Video shows officer threatening black man for jaywalking without an ID

  • A Facebook video shows a young black man being threatened by a Jacksonville, Florida, sheriff’s officer for jaywalking without an ID.
  • On June 20, Devonte Shipman, 21, and his friend were crossing the street when they were stopped by Sheriff’s Officer J.S. Bolden. 
  • In the video, the officer demands they come over to his police car, which Shipman at first refuses. Bolden then accuses the two of “resisting without violence” and says, “If you don’t, I’m going to put you in jail.”
  • The video, which has nearly 500,000 views as of Tuesday afternoon, shows the officer asking for identification as they walk to the car. 
  • When Shipman informs Bolden that he doesn’t have any, the officer cites it as another infraction and claims “I can detain you for seven hours until I figure out who you are.”
  • Shipman says he tried to remain calm and respectful because he was fearful of the scene turning violent. Read more (6/27/17)

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Guys, my cousin has been missing since Sunday morning. If anyone in the Jacksonville, FL area has any information, please contact the police. He was last seen at The Flats at the University of North Florida wearing a white shirt and khaki pants. Any bit of information helps.


Florida student posted “Slaves for Sale” Craigslist ad with photos of black classmates

  • Slavery in the United States officially ended over a century ago, but a high school student in Florida got caught trying to “sell” his classmates.
  • An unnamed senior at Fleming Island High School in Jacksonville, Florida, took a photo of two black female students in class and uploaded it to a Craigslist ad titled “Two Slaves For Sale” with a price of $470. 
  • The listing tagged the location to “Fleming Island Plantation,” which is a location that exists in the town, but the direct reference is to slave plantations in the South.
  • The listing’s description is horrific: “Two healthy negro slavegals for sale. Good Condition and hard work ethic! If you need another pair of hands around the farm/house, you’re in luck!" 
  • The ad has since been taken down.
  • The student responsible for the listing has been suspended for 10 days and will transfer to an alternative school. Read more (4/28/17)

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Some more pics from when me and @imafuckingtwofacedbitch visited the old asylum in Jacksonville, IL. Those baby handprints on the window are on the inside… The building was originally a ward for the mentally insane and then became a tuberculosis hospital, it stays empty and abandoned now and many suspect it is because it is haunted. It is rumored that there are mass, unmarked graves all over the property of the patients who died there… @sixpenceee @sixpenceeeblog

This is Una. She is currently staying at SeaWorld Orlando’s manatee rehabilitation center in one of our critical care pools. The white slatted floor is a hydraulic false bottom which can be raised in order to bring the animals up out of the water for medical treatment with minimal stress. Thanks to the tracking and observation efforts of the Manatee Rescue and Rehabilitation Partnership, we know quite a few details about her life. 

This isn’t her first time at SeaWorld. She was rescued as an orphaned calf in 2003, weighing in at 170lbs. At a weight of 980lbs, she was released at Blue Springs State Park with a few other manatees in 2006. She has been seen with a calf of her own, which is very exciting. However, she also suffered from at least one boat strike. She recovered and was left with five propeller scars on her back. Around 90% of manatees have wounds from boat strikes. The scars are used by scientists to identify individuals. Eventually, Una shed her tracking device but was still spotted regularly and easily recognized by the “A5” ID marking on her tail. In late November of 2016, she was discovered to be severely entangled. Both of her pectoral flippers were tightly wrapped in monofilament fishing line which had cut deeply into the tissue almost to the bone. This is what happens when people toss tangled up fishing line overboard or just let wads of it blow away. Please recycle monofilament fishing line properly.

 If you’d like to visit Una during her recovery, come see the Manatee Rehabilitation Area inside SeaWorld Orlando adjacent to the sea turtle habitat. The park is currently caring for 18 manatees. An adult manatee can eat around 200lbs of wet vegetation per day, and the little orphans are bottle fed specialized formula every two hours around the clock. Rescued patients need radiographs, ultrasounds, endoscopies, daily medications, tube feedings, wound care, and complicated surgical prodecures. SeaWorld of Orlando, Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo, Miami Seaquarium, and the Jacksonville Zoo are the only facilites permited by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service as designated manatee hospitals. Your visit funds the care of these sick and injured manatees and other rescued wildlife.

