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Misha Collins / Jensen Ackles Photos - RA Fundraising Part Deux

Early-ish last year I kicked off a fundraiser for Random Acts, offering some of photos, signed by the respective subjects, in return for donations to my Crowdrise fundraiser for the Random Acts ‘Dream 2 Acts’ project n Nicaragua.

Thanks to so many wonderful supporters, I met my fundraising goal, and then some.

As I still have autographed photos available - including a few more than I’ve added to the mix since I first ‘launched’, I’ve decided to continue the fundraising efforts, only this time requesting that folks donate to the Jacmel Children’s Center.

As many of you are aware, the JCC was the first major project launched by Misha Collins / Random Acts are the earthquakes devastated Haiti, and over 3 years thanks to all those who donated so much of their time, money,and effort, the JCC was completed and currently provides a home for orphaned children. But they need ongoing support to keep the center running and to help the children.

So… here’s the deal.

Make a donation to the JCC to a certain value corresponding to the photos listed below (+ $15 for postage/packaging from Australia) and the photo is yours. For multiple photos, shipping remains the same. :-)

If you have any questions, hit me up in either messages here on through DMs on Twitter [ @monicadphoto ].

Note, also, unsigned prints of my photos are also available as ‘thank yous’ for donations made - any convention, any photo. Just hit me up with a question and we’ll work it out from there.

Signed photos currently available are per below.

Jensen Ackles 8x12 Photos, signed, Color, Black and White - $100.00 U.S. per photo

Misha Collins 8x10 Photos, signed -  $60.00 U.S.per photo

Misha Collins 8x12 Photos, Color, Black and White, signed - $70.00 U.S. per photo

Rob Benedict/Richard Speight 8x12 Photo, signed - $60.00 U.S

Mark Sheppard 8x12 Photo and Kim Rhodes Photo, signed - $60.00 U.S


The people who organize/participate in Random Acts are the people who give me hope for the world. Thank you to everyone who helped with this project, and anyone who does any sort of random acts of kindness in their lives, big or small. This world is a better place because of each and every one of you.