“Colored” and “whites only” signs placed above water fountains at Florida high school

School district officials are investigating after papers signs saying “Colored” and “Whites only” were found above two water fountains on Thursday at First Coast High School in Jacksonville, Florida.  District Superintendent Nikolai Vitti released a firm statement about the signs.
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So I didn’t think anyone would care but I mentioned that I watched Sabrina and Peyton take the sc photo from her show in St Petersburg and people wanted more details so here’s everything that happened.

I went to both the St. Petersburg and Jacksonville show.

After the concert in St Petersburg, I went to my car which was across the street from Sabrina’s tour bus. There were a bunch of people waiting by her bus to try and meet her when she came out of the venue. About 30min after the show Sabrina snuck out of the front of the venue under one of her band mates arms with some other guy following. In the moment, I was too distracted by Sabrina to pay attention to the other guy but looking back there’s a possibility that it was Peyton. So they crossed the street trying to stay out of view of fans, walked right in front of my car and snuck onto the tour bus. Sabrina and the one guy stayed in the tour bus and the band mate came back out and went into the venue again.

About an hour after being in the bus many people gave up and left so there were only a few people waiting to meet her. Sabrina, Sarah, Peyton and a couple band mates came out of the bus, took photos with fans, and walked back toward the front of the venue. About 30 min after that I left my car to walk down the street and happened upon a restaurant with a piano out front and Sabrina was singing with her band mate playing the piano. Peyton and Sarah were sitting across from her. After they finished the song some guy who was at the restaurant asked Sabrina something along the lines of who she was and if she was famous and she said her name was Sabrina Carpenter. As they were walking away Sabrina saw me and could tell I wanted a picture and said “Hi there cutie.” and I said “Hi Sabrina, can I get a picture?” She happily said yes and took the picture with me and then they all left back toward the tour bus.

As they walked down the street, I stayed where I was because I didn’t want to seem creepy and follow them. As they were walking away Sabrina jumped on a band mates (Im pretty sure it was the band mate) back and he ran off down the street. They all ended up stopping by that building and were talking then I heard Sabrina laugh loudly and watched Peyton and Sabrina take that picture. Afterwards they headed back to the tour bus.

I drove home to Jacksonville shortly after they went back to the bus. The next day my sister and I went to her signing at the Fye store and she complimented my sister on her sweater and when she saw me she said “Hey there again cutie” because she remembered me and signed my cd. She noticed I was carrying pepper spray and said she carries the same pepper spray but that hers was purple (mines pink).

After the signing my sister and I went home to change and decided we were going to go to panera before waiting in line at the venue. After we ordered our food we walked past Sabrina, Sarah, a band mate, and I think her body guard. I stopped my sister and told her Sabrina was there and so she thought I was joking until she saw her herself. We didn’t bother her because she was eating and we didn’t want to be rude. After they all left, the long haired blonde from Harletson came in to eat with what I assume was his mom and sister.

After panera we went to the venue where I had uvip tickets so I met her again and she told me I looked really pretty and loved my shoes. We took the regular picture and then she asked if I wanted a selfie on my phone.

After the picture I went to walk away and she said “I love you” and I told her “I love you too!”

Then during the concert she asked everyone if they knew how to twiddle their thumbs and asked everyone to show her and when I did she pointed to me and said I was doing it right and asked my name and I told her it was Crystal and she said “Okay, everyone do what Crystal is doing” and then something about “Yall aren’t watching Crystal”. She also smiled right at my camera during Love Feels like Loneliness. And I can’t remember what song this was during but she put up a heart with her hands and blew me a kiss (I thought it may have been toward someone behind me because i couldnt imagine her doing it to me but a friend who was farther back said it was definitely at me.)

After the show my sister and I took a photo with Harletson and went around back to the bus to try and see Sabrina.

Sabrina never ended up coming out of her bus even by around 12:30 but Sarah stopped to take pictures with everyone and she was super sweet and adorable!

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