Long loooong time ago I saw some buttons spreading shipping peace (if you know who made them please link so I can properly credit the inspiration!!). Made this last year because I wanted to do something fun and constructive out of something so immature and dumb as shipping wars. Transparent, so you can put it your blog and spread peace.

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Jackunzel/Anastasia AU comin’ through.

I told you it was coming, guys. So, as you can see, I ended up doing this AU with screenshot manipulation instead of art. I think this was for the best. I’ve had quite a difficult month and I didn’t feel like drawing. This was still drawing, but in a different way, and it helped me so much get through my bad days. Plus, it was something I always wanted to do - and it allowed me to keep all of the atmospheres of the movie intact. I apologize for my mistakes, it was my first time trying screencap manipulation but I’m getting better at it!

And a lot of thanks go to kaiayame with her stunning Makorra/Anastasia AU for the inspiration. Check it out if you haven’t because it’s great!


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ROTBTD AU >> The Maze Runner
wherein girls are also very much a part of the test, and Merida is a Runner, Jack is second-in-command, and Hiccup and Punz are the unexpected greenies

remember that scene in TMR when Thomas was all “I REMEMBER MY NAME” well here’s Hiccup under those circumstances & more

Merry Christmas to seerseeker! I was your Secret Santa. I saw Jackunzel and Mericcup on your wishlist sooo here you go with some Jackunzel–Jack being a little boy and not wanting to admit he’s cold. Also, it’s Hogwarts AU. They’re supposed to be on their trip to Hogsmeade before Christmas. :) I hope it’s okay and that you like it, I had to be very quick because I wanted you to have it for Christmas so forgive any mistake :P


Replacement Secret Santa gift for baconsanddoodles, your list had Mericcup and Jackunzel so here are gifs for both ships. 

GIF 1 - Merida, Hiccup and Toothless (who is off screen) are searching for Jack and Rapunzel but get sidetracked with the scenery of the mountains.

GIF 2 - Jack and Rapunzel are trying to find a way out of the mountain after the cave collapsed on them, Rapunzel’s hair is stuck in the rocks and they have to get it out without cutting her hair.

Inspiration came from the fanfic “Part of Your World” made by gemini-sonic.