Teen Wolf: the original pack

“You might want to try a different perspective. This is just entropy at work. This is more the natural way of the universe. But it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s falling apart. It’s just changing shape.”


character portraits >> jason grace + piper mclean

Jason and Piper were really difficult to fancast but I hope I did them justice by picking two beautiful and regal looking people. Jason has the manicured Roman look to him and Piper looks stunning but messy, just as she should. Just as in my Percabeth edit, I think the eyes say the most.

percy + annabeth  // hazel + frank  //  leo + reyna


PJO video game au (game mockups 1/?)

A story based rpg in which you are a half-blood completing quests. Your actions throughout the game effect your esteem with different gods, which can change the outcome of the story

Games used: God of War, Firewatch, Metro: last night, The Unspoken

(edit: added request from @gwenkota for a dialogue wheel!)

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“A reader lives a thousand lives before they die. A man who never reads lives only one.”