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Hector Plasm in “Wilfred Hall” (original version)

This story is the first appearance of Hector Plasm, the paranormal adventurer character created by me and Nate fetorpse Bellegarde. Originally this story was serialized in four parts running in the back of Invincible #10-13 in 2004. The plot was inspired by a number of ghost stories told on the campus of the college where I went for undergrad, and put together in such a way that something (hopefully) interesting happened every two pages to hold readers’ attentions until the next installment.

When the story was collected in Hector Plasm: De Mortuis, it was completely redrawn and re-scripted with new scenes added, and the new version was colored by Jacob Baake. (The original version above was colored and lettered by Nate Bellegarde.)

Nate would probably be mortified if I didn’t mention that the art in the later version is much more refined when compared to the original version, but this should give you an idea of the story and character. For those who already have De Mortuis, this might be an interesting comparison. To get a better idea of what the art in De Mortuis is like, compare this complete (free) story, “Palamon’s Conundrum.”

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