jackson peake

jb x secret santa
holiday drabbles ; 01

“no peaking!” jackson shouted as he swatted yugyeom’s hand away from the black snapback that was filled with pink paper slips.

letting out a dramatic sigh, jackson shuffled the pieces of paper around before shoving the cap back in front of the maknae.

everyone in the room let out a fit of laughter as jackson made yugyeom close his eyes this time while picking a name out of the hat.

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Some major receipts posted by @billboard

Can also add the following:

* The Rhythm Nation Tour (1990) is the most successful debut tour in music history

* Her single “All For You” made radio history by becoming the first single to be added to every pop, rhythmic, and urban radio format within its first week of release. It also set the record for the highest debut on the Hot 100 by a song not commercially available.

* The album, All For You, had the second-highest first week sales for a female in Soundscan history.

* Janet’s 11th studio album, Unbreakable, became her 7th #1 on the Billboard 200. Along with Barbra Streisand and Bruce Springsteen, she is the only artist to have #1 albums in four consecutive decades

* From Control on, every Janet Jackson album has peaked within the Top 2 of the Billboard 200. 7 have reached #1, 2 hit #2.

As you see stands of Aspen trees turning different shades of yellows, oranges and reds, you can see individual clones, or groups of genetically identical trees. Fall is a wonderful time to see just how big some of these clones really are. This particular stand of aspen sits in front of Jackson Peak, and the Gros Ventre Range in Wyoming. 📷 @drewtrush @thephotosociety @natgeocreative #getoutside by natgeo