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I see a lot of people mixing Guardians of Childhood books with the Rise of the Guardians movie, and I’m totally into that, I love it when people do that, 

but the books and movie are actually pretty different. I wanted to make a fine line between what is in the books, and what is in the movie. That way, people won’t get confused or we can look at things from a different perspective. 

I probably have left out a lot, and maybe forgotten a few things, but these are just the basics. 

There are still a few books yet to come out for The Guardians of Childhood, so we don’t have full confirmation for a lot of things. 

As for the movie, I really don’t see a sequel happening anytime soon, so I just went with the information we were given. 

Otherwise, feel free to use this as a reference for any art or fan fictions you guys want to make! Any questions? Go ahead and ask~ <3 

~~~~Guardians of Childhood VS Rise of the guardians ~~~~

Jack Frost Headcanon

I rewatched my second favorite movie - Rise of the Guardians - the other day and elaborated, rather eagerly, to my friend my headcanon about Jack Frost.

Because I love the ever-loving underworld out of that movie, but what always bugged me was that Jack Frost - who is based on a Norse god - was only created 300 years ago. Uhm. So you’re erasing the god from your universe then? And if so, where DOES the phrase Jack Frost nipping at your nose come from? No, no. Jökul Frosti has to still be A Thing in the Rise of the Guardians universe. Here’s my reasoning how!

Jack Frost proves to be a mischievous prankster. So let’s assume he was also like that as a god. Jökul Frosti, the mischievous prankster, would thus have gotten along well with Loki. The two of them cooking up elaborate pranks.

One day, one prank goes wrong and Odin is so not pleased with Jökul. A punishment is due.

Jökul Frosti is stripped of his memories and powers and reborn as a mortal  - Jackson Overland - to live one life-time as a human and maybe learn from his mistakes.


Only things go wrong. He dies a violent death and that messes things up. While his godly powers and appearance - the white hair and pale skin and blue eyes - return… his memories don’t.

Máni, the Norse god of the moon, has mercy on the lost boy and at the very least gives him his name - Jack Frost. After all we call the “Man in the Moon” Many too, which since day one always made me think of the Norse god.

Additionally, Jack can fly. Why would the snow-bringer be able to fly? Because of the wind. He says so himself “Take me home, wind”. Why would the wind obey Jack? Oh, simple. Because Kári, god of the wind, is the father of Jökul Frosti. And while all other gods agreed to sit this out and see if Jack will ever regain his memories on his own, Kári does not abandon his own son.

The teeth Toothiana stored however are Jack’s mortal teeth - and thus only hold his mortal memories.

It just always bugged me that a) the god Jökul Frosti seems to just not be a thing, b) Jack’s appearance changed so utterly and completely, c) we never meet another seasonal spirit and d) it also doesn’t make much sense that the Man in the Moon went “Oh, in 300 years I will need you as a Guardian of fun… so… now I give you… uh… snow powers? I guess?”. And does that imply that EVERY person who ever died to save someone else was then turned into a spirit? But then Jack should not have been alone for the past 300 years because there should be a shit-ton of other spirits!

So yeah, Jackson Overland was Jökul Frosti’s punishment.

(I’m aware that there’s a book that probably attempts to explain that in context of the book-series, but honestly I prefer to see those two a little more separated and I don’t see much logic in Nightlight being Jack Frost? What the hell? Him being Jökul Frosti makes… more sense? To me at least. Not to mention, the smooth tie-in possibility with Jack as a Norse god. Considering How to Train Your Dragon is about, ya know, Vikings. Who worshiped the Norse gods. Like Jökul Frosti. And I do love a reasonable crossover.)


Jack: Yeah! He goes to our high school (he’s a year older) 
Jack: And yeah, he helps me with my homework sometimes