jacky english

Here’s a cute little commission I did last month for a friend. Her English grandmother tells a series of stories about a crew of characters living in a compost heap. I love the names, too– Jackie Ant, Belinda Butterfly, Walter Wasp, Crunchy Mouse (my favorite), Earnest Earwig, and The Robin. My friend and her sisters wanted to surprise her with this framed illustration for her birthday. How adorable is that?

Jack Wilshere gives his voice of reason! 

“Suppose I will just have to take the abuse about my kids in future,” Wilshere tweeted.  “Anyway, one more game to go! Can’t wait to be back.”

“Shouldn’t of reacted the way I did but I know all you dads out there love your kids the way I do.”

The Other Stuff

This was written for @timepetalsprompts weekly ficlet prompt “You’ve got to be kidding if you think we can both fit in there.”

Tentoo x Rose; ~1500 words; Teen

The Doctor and Rose spend the night together in a Norwegian inn. Fluffy bed-sharing trope :)


You’ve got to be kidding if you think we can all fit in there.

The Doctor cast a grim look at the back of the taxi Jackie managed to call to take them into town. Clouds were rolling in and the wind off the beach was biting, and he hated to admit that he was starting to get chilled.

Jackie sat herself on the far side of the backseat and tugged Rose in beside her, leaving an open seat for the Doctor that was barely wide enough for even his narrow hips.

“Get in already,” Jackie yelled. “It’s freezing out! Bloody Norway!”

The Doctor quickly slid into the seat beside Rose, shivering when the heat from her thigh seeped into his. But she didn’t look uncomfortable, nor did she try to move away (if anything, she leaned closer to him, making him near giddy with delight), so he gradually relaxed his muscles and enjoyed the contact he’d so sorely missed over the years.

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