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A/N: again i don’t care. Jasper is sexy.


“Starting without me? I’m offended” you jump behind jasper as he was explain the best way to defeat a newborn army. He jumps, surprised, you were the only one that could surprise the major.

You and jasper met when he was with Maria and the moment he saw you he immediately lost interest with Maria and you two got close, much to Maria’s disliking. But since then you both have stuck together, changing your ‘diet’ together, sticking together through the hard times. Although you have been separated for a year now because you’ve been spending time with jasper’s distant family members and also peter and charlotte in Texas. After hearing from jasper that a new born army was coming after Edward’s mate you immediately volunteered to help.


“I hate it when you do that” jasper playfully scolds

“Shut up, you love it” you tease, going up on your tip toes to kiss him before he can say anything. Swiftly turning to face the human, you smile and introduce yourself before turning back and asking jasper where he got to in explaining how to win.

“So where were we?” you ask cheekily

“(Y/n)? What would you say would be the best advice” jasper asks you a sweet smile on his face

“Oh that’ll be, never let them get their arms around you they’ll crush you instantly” you reply

“And second never go for the obvious kill, they’ll be expecting that and you. Will. Loose.” Jasper got really intense and you could see the major coming out and it. Was. Sexy

“Emmett!” he calls out. They don’t fight for long and before you know it, it’s your time to go against your mate.

“Don’t go easy on me” you warn

“Don’t worry I’ve learnt my lesson” he grins and you both laugh at the inside joke. You fight for a bit before you easily win.

“You’ve gotten slower babe. What happened?” you tease

“Oh you’ll pay for that”


When Bella asked jasper on how he knew about all of this war the topic of you came up

“She was the light in my darkness, I owe my better  life to her” jasper describes his love for you as you walk up behind him and wrap your arms around his waist, resting your chin on his shoulder after kissing it

“God I sound awesome don’t I?” you joke

“Yes you are” jasper replies seriously. You smile at each other and passionately kiss. Bella looking at the both of you and thinking that you and jasper are what she aspirers her relationship to be like.

Expecting - Jasper Hale x Reader

Requested by anonymous: can I get a imagine of you finding out you’re pregnant but not wanting to tell Jasper because you think he might not want the baby because of what Bella went through but Edward ends up telling him?

Sorry it took so long! Enjoy ~

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You flushed your sickness down the toilet for the fourth time that morning. Your reflection left you in shock as you looked in the mirror. Heavy purple eyelids accompanied your bloodshot eyes and pale skin. Your usual (Y/H/C) waves were replaced by a tangled mess.

What is happening to me? You thought as your tried to comb your fingers through your hair. A frustrated groan left your lips as you couldn’t tame your hair. You went back into your room and laid back on the bed that Jasper had gotten for you to sleep in. Your eyes were tracing the ceiling and suddenly your heart dropped. You shot up and ran to your desk and grabbed your calendar. You counted backwards and then silently cursed to yourself.

All of a sudden Edward was standing in your doorway. “Y/N?” His golden eyes searched yours for confirmation. You didn’t need to speak since he could easily read your thoughts. “Are you sure?”

You simply nodded, too afraid to speak. 

“Lie down, I’ll go get Jasper and Carlisle.” He turned to leave but you called after him.

“Please, no! He can’t know about this. Not yet at least.” You teared up. “What happened with Bella was horrifying. He’ll never forgive himself.” Your tears spilled over as you started sobbing.

Edward appeared next to you on the bed and put his arm around you, attempting to calm you down. “We’ll get through this, alright? We know how to handle this now.”

“I - I just don’t think I can tell him right now though. Is there any way we can…fix this?”

He gave you a stern look. “Now you and I both know you don’t mean that.”

You hung your head in shame for even thinking about it. “I know.” You whispered and wiped the tears from your eyes. 

“You have to tell him soon, (Y/N).” 

You nodded but didn’t respond. 

“I’ll get Carlisle. We need to make sure.” The mattress shifted and then he was gone.

