Guess who’s starting a bullet journal and finally reading the last book in Jaclyn Moriarty’s YA fantasy trilogy?


This will be one colorful delivery. Stay tuned for pics.

In the end I ordered everything online because a) local prices were too expensive and b) Barnes and Noble yielded no notebooks. I freaked out last night thinking Amazon was going to add a bunch in taxes, but they only added a dollar! 

Actual life update: I turned in Short Story 1 tonight and have no idea whether it’s coherent or not, but I don’t care it’s done. The good news is that it found a point. Turns out the theme is change, and so the story was christened For the Better, because my protagonist is trying to change for the better and everyone around him is changing for the better and lo and behold, he figures out the point of a soulmate is to help you change for the better, which is the most difficult thing in the world. The last line was: “He had work to do.”

*sighs and tries not to burn it* :D

This week I have a deadline and I’m two chapters behind. YIKES.


Same place, different times. From top to bottom, pre-dawn, sunrise, after the sun had risen, and in the last one a rainbow decided to show up, all taken the same morning. Amazing how one location changes so much within the first hour of the sun coming up <3
Shadow Lake featuring Mount Ball in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada.