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Horror movie scenes that scared the shit out of me the first time I saw them

The attack on the moors - American Werewolf In London 

The chestburster - Alien 

The demon behind Patrick Wilson - Insidious

The final scene in the house - The Blair Witch Project

The blood test - The Thing 

The old hag in the bathroom - The Shining 

Freddy creeping over Nancy - A Nightmare On Elm Street

Alice’s doppelganger - Lake Mungo 

The plaza scene - Suspiria 

The witch in the girls bedroom - The Conjuring 

The party monster scene - Jacob’s Ladder 

Ayesha crawling on all fours - V/H/S 2 

The tall man in the bedroom - Phantasm 

The voodoo zombie bride - The Serpent and The Rainbow 

Look behind you! - The Descent 

The demon on the top floor of the apartment - [REC.]



A double outfit post for both of our girls. Serena seems to be still toeing the line of school uniform, but with added Nanette Lepore sequin cardigan and Moschino booties. Blair on the other hand is SERIOUSLY pushing the limits of what can be accepted as school uniform. Her red tights are iconic, but this pairing of Zara blazed, Moschino sweater, navy shorts and Marc Jacobs flats would have most people sent home in a second for breaking dress code rules. {s1e10 - Hi Society}


1♡Dramione, my OTP

2♡Chuck & Blair

3♡Rory + Jess

4♡Ian x Mickey


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Honorable Mentions:

Harley ♡ Ivy

Luna ♡ Blaise

Cory ♡ Topanga

Rick ♡ Michonne

Ronan ♡ Adam

This Marc by Marc Jacobs dress became infamous for ending up on the floor of a burlesque club, but let’s not forget the strings of pearls and embellished headband that were originally meant to create a classy girl who could wear Cornelius Vanderbilt’s diamond ring. Personally, I prefer the Blair that ended up at Victrola. {s1e07 - Victor Victrola}

Jamie Bochert, Sofia Malamute, Molly Blair, Matty Bovan, Glenn Galleghan and Karen Parks star in the Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2016 ad campaign. Photographed by David Sims, styled by Katie Grand, casting by Anita Bitton, hair by Guido Palau, makeup by Diane Kendal, nails by Jin Soon Choi & set design by Stefan Beckman.


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