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[Meme] "You look like you've had a rough day, being tied down and all." Jackson got started with freeing the man, quick fingers working on the straps. "So what got you onto this thing in the first place...?"

“You don’t wanna know,” the Doctor frowned, flexing his stiff muscles as Jackson freed his limbs.  "Some aliens are very rude.“

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Emma shivered in the cold winter air, keeping her eyes on the ground as she walked. She was starting to get a little hungry, but the thought of stealing made her panic somewhat. Shaking her head, the twelve year old continued to walk before bumping into someone, stumbling back and looking apologetic.

“S..Sorry! My fault,” she murmured.

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It was a calm day in Medical. Not many red shirts came down from Engineering with burns. No random sicknesses have spread through the ship.

It seemed like Jamie would have a relaxing day with Christine Chapel, another nurse.

Until the away team burst through the doors with Doctor McCoy barking orders.

Jamie ends up with a red shirt who seems to have minimal damage done to him.

“Could you please sit still so I can see what is wrong with you?” The usually shy nurse snaps at the squirming patient.

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Rapunzel walked down the unfamiliar halls of a new school with fear running through her veins. Being the new kid sucked. Everyone she past looked at her like she had a third head. That or they were looking at her hair. Today she had shortened it’s length by braiding it, but it still hit the backs of her heels when she walked. She looked down at her feet to avoid the gaze of the school kids when she ran into someone. She fell down the ground, her books sprawling out all around her. The sounds of people snickering caused her to flush red in embarrassment. “Sorry for bumping into you, I didn’t see you there.” She spoke to the persons feet, too scared to look them in the face, while scooping her books into her arms.

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"I love you." [You can pick if it's Johanne or Jackson ;D anything works]

For a moment, all the kid could think of was the proud smile his brother used to give him, and how the words actually meant something coming from Jason’s mouth. But Finn only gave Jackson a dubious look before shaking his head, clearing his thoughts, and cracking a smile, rolling his eyes. “It’s hard to resist me, I know.”


Where on earth are you all coming from? I suppose a new round of introductions is in order.

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[Strip Meme] Jackson's eyes were well adjusted to the dark, so he was sure as hell that the guy on the pole was /exactly/ who he thought it was. "Son of a bitch. I told him not to..." From the corner of his eyes, he spotted a small pole with a hook on the end in the corner. "Ah..." A grin formed on his face as he picked it up, letting shadows of the stage cover him. Stealthily hooking the end to one of Finn's belt loops, he tugged down the article until it pooled around the other's ankles.

Okay, so the gig wasn’t the most respectable of things Finn could have done to get money, that was a given.

But it payed relatively well, despite the fact that he was a novice at the whole pole-dancing thing. And of course, the tips were pretty great. His only real worry about the gig was that a group of giggly college girls were going to come in and recognize him from their biology class or something (cuz that could get real awkward real quick).

So far, though, Finn’s nights working there had been pretty uneventful, on the “I think I recognize you from somewhere” front, anyway. Finn had been doing a particularly physical move when he felt his pants slide down his legs and to the floor. Well, shit… Costume malfunctions weren’t common in this line of work, especially considering the costumes were only worn to be taken off.

When Finn glanced down at his pants, breaking character just for a moment, and finally caught sight of Jackson, he couldn’t contain his surprise, mouth hanging open in shock before he caught himself, slipping back into his stage persona.

“It’s usually my job to take off my clothes,” he yelled to Jackson over the music, giving a decidedly licentious grin and a wink. “But you’re more than welcome to do it for me.”