Only two days had passed and you could already see a difference in your size. Luckily Jasper, Emmett, and Esme were out hunting so he hadn’t been back to see you. You stood in front of the mirror and rubbed your stomach, taking deep breaths to calm your nerves. 

A door slammed downstairs and in less than a second Jasper was standing in the mirror behind you. His arms wrapped around your waist and he kissed all over your shoulder. “I’m so so sorry.” He mumbled. He turned you around so you were facing him and then he hugged you so tight you thought you would be crushed soon if you didn’t stop him.

“He told you, didn’t he.” You basically growled.

“Don’t be upset. He cares about you and just wanted to make sure I would be here for you. And look at me…” He tilted your chin up and looked into your eyes. “I am here for you, I will always be here, (Y/N).”

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you as soon as I found out. I was so afraid that…” You trailed off and once again tears welled up in your eyes. “I was afraid that you wouldn’t want it and that you would be angry with me.”

“Why would you ever think that?” He grabbed your shoulders. “You are the love of my life, of course I want to have a child with you!”

Your face broke into a tired smile and he kissed you softly. “We can do this, we can be more prepared this time.”

You sighed and nodded.

“I’m not going to promise you it will be easy. You saw what happened to Bella, but I’ll do everything in my power to help you, okay? I love you.”

“I love you too.” You hugged him tightly around his neck. “God, I love you.” You kissed his cheek and the both of you continued to hold each other.

“As soon as you recover, I’m gonna marry you.” Those words spoken in his accent made your heart skip a beat.

“Hmmm” You hummed. “Is that right? I think you’re actually supposed to ask the girl.” You giggled.

“What ever happened to the element of surprise?” His dimples showed as he smiled down at you. “I’ll get around to formally proposing.” The both of you laughed and then he leaned down to kiss you again, this time more passionately than ever before. 


“so you and Jasper are together?” Seth asked, “i mean you’re hanging out with him a lot.”

“no we’re not together why?”

“well he’s always smiling when you’re around.” Seth pointed out.


“so?” Seth repeated, laughing, “so Jasper never smiles.” 

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A/N: i don’t care what anyone says jasper was the hottest character in the whole of the twilight series. team Edward? or team Jacob? fuck that i’ll take every single one of the Cullen’s besides Edward any day


When Bella made a permanent resident at phoenix with mum I stayed with dad, and boy am I glad I did. Jasper Whitlock Hale has been the best thing that has happened to me in my dysfunctional life and although the wolves and the Cullen’s don’t get along, I can still be friends with the both of them, save for the comments made about each other. When Bella moved back to forks it got complicated and difficult when she started to like Edward and tried to figure out who or what he was.

‘(Y/n)!’ Bella yells storming into my room only to stumble upon me curled up against jasper’s body

‘What?’ I whine not wanting to get up as I was comfortable and this was the best sleep I have had in a while seeing as jasper and I only just got back together after we had a pretty bad fight.

‘Um. Can I talk to you privately please’ she says starting to sound urgent

‘Only if you promise not to tell dad that I have a boy in my room’ I say, well more like mumble still tired

‘Yeah sure’ she replies quickly, still reluctant I start to slowly move well that was until jasper spoke up

‘come on darlin’ you still have school this mornin’ anyway so you might as well get up now’ his accent prominent

‘I ain’t going anywhere when you talk to me like that’ I say seductively forgetting that my sister was still in the room

‘(Y/n)! Come on, now’

‘Fine’ I roll out of bed still reluctant and as soon as I get into Bella’s room she shoves a piece of paper into my face and when I give her a questioning look she just points to her ears and then points to the door, I sigh and read the paper and start to laugh,

You can’t trust jasper or his family, they are dangerous wait until after school and I’ll know for certain if they are safe or not


‘Yeah that’s not going to happen’ I say chuckling as I left her room and went to get ready for school today.

just going to leave this here because i think he honestly looks so god damn sexy in this.

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he was looking for an old acquaintance, staked out by a bar waiting, and that’s when he saw you.

you were exiting the bar with friends, laughing and radiant. 

he hadn’t been looking for you, but now that you’d been found… he wasn’t going to lose you. 

