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I SAW THE VIDEO IT'S THE CUTEST THING EVER LIKE THAT SHOULD HAVE STOPPED ALL FAN WARS EVER WHY ARE WE FIGHTINGGG. Also Jackson is a variety show star, *ahem* BIG BYUNG BEST GROUP EVER, model, actor, and is known internationally he doesn't need help.

he doesn’t. And like I don’t get it, bts and got7 are really friends. I only got to really like bts bc of got7, so… why that? Like, they are gonna accuse every friendship of gotbang? Next they are gonna say that Mark is using Tae? wtf

[Trans] Woman’s Insight Interview

Although all the 7 members of GOT7 mostly spend time as a whole group together, when we asked if they had any memories that make them think “I’m so glad to have this member beside me”, Mark and Jackson had given each others names. However, the reasons for their answers are completely different.

Jackson: To me, it’s Mark! I’m very talkative while Mark is always taciturn. Looking at him, I’ve learned from Mark the lesson not talking is also important. I think that he can take care of himself well!

Mark: For me, I’d choose Jackson! (laughs). Jackson has joined a lot of variety shows, and can lead the atmosphere in the group very well. That’s why no matter where he goes people would always recognize and call him out ‘Ah! It’s Jackson!’.

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