betababe-imagines asked:

I think that Jackson is perfect for the reader because he's sort of changed and I think he would defends her against Liam and anyone else

I’d like to believe Jackson has changed, especially since he left to Paris. I’ve tried to write that into the series. He’s not an asshole to the reader or Isaac. Normally, he wouldn’t have given anyone the time of day, except for Danny. 

I’d like to think Jackson and the reader have a good enough relationship for Jackson to defend the reader, stand by her side, and kick Liam’s ass if he ever ran into him, because he does care about the reader and he does hate the pain Liam has caused her. So I can see why you want the reader to end up with Jackson.

You’ll just have to wait and see how it all ends in the end.

I’m waiting for Jackson to come back and call everyone testicles and flirt with all the girls (and some boys) and then run over Theo with his porsche because there can only be one fuckboy in beacon hills, and that fuckboy is him goddammit.