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A/N: requested. Hope it is alright.

warning: none


Jasper’s POV

It started with her smell, it was alluring but not how other humans are. I didn’t feel the need to drain her or hurt her in anyway. I followed the smell and found a woman in the woods, she was crouched down and looked to be trying to help an injured animal. Her scent was so powerful I couldn’t even smell the blood of the creature. When I saw her a sense of protectiveness came over me and before I knew what was happening, my legs started moving towards the woman. A loud crack sounded throughout the quiet forest, startling the woman, the animal and me until I realised that it was me who made the noise by standing on a stick.

“Oh hello” a sweet melody came from her, making me freeze in my spot. From my time in Forks no one has had a different accent they were all the same except her, a southern accent and it was enthralling.

“Hi, you know these parts aren’t the safest of places” for the first time someone has made me incomprehensible.

“Oh I was just explorin’ and found this little guy” gesturing towards the animal looking genuinely concerned for the animal it made me almost jealous that the animal had her attention more than me.

“Why don’t I help you? I know a little bit about animals I could be useful” she gave me a bright smile and gestured for me to come closer and examine the animal.

While taking care of the animal we got talking about anything and everything, well almost everything, of course I didn’t tell her about who I really am or what I am but maybe in time.

Control - Jasper Hale x Reader

Requested by anonymous: Can you write a Jasper imagine of him training you and helping you trying to control your special ability?

I tried

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Your strong arms were wrapped around your partner as he struggled to break free from your grip.

Jasper was training you in case a battle ever threatened the family, and boy was it difficult facing him. Unlike you with your newborn abilities, he has been fighting for over 150 years. In his past, he had fought off some of the strongest clans of vampires. At one point, he had even fought for a clan and trained their young, creating warriors. The memory of working for such evil beings is still hard on him, so you always encourage him that he’s a better person now. 

He continued to gasp for air and soon gave up fighting your grip. You let go of him with a smug grin on your face and turned around to run. Before you could even get out of the clearing, he grasped your neck and pulled you back, slamming you onto the ground. He smirked down at you as you tried to calm your breathing.

“Don’t you know you shouldn’t take your eyes off of the enemy?” He asked in his strong southern accent.

You rolled your eyes. “Yeah, yeah. I promise I won’t make that mistake again.” He extended an arm to help you up.

Once your were up, you didn’t let go of his hand, but instead twisted it around behind him instead. Your move backfired once he escaped your hold and faced you. He flipped you over him and for the millionth time that day, you were on your back looking up at the gray sky. 

“Can we take a break?” You sighed.

“No.” He plopped down on the grass next to you. “But we can work on your gift instead.”

“Fine.” You groaned.

“Remember what I told you and really focus this time. I know you can do it, (Y/N).” He encouraged.

You stared up at the sky and squinted your eyes, attempting to muster up the familiar feeling of power.

For a moment, the sky darkened and a strong wind picked up but before long it fizzled out. 

“I can’t do it!” It was too frustrating and every time you tried, your head would start pounding.

“Yes you can, darlin’. Just try one more time.” He rubbed your back in a soothing gesture. “Go on.”

You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. Before long, you felt another gust of wind and heard thunder in the distance. You kept your eyes screwed shut as you focused to keep control of the brewing storm. One by one, rain drops began to shower over you and Jasper. The rain started to fall harder and you even summoned a couple of strikes of lightening. 

Your face broke out into a smile and you looked over at your mate. His golden eyes showed his excitement for you and he grinned at you. The rain was beginning to soak through your clothes so you released your power and the sky slowly returned to its normal state.

“I can’t believe it!” You shrieked and tackled Jasper into a hug. 

He laughed but soon started groaning. “Not so tight, (Y/N).” 

You quickly let go. “Right. Sorry.” You gave him a nervous smile. “I keep forgetting I’m stronger than you.” 

“Yeah? I’d like to see you take Emmett on.”

“Anytime, any place.” You smirked. “Race you back to the house?”

Before he could answer, the trees were going by in a blur and you didn’t look back.