ABC blows me away.

No TV show in the world can ever steal my heart from Castle, but I am REALLY loving Revenge. Revenge is SO well written, and the plot is so intriguing. I hope it’s not a one season show, because I am in love with the characters already!

My OTP is JackxEmily. I hope she tells him the truth. :)

ABC, your ten o'clock time slot is fantastic!!!

Emily and Jack.

I don’t understand this ship. Well i do, and i don’t.

I already posted why daniel and emily shouldn’t be together, here is why Jack is not right for her either:

  • Jack is meant to represent her past. Jack is a symbol of innocence and youth. He may keep her grounded and remind her of her old self, but it’s meant to be bitter-sweet. He reminds her of the life she could have had. She too could have had a family and lived happily ever after if David wasn’t taken from her. 
  • There is no chemistry between them. I don’t care what the shippers say, i can’t feel any palpable chemistry. With Aiden everyone could feel it, they were both intense, they knew everything about each other, they were on the same level, and they were hot when they kissed. It always felt like one kiss was never enough. With Jack i don’t see that on screen. Maybe it’s just the acting, but i can’t see it. 
  • They are no where near the same level. He is wholesome, wholly good in nature, he can’t even imagine hurting someone (maybe conrad) but Jack is meant to be this pure innocent side to Amanda’s past. It may not be the best quality in Emily, but she will do whatever is necessary to get her goal and she’s so sure it will work. Jack wouldn’t be able to live like that. Emily’s way past this now, she has a one set agenda and she can’t even afford to think the way jack does. They are too different now. Emily’s been through and seen things that are too far for jack to comprehend. She’s gone on this physical and deeply emotional journey, he wouldn’t understand, just like daniel wouldn'y, her like Aiden could.

It is a lazy option to put them together. Because he’s the longest running potential male love interest, shippers ship them together and because they have a past.

But Emily barely knows Jack and visa versa, she was taken when she was so young. Jack can’t understand what she has gone through, he’s not on the same level. They have a solid friendship and the chemistry between them as friends is excellent, you can really feel that they are close now, but as love interests it’s a no. 


I so ship them now.