The Florida manatee was recently reclassified as “Threatened” (Previously “Endangered”), but the species is far from recovered. They still need all of the protection and support we can provide. “Not endangered” does not mean “not in danger”. If you are a Florida resident, please always vote for legislation that protects and benefits manatees. You can learn more about the Manatee Rescue and Rehabilitation Partnership here: public.wildtracks.org

These are the dozens of movements underway to remove Confederate monuments

  • So far, Mic has identified 25 movements in 2017 that have removed or are pushing to remove specific Confederate monuments. 
  • Many of these efforts began or were renewed in the days since the violence in Charlottesville. That includes online petitions, in-person protests, moves by city officials and other efforts to remove memorials.

District of Columbia

Washington: A statue of Albert Pike stands in Judiciary Square. It is the only outdoor statue of a Confederate officer in the nation’s capital.


Gainesville: A Confederate statue known as “Old Joe” was removed by the city on Aug. 14.

Jacksonville: The city council president has called for the removal of Confederate monuments.

Tampa: The city commission voted to move a Confederate monument before the Charlottesville violence. As of Tuesday, the statue is still there.


Decatur: A local petition is pushing for the removal of a Confederate monument.


Lexington: The mayor and local activists are pushing to remove two statues.

Louisville: A Confederate monument was relocated to Brandenburg, Kentucky, earlier this year.


New Orleans: Four monuments were removed and put in a warehouse in 2017 before the Charlottesville violence.

Shreveport: An online petition to remove the Confederate monument outside the Caddo County Courthouse has nearly 6,000 signatures.


Annapolis: Democratic and progressive leaders are calling for the removal of the statue of a Confederate leader on the state Capitol grounds.

Baltimore: The mayor of Baltimore said she will remove four Confederate monuments.

Ellicott City: County leaders are discussing removing a Confederate monument.

Rockville: A Confederate monument was removed in late July.


St. Louis: A Confederate monument in a city park was removed in 2017 before the Charlottesville violence.

North Carolina

Asheville: Protesters called for the removal of a Confederate statue on Aug. 13.

Chapel Hill: The statue of a Confederate soldier on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has long faced calls for removal.

Durham: A Confederate monument in Durham, North Carolina, was torn down by demonstrators on Monday, Aug. 14.

Greenville: A public petition is calling for the removal of a Confederate monument outside the county courthouse.


Chattanooga: The NAACP chapter asked for the removal of the statue of a Confederate general in July.

Memphis: The city of Memphis is trying to convince a state agency to let it remove two Confederate statues on public land.

Nashville: Protesters demanded the removal of a bust of Nathan Bedford Forrest, the founder of the Ku Klux Klan, in the state Capitol.


Dallas: A day before the event in Charlottesville began, protesters in Dallas called for the removal of a Confederate monument.

San Antonio: A crowd called for the removal of a Confederate statue following the violence in Charlottesville.


Richmond: Protesters demanded the removal of several statues of Confederate leaders on Monday, Aug. 14. The mayor has continued to call for updating the statutes to clarify what they represent, not removing them.

This list excludes the planned removal of the Robert E. Lee statue from the University of Virginia campus in Charlottesville.

West Virginia

Charleston: Protesters called for the removal of a statue of Stonewall Jackson on the state Capitol grounds. 

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Jacksonville, Florida Anti-War protesters assembled to protest the missiles strikes on Syria at Hemming Park on 4/7/2017.

The rally was disrupted by right wing provocateurs and then the police began to assault participants of the rally. JSO arrested several of the activists, and assaulted several even though they were not resisting arrest.

We urgently call on all people to mobilize to the Jacksonville jailhouse located at 500 E Adams St, Jacksonville, FL 32202 tonight to demand the release of all the peaceful protesters and call on JSO to end their police brutality.

Were also asking people to call the jailhouse at +19046305794 and. Demand their release

The kid they’re beating up is a prominent member of our community! He is deaf and was carried away unresponsive with his hearing aid knocked out. He was taken to a nearby hospital and that’s all I know.