Silas had fallen on the night of the blackout and it had changed the kingdom forever. Jack had, of course, taken the throne, but he no longer paid lip service to the religion of his father. Oh, he still believed, but he didn’t hide behind God the way Silas had. He lived openly, openly kissing Joseph at his coronation, not caring what the church or the public would say. (His mother had <i>a lot</i> to say, not that he cared what the dowager-queen had to say.) It had taken a while- attitudes don’t change overnight- but the younger generation just didn’t care that their king was gay. Especially since David and Michelle were expecting their first child and, even though David was only the adviser to the thrown, this child was already being called the heir.

Their rule was not without its issues. Jack was closed off and Joseph had to fight him to get him to open up. They never married (at least not in the eyes of the law or the church. The vows they had exchanged between themselves were private and not to be shared.) and not all in the kingdom were happy that their king was in love with another man. Still, Joseph made an amazing consort. He handled things better than the queen ever had- the public found it impossible not to love him and he confronted criticism instead of just sweeping it away with the power of the throne.

(To date, the highest selling memorabilia for the royal couple is a photo that wasn’t’ originally meant to be taken. During a photo shoot, they thought that the photographer was distracted and Jack had lifted Joseph’s hand to his lips, a teasing smirk on his face as Joseph tried to frown while he laughed. They were only convinced to release it when Michelle pointed out how popular that a photo similar to that of her and David had been.

Approval ratings had jumped upon its official release.)

Between the four of them, they managed to wrestle the kingdom into what it should be, what Silas failed to shape it in to. And Jack- Jack finally found peace.


“Crying for no reason
Feel the tears roll down
I felt strong
But am I breaking now

Crying for no reason
‘Cause I buried it deep
I made promises
I could not keep

And I never faced
All the pain I caused
Now the pain is
Hitting me full force…”

- Katy B: 'Crying For No Reason’
(aka, the perfect song for Jack Benjamin)