jackson parker

bro…can we talk about how similar peter parker and percy jackson are??? like, honestly:

-both accidentally blew up a national monument
-both are surviving (mostly) on luck
-both are devastatingly loyal to their friends/family
-the pUNS
-the hUMOR
-both are literal living breathing forms of the ‘i-came-out-to-have-a-good-time-and-am-honestly-feeling-so-attacked-rn’ meme
-both can speak a different language fluently
-both live in nyc
-their dads are distant dudes but really do care for them and want to just see them reach their full potential (tony stark is peter’s unofficial dad fIGHT ME)
-can kickass and are badass
-both have a best friend who seems dorky in physicality but is actually the best
-both are school delinquents
-both have a single, motherly-figure raising them whom they would die for and vice versa (and lowkey tho…does anyone else picture marisa tomei as the perfect sally jackson or is that just me…???)
-have weird food obsessions (i.e. peters love for the sandwich shop and percy’s love of blue food)
-were both offered amazing positions (percy a god and peter an avenger) and both turned them down
-both have extraordinary powers
-both are still teenagers

A few characters who are transguys

Why? Because I want them to be…

  • Michael Mell
  • Peter Parker
  • Percy Jackson
  • Danny Fenton
  • Jesse Tuck
  • Jared Kleinman

Peter: It’s couples like you that give hope to the rest of us. Mr. Stark, you deserve the best and you found it. Captain Rogers, don’t you dare hurt him.

Steve: [chuckles] I won’t.

Bruce: [serious] Don’t laugh. He means it.

Steve: [stunned] Okay, I-I won’t.

Fury: Seriously, son, don’t hurt him.

Steve: Okay, I’m not planning on hurting him.

Pepper: You better not be.

Steve: [frustrated] I’m not!

Bucky: Hey, Stevie, you best watch yourself.

Steve: Why would any of you think I would hurt Tony? You’re all my friends too.

Rhodey: Nah.

People I Will Defend and Love Until Death

• Tony Stark (AKA Iron Man)
• Peter Parker (AKA Spider-Man)
• Draco Malfoy
• Nico Di Angelo
• Leo Valdez
• Merlin
• Dean Winchester
• Sam Winchester
• Newt (from The Maze Runner)

Feel free to add others

Jackson Heights - Peter Parker

request -  Hey! I was wondering if you could write a fic where the reader is recruited to fight in civil war with Steve and she ends up fighting peter and while fighting they spark up a conversation and become friends? And then soon they become more than friends?

a/n - going back to peter in civil war and trying to bring out his more rookie/dorky side was fun but i went back and forth with a ton of ideas for this fic, i hope it turned out good enough and isn’t trash like me :( but don’t forget to request a fic if you’d like and follow!

The airport terminal was ripped into pieces as the minutes went by. The battle between Stark and Rogers had spread like a disease, influencing the whole team to pick sides and fight until one victor remained. I was among that group, suddenly finding myself fighting against the people whom I held dearest to my heart, supposedly helping Captain in this messy situation.

My back was pressed up against Wanda’s, circling around to defy anyone that came near us. T’Challa had tried his best to come and toy with us, my spine shivering once I heard the claws come out of his suit and pounce towards Wanda and I, only to be stopped by the force of her hands. I watched as his body flew across the premise, landing on pieces of debris.

“(Y/N). Spider-Man coming for you from Eastside.” Carter said over the intercom.

“Spider what?” I furrowed my brows, turning around only to get swooped into the air.

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Wade: You know, I keep thinking, I have now killed every single thing in the Marvel Universe. But the list never seems to end.

Peter: You haven’t killed me yet.

Wade: Don’t tempt me.

jonghyun’s playlist on apple music listen here!
“songs that represent my sensibility.”

1. no doubt (work it) [radio edit] play
   artist(s): dru hill

2. D.D. play
   artist(s): the weeknd

3. slave to the rhythm play
   artist(s): michael jackson

4. aurora play
   artist(s): jonghyun

5. let me out play
   artist(s): jonghyun

6. deja vu (feat. justin bieber) play
   artist(s): post malone

7. drip drop play
   artist(s): taemin

8. 자러간다 play
artist(s): richard parkers

9. mirrors play
   artist(s): justin timberlake

10. bye bye my blue play
     artist(s): baek ye rin

11. youth play
     artist(s): troye sivan

12. u r play
     artist(s): taeyeon

“I’m pretty sure being the ‘first’ to accidentally blow up a national monument, isn’t something to be proud of, Seaweed Brain.”


this looks like trash but here ya goooooo.  also, id literally sell my soul to have pjo in the mcu


A very peculiar screening

Wish I was there sooooo much you don’t understand

Pros and Cons of this being a Side blog

Because this isn’t my primary personal junk blog, I can’t comment on/ like anything under the name imagines-hoarder. It always pops up as my primary account no matter if I want it to or not. 

 Pros: Y'all can’t see me creeping through your accounts as you reblog and like stuff 😅😬 

 Cons: You can’t see me liking an supporting your blogs and writing which is really sad cause I have so many blogs and bookmarks i read through on a daily basis. 


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