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JACKUNZEL WEEK 2014 » Day 7: When The Day Met The Night

When the sun found the moon, she was drinking tea in a garden
Under the green umbrella trees in the middle of summer

started messing up with the concept art of rotg & tangled none of these beautiful works of art are mine they belong to dreamworks and disney respectively i just edited them together for shipping needs

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My first try at an edit ever! Featuring my favorite angsty couple <3

Honestly while making this my mind kept flicking to how pumpkinpie89 (aka  welcometowaltacademy) portrayed these two in her wonderful comic, go check it out if you have the time!

Hope that you like xx

- insp.


Love is in the air guys, and Valentine is near. So, I decided to draw my favourite otps in this whole month as my personal project!

The first couple for today is my beloved Jack+Rapunzel (a.k.a Jackunzel) I used to reblog and do fanart of these two on tumblr. It was a beautiful time. *sigh*

If any one of my otps is not yours, just ignore it please. It’s just imagination.


JACKUNZEL MONTH 2017. NOV 2 >> Anastasia

“Princesses don’t marry kitchen boys”

Screenshot manipulation instead of art… yay! 

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Jackunzel/Anastasia AU comin’ through.

I told you it was coming, guys. So, as you can see, I ended up doing this AU with screenshot manipulation instead of art. I think this was for the best. I’ve had quite a difficult month and I didn’t feel like drawing. This was still drawing, but in a different way, and it helped me so much get through my bad days. Plus, it was something I always wanted to do - and it allowed me to keep all of the atmospheres of the movie intact. I apologize for my mistakes, it was my first time trying screencap manipulation but I’m getting better at it!

And a lot of thanks go to kaiayame with her stunning Makorra/Anastasia AU for the inspiration. Check it out if you haven’t because it’s great!


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ROTBTD AU + Frozen >> Noragami
DAY 7 - “Yours is the light by which my spirit’s born - you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars.” (E.E. Cummings) Thanks for an amazing Jackunzel Week 2015!

Yato - Jack

Jack seeking to be believed in as a god in the same sense that he wants to be believed in in Rise of the Guardians.
Jack struggling with the idea that Rapunzel would forget him. Jack wanting to make her the happiest person in the world. “I have someone who believes in me!”

Hiyori - Rapunzel

Rapunzel vowing to Jack, “I will never forget you! I promise! And when I promise something, I never ever break that promise!”
Rapunzel making Jack his shrine during her free time because she can.

Yukine - (Young) Elsa

Elsa hasn’t controlled her powers yet (or rather it’s too powerful) and aches to be a part of society just as she wished she could belong with the rest of Arendelle. (+ Yukine. Yuki = Snow. Come on.)
When Elsa becomes a Blessed Regalia, it’s like her transformation in Let It Go.

Bishamon - Merida

For her Regalia, Merida has the Triplets, wherein its two pistols and one whip. Mordu is her Bear instead of a Lion.
Merida taking in the entire Haddock clan (Ma), only for them to be destroyed by blight and then killed by Jack. Merida creating the Dunbroch clan (Ha) afterwards.

Kazuma - Hiccup

Hiccup is Merida’s Lead Shinki, and is able to accurately pinpoint where Phantoms are.
Totally canon that Hiccup has pictures of Merida on his phone. Totally.

Nora - Jack’s Sister

‘Father’. 'Nuff said.
+ Nora specializes in water techniques and Jack drowned. Let thank SINK in.

All those times that you didn’t leave
It’s been occurring to me I’d like to hang out with you
For my whole life

(Jack getting a little caught by surprise :3)

So here’s another Jackunzel doodle I started a few days ago but never had time to finish. I made it listening to Taylor Swift (it’s been sooo long since the last time I did) and this is the result. It has its faults and I feel like the colors are kinda messy, but it’s late and I’m tired so I decided to let it be and here it goes!