The select blogs that make my heart flutter when they appear on my dash.

aislinnpauls, ( and her other blogs: mistersaltzman, jacksonandlydia, veryziamchristmas ), gayfortaylorlautner, ohtheembarrassment, ercareyes, yeahstellablrwldrf, sc0ttmccall, breauxmance, ajsaudin, adamsbakersohfyeahdegrassi, and torresbrothers.

You guys are the best and I’m serious when I say that my heart flutters when you appear on my dash. Notice how the graphic is made up of things that we like and that I have in common with you. Never change and stay being you. Happy Holidays as well, or Happy Life, if you don’t celebrate any holiday.

You know you love me,

XOXO, Jose.