jackson x tears

I knew it.

I was prepared.

I knew it was going to happen, even though it would have made more sense for Martin and Jax to take Cisco’s cure.

I knew Martin Stein was going to die. But was I ready?

Ready to see him sacrifice himself for his son? Ready for him to be killed by fu**ing Nazis? Ready to see Clarissa and Lily and nameless dude carrying little Ronnie at the funeral? Ready to see Jax feel all alone and lost without his Gray? For Sara’s kiss on the forehead and her thanking him for believing in her? For Mick crying and Ray that I don’t know how was not in tears?

I would like to thank Victor Garber for being the perfect Martin Stein. He’s going to be missed. 

And I’m going to be crying for another little bit.

I Guess I'll Miss The Man~ Erik Destler/ The Phantom {Requested}

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(Warnings: Illness)

Coming Up Next: Hugo Jackson X Reader,

(Your POV)

Tear flooded down my eyes as I cried into my sisters corset. She shhhhhed me gently and rubbed small circles into my back. “You really are better off without him Y/N. He was a killer. He was using you.”

He wasn’t…. Truly…. He couldn’t have been….. Could he?

Yes….. Yes he did….

But still I’ll miss his face

And wonder if misses mine

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