov’s watch collection click here.

but if we’re actually being serious jacobs character is botched mostly from the fact that Miss Mikey Meyers hates native americans and if jacob (and the rest of the indigenous groups in twilight) were written well then we all know the second bella said “oh im dating edward / oh i like edward cullen” jacob woulda sat her down like “girl you playing yourself..” and INSTEAD of being a creep he’d give her the space she needs to make the decision if she really wanna stay with edward and his confederate family. jacob would also not have a literal stalker personality on accordance of him also being a huge fucking creep with bellas daughter. all in all if i could rewrite twilight im telling yall bellas ass woulda end up with some girl oc i make or jacob 

Jay-Z, Freeway and Cam’ron, photographed backstage during LIFEBeat’s “Urban AID 2″ benefit concert, held at the Beacon Theater in New York City on April 9, 2002.

Courted by his friend Dame Dash, Cam and the Dipset crew had signed to Roc-A-Fella Records in the previous year. Killa Cam is wearing one of the Jacob & Co. “Five Time Zone” watches, made by the infamous Jacob the Jeweller. Jay had been the purchaser of the first ever “FTZ” watch. Speaking of Jay, Iceberg Slim is wearing a classic piece of Iceberg clothing with the Popeye print. Hov often used the nickname in the ‘90s when discussing his interactions with women, inspired by the famed Chicago pimp Robert “Iceberg Slim” Beck. According to his memoir “Pimp,” Slim started pimping at 18 and continued that pursuit until age 42. He then began a second career as an influential author, writing nine published fiction and non-fiction works.


The Librarians + Hamilton song lyrics 1/?

Ezekiel’s inspired by this


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Day 175: Life Partners

Source: Netflix Instant

Genre: Comedy

Starring: Leighton Meester, Gillian Jacobs, Adam Brody

Summary: Two best friends find their co-dependent relationship tested when one of them starts seriously dating for the first time.

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