Jackson Nieuwland sent a video response to the interview questions I asked him!


(here are my favorite quotes from Jackson)


“I have more friends in America probably than I have New Zealand […] America is where my social life is. America and the Internet”

“I really wanted to be a rapper. You know, I’d be listening to so many raps”

“Writing is just so much fun. It’s magic”

“I’ve tried to be a professional basketball player”

“I love to put words together. I love words. […] It’s just fun”

“You know, I’ve been thinking recently that writing is two modes. It’s either a form of escape or something you relate to. And I’m more interested in the escape, I think. The magic. The unreal. But at the same time, I do like the relateable stuff. And Sam Pink is great for that, and he’s also a bit fucked up [laughs] which is a bit of the other side I think”

“Nothing is perfect, but everything is fantastic. […] I just want to see the fantastic in everything”

“People say, ‘Ugh, why would you want to be happy all the time. You get so bored’. But when you’re happy, you’re not bored. Like, you’re just happy”

“I’m at a much better place at the moment, and I feel like that’s because of my relentless positivity”

have u seen my whale day

the whale is back !!

issue #6 is here !! : http://haveuseenmywhale6.tumblr.com/

husmw is one of my fav lit journals, I like what they’re about in a lot of different ways

selections from all 6 issues, featuring stories and poems by:

Crispin Best
Sarah Jean Alexander
Guillaume Morissette
Jackson Nieuwland
Natalie Chin
Socrates Adams
Michael Hessel-Mial
Paige Gresty
Russ Woods
Dave Shaw
Justin Carter
Angela Shier
Marcus Slease



Interview with Mike Kitchell

Jackson Nieuwland:  Yo Mike is it cool if I interview you?

Mike Kitchell:  totally

JN: Sweet I’ll just jump right in then.

