Myrrah being glorious in the last bit of light for the evening, after splashing around in the lake. <3
Tried a different technique for the process on this one, for fun :)
Been a bit slower as of late, due to a knee injury a few weeks ago, but am finally getting back into hiking and running, so more photos to come soon I should hope!

Hey all!
Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Summer is the busiest part of the year for me working photography-wise, so I’ve not really had any real time to spend photographing Myrrah while it’s light out.
If you’d like to follow my photography that isn’t just about Myrrah, feel free to follow me here: jaclyntanemura -I’ve finally created a tumblr for myself, this morning in fact. I’ll post photos of Myrrah there as well, but it’s going to be more nature, landscapes and adventure photography (my main thing).
In the meantime, I’ll have loads of time to photograph Myrrah with autumn colours (knock on wood) so I’m really hoping to have a swackload of posts coming your way in the next few months, as long as I don’t keep booking up.
Thanks for following and all the support <3