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Imagine the achievement hunters in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians universe with their godly parent and going to camp all around the same time.

Michael, the son of Ares, with a temper that burns fast and bright like a firework and terrifying the younger kids with his shouting when they catch him at a bad time, only for him to deflate just as quickly and make sure he didn’t scare them too badly. A great warrior, calling himself Mogar as he puts on a bear pelt no one’s sure how he got, sword swinging wildly.

Gavin, the son of Apollo, who screams “MARK NUUUT!” every time he shoots and making every shot to the confusion of his siblings. A flighty archer that managed to befriend Michael after he nearly shot him in the eye in a game of capture the flag and spend the rest of the game running away screaming in fear as the son of Ares chased him whilst spewing profanity. The next day Michael ignored his siblings to sit beside Gavin for breakfast, and the rest is history.

Ryan, the one that took months to be claimed by Demeter (longer than any other claimed by her), friendly but terrifying and not even the Ares kids will pick a fight with him after last time where he took out three of their better fighters with one of their own weapons and a smile. The connection with plants fits but the brutality doesn’t and sometimes the other campers whisper to themselves, wondering if somehow, in some way, he was Persephone’s son instead.

Ray, the son of Hermes that lived as he wished and couldn’t care less about his father’s or anyone else’s opinions anymore. Good at just about anything, he eventually found himself preferring Ryan’s company over anyone else’s after the older boy grew a red rose for him at his request (Ryan has pointed out what a horrible reasoning that is, but Ray has taken to ignoring Ryan’s words on the matter).

Jack, the son of Dionysus who wishes he could drink more with how much crap he has to put up with from the others. Geoff’s right hand and best friend and the one that actually works to ensure their latest scheme will actually succeed. The satyrs have taken to listening to Jack and going to him for instruction if his father isn’t available for one reason or another.

Geoff, the son of Zeus and not given a single iota of respect for it by the group  because when you’ve seen the guy shriek to high heaven and hide behind Jack because he thought he saw a snake, it really doesn’t matter who his parent is. The supposed leader of the group, with tattoos like lightning covering his arms and a perpetual look of exhaustion on his face that he claims is due to the others constantly getting into shit while they vehemently disagree.

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  The New Fake AH Crew

         ❝ We’re a gang of misfits and psychopaths. Some lost. Some
              broken. But we have order. We have control. And we will take
              this city and make it our own. Or fucking die trying.