an exchange between bros

DISCLAIMER: this is not in any way an attempt to poke fun at fanfiction writers! all of us respect you a lot, and please keep in mind that this is just poking fun at jacob sartorius!

summary: when Hunter Rowland walks into Jacob’s sex dungeon with only a vague idea of what he came for and a double-sided dildo, he doesn’t know that his elven senpai has much more in store for him than he thought..

warnings: very sexually graphic scenes, daddy kink, graphic euphemisms

word count: 852

authors’ notes:

stephanie: i have seen this fic at its worst and turned it from a wet dream into a masterpiece.

jac: this is the hardest thing i’ve worked on all week. and yes, that is a pun.

sophia: I am both equally ashamed and proud of this literary piece. All of Jacobs little Bits make me happy haha x : )

lily: i put blood, sweat and jacob’s cummies into this fic.

bonus: a special note from our cheerleader florenz: many innocent souls were harmed in the making of this fic.

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Trying NOT to get my hopes up, but for the first time Jacob asked me to schedule mother’s day in his phone as an event so he doesn’t forget. He forgot 2013, 2014, and 2015, so here’s hoping. Considering he’s forgotten my birthday every year, I don’t think the odds are in my favor.

It’s almost ironic.
I saw Once for the first time, clueless as to the meaning behind the play, and on a date with a boy who didn’t care about me.
The 2nd time I saw it, I had gained more comprehension of the message, but not a deep grasp of it.
3rd time, I watched with extreme awareness and appreciation of the reality of the message.

For the 4th time, I watched it with a boy who, not only loved the musical as much as I did, but also loved me beyond anything else in the world. But I watched it that night knowing that the play in front of me was going to be us one day, and that this was our reality and future. Once. I held his hand a little too tight that night and cried a little more than usual afterwards.

Now tomorrow I will see it for the last time, without that boy. Our ‘Once’ had come full circle, and what was is now done. We had our Once. Now I will watch this musical tomorrow as a reminder of our Once. As a reflective on the past. I will watch Once tomorrow and hopefully gain one more piece of closure, and some peace at heart. I will watch Once tomorrow, knowing there isn’t a sequel, but praying that I might have one for my own Once.


“There’s something about him that I can’t quite put my finger on. It’s strange, but almost comforting. Like I could tell him anything and it wouldn’t faze him. I sense no judgment from him. Yet, at the same time, he’s hard to read. My instincts tell me he’s a good man. He saved my life, I think I can trust him”.

Mavis, aka ‘Fairy Tactician’, sent a teenager to fight Zeref just because 'trust’. Mavis didn’t even know what Lucy was going to do when she brought out Gemini during the fight with Jacob. The Alvarez Arc isn’t exactly making her seem the smartest. Great injustice to her character tbqh
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