Two books are coming. Are books, to you, sexual objects or architectural objects? Or neither? Or both? Or something else entirely? Or just books? Have you ever fucked a book? If not, would you? Would you fuck a building? Didn’t a woman marry the Eiffel Tower once or something? Books being architectural makes sense: we fuck in buildings and so we must also fuck in books. RIght? Or wrong? Doesn’t everything we do outside of books eventually find its way between the pages? Can the same be said for houses? What can be said for the books you have coming out?
MK: Three books, actually, if you count Land Grid, a “chapbook” that I’m self-publishing.  It’s the first thing Solar▲Luxuriance is releasing that I actually paid a printer to print & didn’t print and bind myself, so I count it.  [Jackson: Land Grid has been released since this interview took place.]
I would say that books are not quite sexual objects to me, but some of them are certainly fetish objects.  In parallel to my sexual fetishes, the object of my fascination has to be particular.  I think, if we regard a narrow definition of what ‘fetish’ actually means I would have no actual fetishes, but that’s narrow.  No one likes narrow.  Similarly, I don’t think all books are architectural objects.  Some of them, yes, in that they build, whether conceptually or literally.  Artists’ books that turn into boxes or hallways, literal architecture.  I am a snob.  I am picky.  I don’t think reading for the sake of reading is anything better than watching TV.  What counts is what you’re reading, what you’re watching, what you’re building with.  What you’re getting off to.  Of course, who am I to judge what someone’s getting off to.  I like books that hold sex.  I like books that are conduits to sex.  In this case they are sexual objects, I suppose, beyond fetish objects.
Are we using fucked in the sexual sense?  I’ve never literally stuck my dick inside of a book, no.  I’ve perhaps fisted a book.  The future is less phallocentric, so maybe, yes.  Where do you hold your libido.  I’d fuck a building.  I fuck buildings in everything I write.  I either want to fuck or suicide the world.  I’m not in control.  I think we fuck inside of everything.  Books are books are objects are books are conduits are books are zones of affect are the future are the past are nothing are irrelevant what even is a book, fucked.
There are three books.  The first, already mentioned, Land Grid, is three short stories that are somewhat thematically linked.  The longest story, which was originally the titular story of the collection (until I changed the title), is very narrative, almost straight forward, diverging from the rest of my work.  It’s still me though, it couldn’t not be.  It’s about a boy and his brother who go to stay at their Aunt & Uncle’s house one summer.  The boy discovers a secret underground world, built in the basements of suburban houses, all holding parts of a miniature golf course.  There is a lot of abject sex in here.  Another story is about a hypnotist at an abandoned carnival.  The last story was a story where I told myself I wanted to write about the materials of earth, glass bricks, and snuff films.  So I did, that’s what that story is about.  All of them hold a whole, I can’t write about anything but death.  I can hardly write a sex scene without someone breaking down crying at the end, someone discovering they’re actually god.  There are some photos too.  The second book, Variations on the Sun, is coming out from Red Lightbulb’s LOVE SYMBOL PRESS.  I think I’m technically the first book, though that’s sort of an accident.  All of my manuscripts are already laid out as books, like as pdfs that are formatted and shit, because I’m a control freak and have to do everything myself.  Someone told me it was poetry once.  I don’t think it is.  I mean, I don’t care what you call it.  It’s fragments about a group of nomadic children.  There are a lot of photographs in it.  It’s a strange whole.  There is no sex on the page, only between the pages.  Russ asked me to find people to blurb it and I suggested he get a group of 12 year olds to read it and have them blurb it.  That might not work though, it’s dark, because, yeah I don’t know how to write about anything but death.  Questions about death.  Maybe by death I mean god and maybe by god I mean the impossible.  What are you looking for?  The final book is the big one for me, because it’ll have an ISBN and everything, it’ll be the longest, the fullest.  It’s coming out on Blue Square Press, a division of Mud Lucious.  It is another book where parts add up to a whole, but the parts are not fragments, they’re arguably self-contained stories.  But wherever there is an “I” (everywhere) you can hold the same protagonist throughout.  Everything I write is basically horror.  Everything I write is basically me trying to re-appropriate 70s & early 80s euro-horror, to queer it, to fuck with it, to make it question.  Every narrative of mine is a quest.  There is always loss and sadness and the impossible. 
JN: Is Land Grid a sign of things to come for Solar▲Luxuriance? Are you renovating/expanding the publishing house? Are you knocking down walls? Are there doors to be knocked on? Do you think of it as a publishing HOUSE? Do all the books and writers living together happily inside of it, getting along like a house on fire? Or is it a broken home? When does a building die? When does a book die? What is death? What isn’t death? When will you die and how do you envision it?
MK:  Land Grid might be a sign of things to come.  I’m working SECRETLY  with a SECRET ACCOMPLICE in considering moving S▲L away from being such a micro-micro press and more into the realm of “actual” micro-press.  Some things will stay the same, some things will change.  I’ve been questioning the place that yet-another-“publishing house” has in the world.  There’s a surplus as it stands, so why do I need to add to it?  I’m trying to figure that out.  I’m also in the process of examining my own relationship to this realm of so-called “indie lit” as it stands, because I fear things that move into a hegemony, and with there being so little that has surprised me in a good way lately, I’m afraid of staying so connected.  The only way to overcome fear is to fight through it, abandon it (alternatively, one can obsess over it and use narrative to break it apart).  I am nomadic and the press is too.  I want to re-articulate the relationship between art and writing in the world.  What is the best method for this?  How can I figure that out?  The only way is to experiment.  See what fails and what doesn’t fail.  Lately I am more excited by things happening at publishing houses related to critical theory and philosophy and art.  But fiction, whatever fiction means, is important to me.  Poetry is becoming more important to me, but only poetry that moves like the sun and warms my body.  The sun that permits excess.  Of its thirteen releases, the only authors from S▲L that I have met in the flesh are me and two others.  The rest exist to me only immaterially.  That might change one day, it probably will.  Everything is decentralized.  Nothing is broken because there is no home.  Books can die.  Books are already dead.  We are already dead.  I used to insist that I will one day die in the ocean.  Now I’m not so sure.
JN: What other SECRETS can you tell us exist without revealing entirely? Why do you hold SECRETS? What power does a SECRET hold? Are there too many SECRETS or not enough? How many people must know a SECRET for it to cease being as one? Let’s move from SECRETS to secretions. Which is your favourite? Which is your least? Which do you produce the most of? What is the difference between a tear and a bead of sweat? Is hair a secretion? [18 days pass]
JN: Are you SECRETS so SECRET that this interview is over because I asked about them?
MK: uh yeah idk i guess i’m done for now lol hope dat’s enough hehe

LEFT is making its way around the world.

1 - Contributor Alisha Tyson says:

This week has been pretty nuts in terms of my trying to master time travel in order to get all the assignments done. But what made it okay, including my excellent friends-people-family, was getting a copy of this pretty. Here is a book I am in! One of my fairy tales has found a print home. I am so happy, so grateful. And if you would like to buy a book full of words and pictures I highly recommend you check out LEFT.

2 - Contributor Carolyn DeCarlo and We Are Babies co-publisher writes: 

22 copies of LEFT have made the trip up to Auckland with us !!!!!

