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Yeah. If you Google "Hilary Swank boyfriend" you'll get a lot of hits (mainly from gossip rags and tabloids) featuring Misha's friend (co-producer/writer of the 'TSA America' shorts, Haiti/Nicaragua Random Acts projects organiser, Tuscan bicycle touring partner, best pal that's not named Vicki or Darius) Philip Schneider. They (Hilary and Philip) have been an item for at least 8 months. (I don't know if/when Phillip and his wife Lisa (Rueff) divorced. Nobody's business but theirs, I guess.)

(Oh.. I don’t like to dig into personal shit like this.. but I did. Philip and Lisa divorced last year. Lisa mentioned on her Facebook back in February that “around this time last year when I was going through my divorce I dreaded Valentine’s Day”. Not sure if Philip and Hilary Swank have been a couple since then. Lisa’s still involved with the Jacmel Children’s Center in Haiti though. She’s actually headed back there in a just a couple of weeks. (Not with Random Acts though.)

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The people who organize/participate in Random Acts are the people who give me hope for the world. Thank you to everyone who helped with this project, and anyone who does any sort of random acts of kindness in their lives, big or small. This world is a better place because of each and every one of you.