“She has a lot of fans,” says Jack, not just because she’s “famous”, but because her fans are true fans.  “A lot of people think that fame,  or press, or everyone knowing your name can sell you a lot of records or movies or whatever it is, but it’s not true. Everyone knows a lot of people, but, when they put out an album, no one cares. What’s always exciting to me about her is,  she has a ton of fans that like to listen to ALL her music and will buy her music.”  He continued, “That culture is amazing.”

Jack Antonoff

the losers club + teen fancast

this is my personal fancast of the losers, feel free to send me yours! side note : they are 17-18 years old in this! hope you all enjoy!

Adrian Stene as Bill Denbrough - eighteen

Caleb Elijah as Mike Hanlon - eighteen

Mikko Puttonen as Eddie Kaspbrak - seventeen

Timothée Chalamet as Richie Tozier - eighteen

Mikolaj Galusa as Ben Hanscom - seventeen

Maksymilian Barczak as Stanley Uris - eighteen

Natalie Westling as Beverly Marsh - seventeen

this took me… so long. i hope you all like it! i thought about possibly adding the bowers gang… is that something anyone wants to see? 

- Cas has said that Dean and him have a more “profound bond” than Sam and Cas do

- Dean is always significantly impacted by Cas dying/leaving/etc, and Sam, although also hurt by it, not NEARLY as much as Dean always is

- Dean and Cas have movie nights, (presumably) without Sam

- Dean wanted to actually die after Cas died, not wanting to live without him

- Cas has an issue with personal space but only with Dean ??

- Eye sex

- Cas never watches Sam while he sleeps, but you bet your ass he watches Dean

- Cas (presumably) usually always makes Dean coffee in the morning

- Dean made Cas a mixtape

- How Dean hates Jack, but suddenly Cas comes back and Dean wants Jack to stay

- “I need you”

- 13x05 NEVER shows Sam’s reaction to seeing Cas again, as if only Dean and Cas are reuniting

- How Dean always welcomes Cas home, because home is where the Dean is

- Dean not believing in anything after Cas’ death

- “I just need a win” *Cas comes back*

- Cas says “I love you.” *Camera cuts to Dean*

But yeah no —‘brotherly love’