3 - Nanna Juul Lanng is reading LEFT on a train.

4 - Clare Arnot says:

This beautiful book just arrived at my house. What struck me most was how much space and thought has been given to each writer. You’ve treated them with a lot of love. You guys should be super proud. Also, my cat likes it. Though to be fair she’s not actually my cat, and she’s probably only pretending to read it.

Send us your photos with LEFT and I’ll post them here :)

Mouth Injection | Jackson Nieuwland

Cold wind is coming off the sun in circular patterns.
I am building walls out of recycled walls
and I am sick of suicide doors, I want suicide floors.
I am digging a hole to go beneath the trap door.
You will be safe there even when the wind sounds like rain.
I haven’t spoken this much in quite some time.
Please be quiet.
Rub my hands together because
money is power and I need electricity in the winter.
Because I am watching you through so many layers of glass.
Because sometimes lying is as honest as I can be.
The sky is white and the clouds are blue.
It makes sense. Water is blue isn’t it?
Today I am going to the dentist for the first time.
I traded my ambitions for goals.
I traded my goals for dreams but I can’t fall asleep.
You can pile as many mattresses beneath me as you want,
I will still shiver

The Failure Six

4 of 52 finished 3 February

Jackson Nieuwland lent me this book because he loves Shane Jones a whole lot and I liked Light Boxes a whole lot. I read this whole novella in about an hour or an hour and a half while sitting in Civic Square in Wellington, with one break where I did a pee in the Wellington City Library. I was interrupted twice by the same elderly Scottish couple, once asking me for directions to the waterfront (which was directly in front of me) and once to the library (which was directly behind me, literally a huge sign that says ‘Library’ was about 50 metres behind me). They were really cute with great accents and I tried to sound as non-condescending and friendly when answering them as possible.

When I read the first few pages, I spent a whole lot of time trying to 'figure out’ what was going on in the world of The Failure Six. You know, going back and rereading what I’d just read or what I’d just read prior to that again and again to get the feel of it. Once I became aware of doing this, I actively tried to quit it. I don’t think with Shane Jones this kind of thinking is all that productive, at least not for me, and it’s a fully better experience to just kind of let the world he’s constructed wash over me without trying to jump right into analysis.

I had a conversation with Jackson about this after I finished reading, asking for his take on whether or not he thought maybe all the characters were dead (which was a really dumb but hard-to-shake theory I had in those moments of analysis at the beginning). He was literally like, 'no, I never considered that and I don’t think it’s right. I don’t really think much about things like that.’ I felt really jealous.

Shane is really good at being economical in his writing. He doesn’t bother with a lot of explaining, which works well because honestly bhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm is a lot more disorienting to read on the page without first having an understanding that some characters in The Failure Six can’t use words to communicate effectively.

Jackson has A Cake Appeared and I will probably want to read it this year. I think someday I will read Daniel Fights a Hurricane, but honestly I’m a lot more interested in reading Crystal Eaters when it comes out in June.

Ratings are overrated.

10/10 I support Shane Jones.

Tender Buttons by Gertrude Stein

I read The Autobiography Of Alice B Toklas last year. I read this this year. I watched Midnight In Paris last year. Every thing is different. Facebook is the new Paris. Jackson Nieuwland is the new Jackson Nieuwland. Jackson Pollock. I was named after my dad’s imaginary friend. There is nothing to say about this. I don’t have a lot to say but I have a lot to like. Everything is fantastic. Everything is fantastic. Erverything is fnatiastic. Everything is fantasitv. Everyhting is fantasticv. Everything is fantastic. Everything si tfantasitc. Everything is fantasitc. Everything isfancatastic, everveything is fantastic. eveyrhting is fance .,ra eveyr thinfs is scfantasitvc, eveurhting is fnatics evyerhting is fantics. Everythgin is fantastic

- Jackson Nieuwland

Left by Jackson Nieuwland

                What is left on Tumblr? Tumblr is 90% nostalgia and porn. Sometimes the two come together in ways that are less than elegant. For that tiny 10%, that little piece that could, Tumblr is beautiful. Jackson Nieuwland plans on making Tumblr even better with his newest project ‘Left’. 

                ‘Left’ is a call for arms, arms connected to hands, writing furiously throughout the night! Jackson Nieuwland knows what he wants and he wants it now. Due to the time zone difference (he’s from New Zealand) he will see it the next day. That’s okay. Years have gone by where Jackson Nieuwland has created wonderful pieces of work. Highly celebrated and decorated akin to a big tall Christmas tree Jackson Nieuwland is an affable enough chap. Much of what he does tends to be surreal beautiful type things. 

