Hamilton Tidbits, by Moi

So if you follow me, you probably know by now that I had the privilege to see Hamilton Saturday night. JUST OMG. So, I’m going to share some tidbits with y’all. BUT FIRST, A STORY.

Like all of you, I fell in love with Hamilton the moment the cast album dropped. and, like all of you, I listened to it NON-STOP (hehehe puns). Let’s be honest, I still pretty much do. So, last october I decided I was going to see Hamilton IF IT WAS THE LAST THING I DID. It was going to be my graduation present to myself; I was set to graduate in May (spoiler alert: I did.). 

Anyway, I got on ticketmaster and found a second row seat for less than >$200 (RIGHT!?). For awhile there it looked like the trip may not happen after all, but it did and was awesome.

Now, what you really want. HAMILTON TIDBITS.

First things first, I was still able to see Renee, Chris, Oak, Jasmine and Anthony. Yes, sad day that Lin, Pippa, Daveed and Lesile were gone. But all their replacements are great. We all knew Javier was great already, but the entire cast is as well.

ONWARD (in no particular order)

-At one point in Ten Duel Commandments Anthony smiled at us and this was me:

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-The moment “Alexander Hamilton” started and they came out I started crying. Like, I never imagined I would be there. I still can’t quite believe it.Below, me.

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- Which reminds me, there was such comradery in the audience.Maybe it’s because I was one row behind the lottery winners, but no one could quite believe they were there.

-The pure physicality of Farmer Refuted was glorious. The added images of Mulligan, Laurens and Lafayette egging Alexander on while Burr tries to calm the situation down was great. At one point, Hamilton gets up on the box with Seabury. There is barely enough room for them both, and it’s great. He literally gets’ up in Seabury’s face.

-I know there’s been extensive discussion on this topic but - as if I wasn’t convinced before - there is no doubt how much Hamilton loves Eliza. He practically glowed around her.

-Speaking of love; the sheer amount that Hamilton and Lauren’s touched.(Much more than he touched Mulligan or Lafayette, I’ll tell you that.)

-In the first part of Schuyler Sisters (about up until Burr comes up to Angelica), Eliza and Angelica are practically dragging Peggy with them. Her first “and Peggy” is pretty reluctant. It’s adorable.

-The shift in the mood from Dear Theodosia to Tomorrow There’ll Be More Of Us. Hamilton is SO HAPPY TO BE A FATHER. NOTHING CAN DISTRACT HIM. NOT EVEN A LETTER FROM HIS DEAR LAURENS. But wait, it’s from his father. Eliza reads it. Not only does his face drop, his entire demeanor changes. He and Lauren’s “ghost” look at each other. This is the sound of my heart breaking.

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-Which brings me to Non-Stop. You can LITERALLY see Burr getting more and more fed up with Hamilton and getting so sick of his shit. On his first, “man the man in non stop” he has this facial expression that’s just like WTF. Plus, when Hamilton comes to him to get help with what will be the Federalist Papers his “okay” in response to Hamilton is SO OBVIOUS he knows that Hamilton doesn’t believe he (Burr) is a better lawyer. He’s just like, we both know you’re lying and you need to get on with this. I got no time for your shit.

-Who Lives Who Dies Who Tells Your Story. I don’t know if this was an intentional change on Lin’s part before he left, but the last two “will they tell your story?” was changed to our and my, respectively. I loved this change. Eliza put herself back in the narrative, after all. It’s her story too.

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-Hamilton comes back out on stage at “Can I show you what I’m proudest of”. When Eliza finishes singing (chorus still doing “time” etc) They cross paths but don’t see each other. Then they’re parallel, facing the back of the stage. They turn and see one another. Hamilton smiles and walks with her then ushers her to the front of the stage, remaining back. She gasps and it’s just.I have no words.

Well, that’s all I can think of for now folks. Enjoy.



“So glad I got to know you. The times that we had I’ll keep like a photograph. I’ll hold you in my heart forever, I’ll always remember you…”


I’m pretty sure this was the greatest moment of Hannah Montana