                Anybody who submits to ‘Left’ ought to know they are submitting for a greater good. The good includes actual money. Jackson Nieuwland plans on breaking even and paying people for their hard efforts. Such things are highly unusual in the world of publishing. Normally a writer gets paid in re-tweets, re-blogs or shares. Getting physical capital to use is highly unorthodox. Fortunately Jackson Nieuwland knows the definition of unorthodox, he embodies the term. Many years ago Jackson Nieuwland created the word unorthodox because he thought it sounded cool. 

                People ought to submit to ‘Left’ as soon as is humanly possible. Currently ‘Left’ has around five or so submissions. Jackson Nieuwland needs to beef that up to about 20 or possibly more, just to give himself a little bit of wiggle room. The joy of ‘Left’ is that he has full control, an individual who is well-acquainted with the submission process. Having worked alongside his esteemed colleague and lover Carolyn DeCarlo on ‘Up’ he’s ready to get down with his potentially funky self. 

                ‘jacksonisleft@gmail.com’ is the email. Many will enter. Few will win. In fairness getting published online is considerably easier than winning stuff by sending in UPCs on cereal boxes. Such things typically don’t happen. Cereal boxes are tough things to appease. Jackson Nieuwland is easy to please. He’s a great big (in terms of sheer physical size) guy. Everybody likes Jackson Nieuwland. Long ago Jackson Nieuwland used to like everything on Facebook. With ‘Left’ Jackson Nieuwland can take his liking to the next level, to the literary level. Email accounts are standing by, ready to receive their bounty on behalf of the brilliant ‘Left’.


Say, Poem by Adam Robinson

This book was out of print for a while but now it is back in print and I think you should buy a copy because. It. Is two poems. Or a lot more poems. Depending on how. You think about. It. One poem. Is called Say, Poem. It is like the _ of a poetry reading. It includes the between poem. Chit chat. I am interested. In structure. I like the idea of poetry books that are not just a group of poems but things that are connected systems in which each piece interacts and supports the others and they create some sort of narrative together. Or something. Say, Poem is that. The other poem. Is. Say, Joke. It is a series of failed jokes. I am interested in jokes. As literature. And I think that failed jokes are always funnier than successful ones so I was bound to like this poem. That is what this book. Is

- Jackson Nieuwland

life and times of jackson nieuwland: a year later

in summer 2011 i came across the god named jackson 
saw him in the comments section of some blog
shot him an email and the rest was history 
he was the first online individual to interview me
that shit is pretty sweet 
it’s been a year and 
jackson is one of the few people in which i maintain a rapport 
we discuss lots of stuff from time to time 
his knowledge of hiphop is impressive 
he’s a funny guy 
really into books 
really into carolyn decarlo 
just another day in the life 
he introduced me to lots of the internet goings on 
like what tinychat was 
i didn’t know what that was previously 
neither did i know who the antipobros were
became aware of alice and james and stacey and susie and ben
what ever happened to ben? 
he just upped and disappeared
used to think all you guys lived together 
writing poetry and getting wasted in the same house and shit
soon learned that wasn’t the case 
you’re just all like minded individuals who are into lit culture 
a poetic faction of women and men
but i still wanna know
where the fuck is ben?
it’s been great getting to know this jackson guy
i remember when he asked me in his reply to my first email
How do I become that next Steve Roggenbuck?
That is the question

that seemed like it was eons ago
jackson doesn’t seem as impressionable as he was back then 
steve is cool, but jackson’s his own man 
he doesn’t need to be anybody but himself 
he has the talent and drive to be anything 
what type of cool shit will jackson be creating in the future?
that is the real question
jackson nieuwland is doing big things 
in 2012 he is gonna do even greater things 
on his way to expensive cars and diamond rings 
his number one girl
carolyn decarlo is gonna be with him in new zealand 
they’re the yoko and lennon of this here internet 
haters can hate 
but they can give two shits about your disrespect 
in july of last year
saw this photo of jackson:

External image

and shot him an email
didn’t know he lived across the world 
thought he was some dude from new york or cali 
this internet is a crazy thing
filled with lots of possibility 
you never know the types of people you’re gonna meet
didn’t know i’d become cool with this new zealand guy 
a cool guy he is indeed 
he spread the word about me  
and gave me props when he didn’t have to 
continues to ‘like’ things i’ve never even seen 
writing things that people enjoy 
giving people hope when hope is lost 
jackson is of a special breed 
they don’t make them like him too often 
and they’ll never be another 
didn’t know him from a can of paint a year ago 
and now he’s my internet brother 
his reign as just begun 
hasn’t even started yet 
making a name for himself in the states 
in a legendary way
here he’s known as 'jackson nieuwland the great' 
he’s going to lead us into the promised land  
he’s going to upgrade our internet brands 
he’s himself and that’s the way it should be 
greatness still beckons him 
as it did last year 
impossible to overthrow  
long live king jax 
for he is still the maestro


‘Live Wallmart Baby’ by Carolyn DeCarlo & Jackson Nieuwland

We are Babies
by Carolyn DeCarlo and Jackson Nieuwland
Cost: no cost available at time of publishing
Contact: decarlo.carolyn (at) gmail (dot) com and jackson.nieuwland (at) gmail (dot) com

A poetry zine made up 9 works: some are poems which stand alone, others appear to be from longer or more involved collections, namely ‘Twilight Zone’ and ‘Four.’

The poems are reminiscent of the alt-lit movement in the candor of their tone, though they evoke a far more involved, even bodily, reaction from the reader ranging from repulsion to intrigue. The impression of sense and meaning, which gears towards the representational, plays against the elusiveness of that same meaning. Moments of clarity in the poems are sometimes lost at the moment they are found.

‘Live Walmart baby’ is a stand out poem. An odd visceral, guttural and surreal experience is presented to the reader. The idea of a live Walmart baby conjures a doll from Walmart that has somehow come to life. Rather than appearing in the mind as a living baby doll, instead we are confronted with something unreal, even repulsive. It is a “black sleek colour” like a streamlined gadget, and the speaker seems to enjoy the feel of the thing. “I like the way you feel my uterus” is a line which provokes a queasy reaction right from the stomach. Would someone without a uterus feel as affected? The rhythm of the poem is a real draw, especially the assonance repeated throughout the segment “and I think maybe me, maybe you’re entertaining me / but maybe maybe I’ll just tell your voice to sound / like by, because we spend every waking minute / of every waking dead, / every sleeping minutes for a sleeping die.”

A great collection from the duo. I only wish they had given us a bit of contextual info for the pieces ‘from Twilight Zone’ and ‘from Four’. Are these forthcoming collections, or references to some other inspiration?


Mac is a publisher, printmaker and poet.


Hi, my name is Jackson Nieuwland. This year I plan to curate, edit, and publish a print book of writing and visual art titled LEFT. This book will be the first in an annual series.

I will be assessed on the planning of this project for the Creative Enterprise course that I am taking this year, but this is not just something that I am doing for school. I have been thinking about this for a long time and plan to continue with it after I finish my degree.

With this tumblr I hope to make the process of creating LEFT as transparent as possible. I have never undertaken a project like this before. I don’t really know what I’m doing and I have a lot to learn. This will be a journey for me and I would like you to be able to come along on it with me.

LEFT is not a money making endeavor. One of my goals is to recoup my initial investment so that I can use those funds to publish another collection next year, but producing a quality product is a higher priority for me. LEFT will be funded by the Course Related Costs portion of my student loan. This sets a cap on the budget at $1000. I am committed to paying my contributors. At this point I will only be able to afford a small sum, I’m guessing around $10.

For the foreseeable future LEFT will be a one man operation. This means that the contents of LEFT will be determined solely by my taste as a reader (I will detail the sort of work that excites me in a future post, but if you are interested in getting a better idea right away you could browse my blog Fuck I Love Poetry). That being said, I am not going to try to disconnect the art from the artist. I don’t want to ignore the cultural context that this work is coming from. I don’t just want to publish privileged white dudes. Setting strict ratios for the demographics of contributors I choose to publish in LEFT doesn’t seem very useful to me at the moment, but equal representation is an important concern for me.

I expect to publish around 20 people in LEFT. Some of these people will probably be my friends. I don’t view this as conflict of interests. With many of these people I was a fan of their writing before I got to know them as friends. I also have friends who are writers who will not be included because their work doesn’t fit the aesthetic I’m aiming for. Some of the contributors will be solicited, but if I ask someone to send me work I will not necessarily include it in the publication. In addition to soliciting work LEFT is also open for submissions. Send work to jacksonisleft@gmail.com at any time. Also feel free to email that address if you have any questions about this project or if you want to chat.

Thank you for reading this long ass post. I love you.